Secret DHS Biosurveillance Facility Conspiracy in the Stimulus Bill

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On one of the message boards that I post on I came across this guy who I think possibly deserves some more attention. I'm not sure that his plee has become well known so I thought I would post his original post and his video in here for the FG members to take a look at. He chose to keep his identity secret in the video so I would assume he is claiming to have either worked for the United States Government or he is just extremely scared of being in danger of what he posted. The third possibility is that it is a fake. But either way, I thought it was worth a look.

From what I can hear from the video, in the very beginning, he claims to be an administrator for the department of Homeland Security.

Here is his post that was posted on June 4th, 2009, and I only recently took a good hard look at it:

I have some very urgent information that I need people to see. The word needs to be spread, the media won't listen to me.

The DHS is building secret biosurveillance facilities all over the country RIGHT NOW and my video proves it:

Here is the video that he posted:

How $15m is supposed to fund employment for 4 years in locations all over the country is a bit of a mystery. Either his calculations are wrong or they could only employ about 50 people for $70,000ish salaries.

It seems the video is implying a conspiracy based solely on the word "Biosurveillance" as if it has some sort of shady implication. There's published scientific papers on biosurveillance and all it is is the monitoring of infectious diseases and the implementing of a linked computer system for reporting them. Seems only precautionary in a time where a pandemic is likely. Hospitals have been carrying out biosurveillance for years.

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