Something else for Fun redo any scene

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from any POTC movie doesn't matter who's in it.


Jack is standing on the platfrom waiting to be hung to die. Lizzie knows that it's very wrong. She runs towards where the platfrom is and gets up.

Lizzie: If your going to kill Jack then you'll have to kill me too!

Governer Swan: Elizabeth get down from there now

Lizzie: No father I'm much a part of this as Jack is. I too have engaged in piraticy. Lizzie reaches her hand to Jack he takes it and they hold hands standing together untited as one.

Of course they don't die since Will saves them(Yippie)

Governer Swan: After all he is blacksmith(Refering to Will)

Lizzie: No he's a smuck! I'm outta here Jack wait for me!

Ha ha, we have something similar to this somewhere in here, the scene translations as well as the deleted scenes we wanted. Hmm, redo any scene...

(James and Elizabeth are getting ready to escape the Flying Dutchman)

Elizabeth: Come with us. James, come with me.

(They hear voices approaching)

James: Our destinies have been entwined, Elizabeth, but never joined (kisses her). Now go!

(Elizabeth starts to do that monkey climb across the rope as Bootstrap approaches)

Bootstrap: You're escaping!

James: That's right, Captain Obvious! (battles him. Elizabeth watches in horror)

Elizabeth: James! Hurry up! (kicks him in the back, forcing him and the sword forward. The sword pins Bootstrap to the bulkhead of the Dutchman)

Guy trapped in Bulkhead: Ouch!

James: Er, sorry. (starts doing the monkey climb too)

Elizabeth: Now you can stay alive for all the action about to come!

And then there's this little awkward number...

(Jack and Beckett toss the compass back and forth)

Beckett: Jack! I've just recalled, I have this wonderful compass which points to whatever I want. So for what do I need you?

Jack: It points to what you want most, and that's not the Brethren Court, is it?

Beckett: Then what is?

Jack: Me -- dead.

Beckett: (blushes and very very thrown off-guard) I don't, um, well, see the thing is...I WISH YOU WERE DEAD!

(Jack approaches with a seemingly sympathetic expression on his face. Beckett starts to cry into his shoulder)

Jack: Aw, there, there. I understand. I wish you were dead, too.

(Beckett suddenly grows very angry and starts slapping him in a very girly way)

Jack: (blocking him) With me killed, you'd arrive at Shipwreck Cove, find its stronghold nigh impregnable, able to withstand blockade for years, and then you'd wish, "Oh, if only there were someone I had not killed inside to assure that the pirates then come outside..."

Beckett: And you can accomplish all this, can you, you, you JERK?

Jack: You may kill me, but you may never insult me. Who am I? I'm Captain Jack Sparrow! Done!

Beckett: You're mad!

Jack: Thank goodness for that, because if I wasn't, this would probably never work.

Jack: (to himself) Jeez, that guy's weird.

I Love it Willo Yay James LIVES! I love the Jack and Becket one too!

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