"Harry Potter sued by Willie the Wizard"

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The Phantom
As some of you may know (especially if you check Mugglenet), J.K. Rowling is being sued for the Harry Potter series because she is being accused of stealing ideas from an older work. Who is the accusing her? The Estate of Adrian Jacobs. The late Jacobs wrote the small story about Willie the Wizard. Now, representatives are throwing around the word plagiarism for such things as having a Wizard train transport, a wizard school, and having a wizard tournament. For more information you can check on Mugglenet.com.

So... what do you all think?

Personally, I think it is too broad of subjects to be considered plagiarism. That's just me though.

wooow. so i've read just about every book about training wizards - a lot of different kinds of magic, a lot of different time frames, and a lot of different "world" settings, and there is ALWAYS a school. there is always some type of tournament or a challenge for the protaganist to prove themselves. and suing because off train transport to a magical place? well, guess we have to through away most of the narnia books. lww, they go to the place that holds the magical place on a train. prince caspian, a train passing transforms into and a train depot turn into a narnian cave. in the final battle, things of great importance.... yeah. a train.
and a train is not just a magical transport. trains are usually viewed as a symbol of moving through a problem that the protaganist cannot solve by themselves in order to reach someplace where they might start fresh and new.

if these people are serious....

then i'm preparing for some major humiliations yet another person trying to say "JO ROWLING STOLE MY IDEAS!!" i think i'll go buy lots of popcorn, it's always fun to watch this kind of pointless case go down the drain.

The Phantom
Oh hell they wont make it. We all know that. Especially with these arguments. Just thought though it'd be good for discussion/poking fun at these people.

Disturbed Angel

Rogue Jedi
Who the **** is Willie the Wizard? haermm

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