Who would win? Autobots or Decepticons

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Interesting question... although its mainly your opinion.

Not saying that autobots would definitely win but i think they would.

to be honest with you without any cheats autobots

Of course Autobots,there is no doubts in that.

Decepticons if they actually work together.

Decepticons by a long shot. Why ask that with a Decepticon Commander-in-Chief. Seriously!

Darkstorm Zero
In an all out no holds barred warfare scenario?

I'd say the Decepticons by a small margine, provided they get trained up properly. The biggest problems the Decepticons face is ridiculous amounts of ego, psychotic instabilities, poor teamwork, poor morale, and nobody can hold to an established plan of action OR mage any good tactical imrpoversation. (Most are honestly to stupid and hotheaded to get the job done, I mean for instance, how many times do we see Ramjet low into the side of a cliff trying to take out an Autobot on the ground that simply ducks into a tunnel?)

Megs should really whip these guys into a cohesive fighting unit, rather than rely on a bunch of lone gunmen that each have personal glory in their optics.

I do, but when the time comes to fight in the battle, I'm the only one following the plan. The others choose an Autobot and attack without thinking of the plan. Lousy assholes.

The Decepticons would win if they weren't such a bunch of back-stabbing A-holes. They have absolutely no loyalyty to their teammates.

autobots would....they have something decepticons dont...respect for their leader and dont try to kill him or betray him(looking at you starscream) and their bravery in facing certain death against a greater force.

decepticons retreat and all ya need is just blast out the touch and tie up hot rod. that way optimus blasts the 'cons and megatron sorry megatron but prime is a better leader. he respects his team mates and would go offline for them.

Autobots fan here ^_^

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