The New Deadshot Respect Thread

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pretty sure all my links from the old one aren't operational. Plus, this one will have more scans in a more ordered, accessible form.

for starters, here's Floyd Lawton's, AKA Deadshot's, original origin story from the pages of Batman #59(June/July 1950):
note: this is only one of multiple stories from the issue and not the issue in it's copyright infrigement

here's a bio:

Deadshot's 2nd appearance since his 1st in Batman #59, in which he takes on batman. He could've ended it before it started, but wants to make his revenge last. He also shows a bit of h2h skill, fighting batman. Batman even comments, saying, " He's up as fast as I am!"(wanted to mention that since Lawton gets a bad rep as a lousy fighter). Batman eventually wins, but only because Floyd chose to toy with batman instead of get the job done, a bad mistake when dealing with bats. Nonetheless, he had 2 opportunities to kill bats here:

Deadshot fights bats once again. He uses a seldom seen grappling gun and displays agility swinging from it and besting bats in aerial combat. he loses once again due to outside interference, but once again had bats at his mercy before the fact:

also, deadshot proves his uncanny aim with ANY object, not just a gun, by using a small rock to cleverly escape police custody, he also cuts a powerline with a bullet:

Deadshot derails a train with a traffic light:

Deadshot Vs. Batman. Batman admits reluctancy in facing deadshot, saying, "I hardly relish the thought of facing him again". Batman also knows he can't face him in the open and hides away. Deadshot has yet another opportunity to kill bats but instinctively reverts back to his shot trickery. He battles bats and gets a lucky hit, sending his "mind reeling". Batman runs(deadshot leaves this fight to do a hit and is later caught of guard in the act and foiled):

note: Bet you wonder why bats always seems to get extremely lucky in these fights with deadshot. Well, there is an answer to that, which Batman discovers, and you'll soon know as well.......well, kinda

Deadshot's defeats the armored "manticore":

Deadshot defeats bulletproof foes with explosive rounds:

long range shot

Deadshot Vs. Mr. Miracle:

Deadshot kills a super-speedster:

"I believe you" lol

Why Batman is still alive. It has been revealed that for some reason only known to bats, deadshot subconsciously pulls his shots in their encounters......smells like a plot device to me:

Deadshot doesn't care whether he lives or dies........and will go to any extent to get the job done......even killing the target he's assigned to protect so that someone else can't, lol:

how to stop a speeding SUV with a with flames and bullets:

Deadshot shots a man right in front of bats.......he does nothing. interesting dialogue:

Deadshot takes on a gunmen dressed like him.......which is the problem. he is hard pressed to work up the nerve to kill his own image, but he gets over it. he also dodges gunfire here:

Deadshot Vs. Deadline..........floyd wins:

Deadshot kills 2 metas:

Batman has tried and failed. bronze tiger too. even a team of ravager, jericho, donna troy, nightwing, and batgirl has failed. Deadshot succeeded

Deadshot beats Deathstroke!:

Deadshot shots batman's grappling line through a window:

Deadshot quickly disables bats, then simply leaves instead of finishing him off:

Deadshot Vs. armed policemen, point blank:

Deadshot Vs. Batman, again. Deadshot puts one in his chest from the get-go and disables him, but delays, again, and loses, again:

More about Deadshot's subconscious dilema with batman:

Deadshot Vs. Deathstroke 2. Deadshot doesn't do as good this time, but the others inform him that slade was beat up too, that is, when he comes to:

Deadshot Vs. The Closer. a super-strong, bullet-proof foe(well, mostly bulletproof)..........and according to deadshot, a stupid

Deadshot disarms to policemen who had him at gunpoint with his back turned.......then he tells them what's what:

Deadshot cares more about puppies than the average man, lol:

Deadshot's headgear is more than armor

Deadshot Vs. Trickster/Pied Piper. He kills Trickster:

Armed gunmen go after Lawton's family......big mistake. he takes them out and makes an example of one, after being willingly shot in the head(armor protects him):

Deadshot takes some shaolin monks:

Deadshot really just doesn't care:

Deadshot takes out trickster:

Kills bullet-proof foes by shooting into the crevices of their armor:

Supervillain or don't smart off to deadshot:

Deadshot's version of car insurance:

Deadshot takes out two armed rival gangs at the same time:

Deadshot Vs. Green Arrow. stalemate, but deadshot simply shoots his arrows and bowstring instead of shooting him. he really does have a fancy for tricks. oh yeah, and it turns out the people think he's a better protector than GA, go figure:

Deadshot ties GA in darts........more proof that he does more than guns:

Deadshot Vs. a speeding jeep? no contest. Sniper bullet, detected from behind and evaded. Sniper, dead

Deadshot Vs. Fire(formerly of the JLA). He shows agility evading her blasts, then blasts her. he also takes down some other chick:

Trick shots:

Deadshot Vs. Nine Superhumans.......with a grudge. makes no difference though

the team:

Deadshot takes out Vandal Savage's hitmen while out of bullets, then shoots savage with a shotgun:

Deadshot will go to extremes to escape, and has method to his madness......usually:

Deadshot kills a large reptilian beast that apparently shoots mouth lasers(lame):

Apparently floyd doesn't need to actually be holding a gun to be accurate with one:

Deadshot is a father. A crazy, homicidal, nigh suidical father, but a father nonetheless:

Here's how the awesome h2h top tier Catman deals with a suprise attack from ragdoll, by being slashed and knocked around. Here's how Deadshot, the lousy, no-good excuse for a fighter handles the same circumstance, by blocking and dodging:

Deadshot beats an assailant with a towel rack,lol:

So you have super-human speed? So what, deadshot can still see you and react:

Deadshot, blindfolded at the range. Even with Captain Boomerang's interference, you can see the results are impressive. Bronze Tiger warns CB about foolin' with Lawton, for good reason:

Deadshot dodges machine gun fire, and shoots targets.........BLINDFOLDED:

"Testicular Fortitude":

Kills meta-human Molotov with incendiary rounds

Deadshot meets Catman:

Deadshot casually takes out foes, while his partner panics, lol:

Deadshot kills The Fiddler:

Deadshot takes a suprise attack from Catman and casually socks him one back:

Deadshot kills Hyena:

Deadshot in black.......nice. Taking out minions and Queen Bee:

"Don't shoot my cat buddy, he already got ate by a monkey once"lol

Forget a link to Deadshot Vs. Deathstroke 2:

I guess some people have yet to understand that Deadshot doesn't give a crap about his own safety:

Deadshot infiltrates Gotham Asylum in order to kill the joker and is faced by Onomatopeia, who is not known for sure to be superhuman, but almost certainly is, taking all those bullets from deadshot without a stagger.....that and his encounter with Green Arrow where he took several arrows and a 7 story drop without stopping. Anyway, Deadshot loses, but does so extremely cleverly, revealing new and improved costume mechanisms:


Deadshot Vs. Knockout:

Deadshot Vs. "Stinger"

Deadshot doesn't like Captain Boomerang, lol:

Deadshot, influenced by Neron, Tries to kill a Kindergarten class:

here's Neron:

Deadshot somehow overcomes The Darkness:

Deadshot Vs. Count Vertigo.......ouch:

Deadshot KO's Batman with one of two-face's coins, shot from his gun:

That's Deadshot for you. One minute he's sleepin' with you, five minutes later he's trying to kill you:

Deadshot takes out the majority of his Suicide Squad team-mates rather quickly:

Deadshot cheats on Scandal with Knockout. This one was kinda sad to me......I mean the girl did say something about killing herself. The point I really want to hit on though is how deadshot takes punishment........he has a high threshold for pain, and a very "jokerish" attitude towards a everything else, he just doesn't care:

Deadshot shows some stupid skinheads how to rob a joint............not a good fighter my foot:

Here the squad recovers from the beating Deadshot gave them single-handily. Turns out Lawton does have some resemblance of a heart. He took the card to save his team, as he knew anyone with it would surely die. Also, he casually takes a beating from Catman, again "jokerish" durability:

well, that's about it.

(Fun Fact: the name of my hometown is Lawton, same as Deadshot's last name. It's a sign.......I was born to do this



Phantom Zone
Very nice I actually got sme comics with Deadshot in it after your first thread.

Dr Will Hatch
So glad that Flloyd is getting the respect that he deserves.

He kind of already got it a long time ago.

And damn @ this thread. wounded2 I like how he got back at Deathstroke as well as his encounters with Batman (some of which I hadn't seen before), among other things. Nice. thumb up

thanks for the props guys big grin

Secret Six #14:

Deadshot kills a super-healing amazon with a headshot.......or should i say headshots.......multiple shots......only one discernable head wound...that's accuracy

oh, and also:

Secret Six #23:

Deadshot destroys a helicopter with one bullet

Takes down a plane with more bullets, which he collected from the


Suicide Squad #1:

Skirmish with Batman in which Deadshot shoots him

Suicide Squad #2:

Kills Voltaic

Suicide Squad #5:

Nine head shots in no time

Suicide Squad #6:

4 Circling head shots, 3 no look

Floyd may not be an h2h fighter, but hes quick with his hands and just as deadly close quarters.

Suicide Squad #7:

Shoots Harley

Suicide Squad #10:
Six head shots in a moment

Suicide Squad #13:

Deadshot shoots through his own chest to kill Regulus

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