Respect The Original Daredevil aka "Death-Defying Devil"

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This is a small thread made for the first comicbook daredevil Bart Hill, of Lev Gleason Comics. He first appeared in Silver Streak Comic #6, and instead of telling you his origin, I'll show you his original origin story:

Daredevil disarms a gunmen, infiltrates a nazi establishment, escapes, evading gunfire, and steals a plane:

Daredevil jumps from one flying plane to another, infiltrates a japenese plane, and foils the freakishly large "Claw":

Deadshot fights nazis and Hitler himself. He takes out six nazis with one swing of a rifle, and five with one toss of a boomerang. He trips hitler with a boomerang from long range and evades his gunfire. Hitler narrowly escapes death:

Ko's 3 nazis with one punch, throws a man across a room with one hand into 2 others, bashes armed guards, and takes a decoding machine, succeeding in his mission:

Leaps from plane to plane, destroying them:

destroys a ship's gun with a metal pole and swings a man rapidly by his loose clothing:

(note: I'll later get to explain how DD went from being mute in his 1st appearance to being able to talk, and back again)

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DD swings three men by their hair with one hand:

escapes crashing buildings:

DD takes out several men with his boomerangs, runs up the wall of a well, shows agility evading The Claw and his traps, and ultimately defeats his giant arch-enemy:

Silver Streak Comics #8:

Meet the "Airdevil", DD's plane. He engages The Claw's forces in aerial combat, survives a plane crash, and still manages to beat the claw in hand to hand combat, having manipulated him into shrinking to a normal size:

Have you got anything from his recent series ?

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Have you got anything from his recent series ? got all of it actually.......his mini, his project superpowers appearances(chp. 1/2), and his extremely recent savage dragon appearances.....just wanting to post everything in relative order i guess

Silver Streak Comics #10:

DD has been captured by The Claw. He escaped with the help of a women within the claw organization. He poisons the killer fish meant to devour him, breaks the tank from the inside with help of his spiked belt, and battles the once again enormous Claw, who accidently seals the fate of him and his entire city:

(note: In Silver Streak Comics #9, DD was seemingly killed by Claw......although it turned out to be his unknown brother, then he was captured by The Claw)

Silver Streak Comics #11:

The Claw summons help from satan himself to defeat DD. He destroys cities and kills DD's friends. DD shows superhuman endurance/stamina, running from New York to the Rocky Mountains to do battle with The Claw, witnessing atrocities along the way. He kills a satanic, reptilian beast with a rock, hurls his boomerang, which starts an avalanche of rock, killing more satanic beasts, but is seemingly killed as the claw sinks his claws into his throat and he is thrown over a cliff in his attempt to stop him. Turns out DD actually survived, and defeats the claw in h2h, knocking him over a cliff:

(note: DD is actually stated to have super-speed in this issue. not only that but "tremendous" strength)

Daredevil Comics #3:

DD infiltrates a prison to spring his girl, who refuses to leave. clever boomerang trick, takes out armed guards. Evades gunfire on his escape and during an encounter with a gunman afterwards. Beats a swordsman in swordfighting, takes him in:

Daredevil Comics #4

DD defeats "the sportsman". a large experienced hunter who has turned to humans. he is self-proclaimed as the world's greatest. DD somehow escapes unharmed from apparently being pummeled by falling rocks:

Daredevil Comics #5

DD defeats men on steel girders, gets two gunmen to shot each other, plays dead and bashes more goons, and takes out guys on a train.It's funny how he has no problem with arguing thugs popping off each other

i havent read Project Superpowers yet. might have to avoid this thread because of spoilers.

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i havent read Project Superpowers yet. might have to avoid this thread because of spoilers. I'd imagine i won't get to that going chronologically for a while........but yeah maybe.

do you know how to do that "spoiler text", where you have to highlight it to read it?

Daredevil Comics #6:

Daredevil Vs. "The Human Beast", a resurrected human in the body of a wolf......essentially a werewolf. he kills his master, ungrateful for life, saying he'd "rather be dead", then a wolf. Then he is adopted by DD's girl, whom he likes. ultimately he is defeated and brought in by DD

Daredevil Comics #7:

DD cleverly infiltrates a prison, taking armed guards and foiling the warden

i dont know yet, no. i just avoid saying anything i think would be a spoiler. much like how i dont read comic previews because i dont want anything to be given away for me.

Daredevil Comics #8:

Bart shows a bit of agility bashing goons

Dardevil Comics #10:

Dardevil Vs. "Bolt". He's the world's greatest athlete, one whom DD had a losing scrap against in his youth. Bolt at 1st defeats him through trickery, then loses, being hit by a train:

Daredevil Comics #10:

Daredevil, apparently a gifted pilot, in aerial combat, plowing through 4 soldiers, and taking out others:

Dardevil Comics #11:

Daredevil Vs. "The Phantom of Notre Dame"

Daredevil Comics #12:

Dardevil wrestles a tiger, whom he helps and tames:

Daredevil Vs. "Sardon", "The World's Strongest Man". first, DD almost breaks his neck. He shows agility on the trapeze, saving a woman, and defeating Sardon in 2 hits

examples of Sardon's Strength:

(note: This may be my final classic DD scan posted. Starting with issue #13, a group of kids called "The Little Wise Guys" appear , and I really hate them. Still, I'll see if i can find anymore good classic feats with DD without them)

Dardevil Comics #16:

daredevil outruns ambulances, screaming at them to run faster(his little sidekicks are in trouble)

Daredevil takes a bullet and keeps going, even catching a speeding ambulance afterwards and holding on. then is in a car crash. recovers quickly:

(note: sorry for some partial scans, but I just hate seeing those little wise guy bastards. Ruined a good thing. Good thing one of them died last issue)

Dardevil Comics #17:

Bart takes armed guards, and beats a man repeatedly, awaking him six times, to get him to talk:

I'm not to the "back again" part, but here's his second origin, from Daredevil Comics #18. Raised by aboriginees after the elder's crooked chief son killed his parents. He grew up, bested the crooked chief, which is how he got the costume. Then came to the US to fight crime


Daredevil Comics #21:

Daredevil shrugs off a dart and sends it right back:

(note: I skimmed through up to about issue 52 of DD comics, and since he really stops showing up too much by issue #70 - taking a back seat to the little wise guys - I decided I'd go ahead and start showing his recent feats ahead of time. maybe i'll go back afterwards and see if i missed anything in the golden age DD comics left)

Project Superpowers #0:

The Fighting Yank explains how he trapped WW2 heroes, including Daredevil, inside "The Urn" or Pandora's Box to prevent the world from being conquered by evil. He explains how he had to trap the "hope", which supposedly is what created the golden age of heroes, with the evil to restore the world's balance.He say's that DD almost stopped him. DD is later released with the other WW2 heroes:

Project Superpowers #2:

daredevil returns from the urn, apparently muted as a side effect(many heroes sustained side effects from the Urn). He appears in Paris, saving a female cop named Justine from terrorists from an organization called 'The Claw", perhaps with some connection to his assumed deceased arch-enemy. He takes out several assailants with one throw of a boomerang:

Project Superpowers #3:
Daredevil identifies himself as just that, Daredevil

Project Superpowers #4:
DD has memories of the claw( and also may be sparking a relationship with Justine)

(note: All this is important because later on there seems to be some doubt about just who he is.......well except for the Justine part, I just thought i'd mention it)

Project Superpowers #7:

Daredevil fights frankenstein government soldiers with other WW2 heroes. They've decided to make the crooked world they've come into a better place now that they returned:

(note: I hid anything that may be a spoiler for anyone who hasn't read the project superpowers series yet, that is, everything that wasn't particularly about DD. Just "highlight" or select the hidden text to read)

Dynamite Special: The Death-Defying Devil

Daredevil, now muted, does his best to explain to the other heroes about the claw. other pertake in it as well:

(note: just trying to get people familiar with the devil with all this non-feat info. bear with me, they come starting with The Death-Defying Devil #1)

The Death-Defying Devil #1:

Devil takes out armed assailants, dodging gunfire:

Death-Defying Devil vs. "The Dragon". He knows all of DD's moves and has been scientifically enhanced concerning strength, speed, and healing. DD takes the upperhand when the fight is interrupted

The Death-Defying Devil #2:

Triple D takes on several armed assailants and "The Dragon", blocking bullets with his boomerang. Dragon takes the upper hand this time, due to the fact that fighting two battles can be distracting. he is shot and slashed in the chest. He continues to fight afterward, taking out 4 men at a time with a single kick, and then doing the same with 3 more. He takes out several targets with his boomerang:

Triple D heals from his injuries right afterward:

The Death-Defying Devil #3:

Triple D drops from the ghost's plane, infiltrating a claw establishment, taking armed assailants with the help of the silver streak, and evading gunfire:

Triple D shows agility, hitching a ride on the ghost plane and holding tight:

The Death-Defying Devil #4:

Dropping from a plane

Triple Vs. The Dragon, Round Three. Devil wins:

???Is Triple D Bart Hill???

Death-Defying Devil #4:

It is revealed that Curly, one of Bart Hill, the original Daredevil's, "Little Wise Guys" is "The Dragon"(not that i didn't know the first issue). He says that The Real Daredevil died twenty years ago instead of getting trapped in the Urn and that Triple D is an imposter. Bart Hill had two boomerangs, Triple D has one, Curly has the other. How Triple D got one if he isn't Bart Hill is a mystery. How he has memories of fighting the Claw as Bart Hill is even more of one, but this is all set to be brought to light in chapter two of The Project Superpowers series. Issue #0 revealed nothing, Issue #1 comes out in July:

Image's Daredevil

In the Image Universe, Savage Dragon releases many golden age heroes, including Bart Hill, from being trapped by Solar man in suspended animation after many years. He was using the raw power to augment his own, and was easily defeated once they were free. Daredevil took up crime-fighting again afterwards. He is set to be a supporting cast member for SD from now on

Savage Dragon #148:

Takes out criminals with SD

Showing some agility

Battles more mutant criminals with SD

Well, that's about it for now. I'm sure more scans will be available as the currently underway Project Superpowers Chapter Two unfolds, along with all that is developing at dynamite with establishing a universe for the public domain golden age heroes, and the Savage Dragon series, but for now just be sure you


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The Official Golden-Age Hero and Heroine Directory Volume 1

found DD's only official bio page

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