TxG'S Collection Of Mini- Stories

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Iv'e decided that it would be nice to do a thread for a collection of different kind of stories as everyday I'm always thinking up new story idea's and instead of just posting one big story it would be nice to have a bunch of mini-stories and also if you have a short story it would be really nice for you to contribute to it.

Into the wilderness

Imogen always had a feeling that she was somehow different to everyday students that she went to school with,That somehow she would never fit in with their different styles and the cliques that they had whilst fashion was the main influence of the school she went to.

The girls there were particularly cruel and always had hurtful comments to say about the way Imogen would dress which mainly she would emo/goth clothes not like there colourful outfits which flowed colours and mini skirts and the excessive make up that they had on there faces to attract no doubt the boys that they had a crush on.

Her home life was no better for she had no parents no family that could try and support her she had only foster parents who's main concern was they would keep her for the money they received for her, Cruel world isn't it that affection for a child comes down to only what money they would be worth.

Imogen was walking on her way to school she decided to cut through the woods as it would take longer to get their,She wish that she could be free from the pain of every day life if only she could be free from the pain whilst she got lost in her thoughts she realised that she was quite deep in the woods she was lost and wasn't sure where to go for the first time in her life she was scared but also relieved if that made any sense,Something was watching her she could sense it and then she saw a pack of wolves had come,But they didn't do anything just was watching her she could see the leader of the pack moving forward slightly it was as though he wanted her to follow them.

Imogen was shocked but also curious should she trust these pack of wolves did they want to trick her so they could eat her or maybe they could offer her a way out of her life so her instincts told her to follow them and she did, Years passed and a pack of wolves were racing into the wilderness with Imogen becoming a wolf herself but that is another story.

A Fairy Tale

In the year of 1914 the year that commenced one of the biggest wars in history where many children who lived in the cities was sent away to live in the country, Jane was one of those children as the threat of bombs that would be aimed at the houses if they stayed she came from the main city of London and she tearfully waited for the train to take her and her brothers and sisters to an elderly couple who had been kind enough to allow them to stay with them who lived in wiltshire one of the most pleasant, peaceful places in the country.

As they said goodbye to their mama they got on the train and took their seats and waited with a silence as it took them to their destination. The train ride passed quite quickly and they were left with their luggage and waited for their car that would take them to the village they didn't have to wait long as it arrived giving each other nervous glances they got into it and continued with their silence until they got to the manor house.

Once they arrived they had the noses pressed against the window as it was such a large house that they had ever seen before the chauffeur motioned them to get out and he then went and got their luggage from the car and the housekeeper gave them a look of disapproval and then led them to their rooms and told them to be quiet as the elderly couple didn't like noise she opened the door "These are your rooms do not touch anything of value or break anything,Remember you are here as a guess so show some courtesy please now you can wash up and UN pack your things and your dinner will be ready in half an hour"she said in a hard husked tone.

To be continued

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