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Captain REX
Welcome, players, to the reference thread for any and all rules concerning the Firefly RPG!

It is designed to be pretty simple and easy to understand, but if there are any questions about how things should work, let me know and I would be glad to walk you through it.


"Permission to come aboard, captain?"

The Firefly game will be making use of a dice pool system, which means the more talented you are with a certain skill, the more dice you roll towards your intended goal. The system uses six-sided dice, in which you try to have 5s and 6s appear as they are counted as successes. Even getting a single success counts positively towards your score! However, there might be situations where you need more successes, or your dice pool is reduced, to represent the difficulty of a task.

Dice pool is composed of two things- a stat and a skill. Stats are the physical and mental aspects of your character, whilst skills are specialized talents that your character has developed. For example, say that your character has an itch to be shooting at something (or someone). The roll for firing a gun would be based off of your Dexterity stat and your Guns skill. If you had a 3 in Dexterity and a 4 in Guns, that'd give you a dice pool of 7 to shoot with. If something was harder to hit, it may only give you 4 dice to shoot with.

That... pretty much covers the entire system! Anything beyond this explains modifiers and basic information that you need to make full use of the dice pool that you are given.

Just for clarification, for the purposes of online gaming, I will perform all rolls myself and tell you how you did.

Captain REX

Captain REX

Rules to come! It is similar to regular combat, with the exception of each turn featuring an event determined by drawing cards. There is also the matter of a rolling system for determining length for getting from planet-to-planet in the works... so check back here!

Captain REX

Captain REX

Captain REX

Captain REX

When at the controls of a starship- whether it be a nippy interceptor or a sizeable freighter- you might have some preferences for how you handle whatever it is you are flying. These schticks cover that.


"They'd have to be insane to follow us through here."

You love to get the maximum out any ship you fly, pulling the stick as far as it goes, your instincts still working even at maximum G-Force. Any ship you fly has 1 added to its Maneuverability Rating.


"I can speak a word and send a missile to that exact location inside of three minutes..."

You have a real nerve and steady hand when making a target run on a large opponent. Gain 3 extra dice to your Piloting pool when making a bombing run.


"What you care about is ships, and mine's the nicest."

You do more than own your own ship, you are almost one with it; you know every part of how all of it works. When flying that particular vessel, you get one extra die on ALL Pilot rolls made with that ship. This schtick cannot be taken as Gan Ying is Captain Kelly's ship.


"I'm a dangerous minded man on a ship loaded with hurt..."

You have a phenomenal sense, during a battle, of where the opportunities to get kills are. About half of the 'Melee' Starship Combat Event types can be converted into 'Closing In' instead if you have Killer Instinct; the event will say if this can happen.


"That's just 'cause I'm going down too quickly. Likely crash and kill us all."

Even in a crisis you have a knack for getting your crate down safely. If you crash you may make a Pilot roll with a difficulty set by the GM depending on circumstance. If the roll is successful, no-one in the ship is hurt in the crash and the ship will always be salvageable.


"This kind of flying really wakes a guy up!"

You can handle a ship at extreme speed, and love to tweak power settings to get the most out its engines, going where others would not dare. Any ship you fly has its Thrust rating increased by one.


"Target the Reavers! Target everyone! Somebody fire!"

You have a great sense for the position of ships around you and are rarely caught off guard. About half of the 'On Your Six!' Spaceship Combat Event types can be converted into 'Melee' instead if you have Tactical Awareness; the event will say if this can happen

Captain REX

Captain REX

Captain REX
I have already made some tweaks to the Gun schticks.

Gunslinger now requires you to designate a favorite type of gun (i.e. Light Revolver, etc.) so that it only works with that gun.

Rapid Fire decreases the Ammo Rating of a gun by two instead of by half.

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