Marvel/MK/DC crossover story

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Not bad, but I think you have Mortal Kombat beaten already. Two universes of hero's going against one Mortal Kombat universe??? You might as well add in the Street Fighter universe too.




The Justice Heroes Elite

CHP3: Jump of Dimensions

Everyone in the meeting room is silent. Flash looks around at everyone.

"Hey guys, do you find it strange that Superman wanted to let bats know about the mission before us all?" I mean come on; Black Canary should have been informed." Flash Complains.

He looks over at Hal, the Green Lantern who is smiling.

"What's so funny, are you smiling in agreement?" Flash asks.

"If you want to know so much, why not ask him?" Green Lantern suggests.

"No it's not really a big deal, I was just curious." Flash says.

Superman re enters the room with Black Canary. The two sit down, and the official meeting begins.

Back on


A Day later

Hours have passed. Logan walks side by side with Rogue, down a street.

"I have one question for you Logan." In the training room today, you seemed to be putting more effort in than you usually do." Are you expecting something big to happen?" Rogue asks.

Logan doesn't look at her, but continues to walk with his head down.

"It's nothing for you to worry about, just myself and a few others." We are going after someone that is in a different world." I'm still a bit confused, Ironman really didn't explain in detail." Logan tells.

"That sounds like fun, were you recruited." Rogue says with a tone of sarcasm.

A small smile forms on Logan's face. They walk in silence for a bit longer.

"So where exactly are you taking us?" We have been walking for a long time now." Do you even have a destination in mind?" Rogue asks.

She gets no answer from him, instead he grabs her hand and leads her to a nearby latter. The two of them climb all the way up the latter to the top, where it leads to a roof top. Logan and Rogue look down at the city together.

"Oh wow!" This view is so beautiful." Rogue says.

"Yes I know, that is why I brought you here." I wanted you to see this; I come here to think about things sometimes." Logan replies.

Rogue turns to look at Logan; the soft wind blows his hair back a bit. She moves closer to him, resting her head on his shoulder. His heart rate speeds up, from her sudden move.

"I don't know why you chose to bring me here." But I'm glad that you did." Rogue says.

The two look down at the city, as the sun sets. A few hours pass and it is now dark.

A City

A group of ninjas break into a museum. They enter the security room and knock out the guards. One of the ninjas shuts off all the surveillance that is throughout the museum. With that done, the ninjas begin there search for a few objects. The ninjas come across many fossils and many paintings.

"So why exactly does the boss want us to take these objects." I don't see what is so beneficial about the four ancient swords, and the ancient gold armor?" One of the assassins asks.

Another ninja turns to him.

"I'm not really sure if he has a reason for this." But as long as we do what he says, we will get paid." A Ninja tells.

The ninjas split into two groups. One group comes across the swords; they put the swords into a long metal box they carry. The other group of ninja blows down a few doors to get to the golden armor.

"Wow, would you look at that." I wonder how much it weight's?" One guy asks.

"I have no idea, but let's take it and get out of this place." I have a bad feeling the police are going to show up." Another guy replies.

It takes about seven of them to lift the armor off of its stand. The men place the armor into a metal casket. They all carry it out of the room together. Within a few more minutes, both groups of ninjas are putting the stuff into trucks.

"The boss will be proud with our accomplishments." I know he will like the paintings that we took as a bonus." One of the ninjas says happily.

"To bad your boss will never see the stuff; I suggest you all return what you have taken." A voice from the shadows can be heard.

The ninjas stop loading the stuff into the trucks, and are looking to see where the voice came from.

"Hey guys, do you think it is the Batman?!" A ninja asks with wide eyes.

"It can't be him, we are not in Gotham." Another ninja says.

A man jumps from out of the shadows.

"You thugs should know that Bludhaven has its own hero." That's right, me!!" The person says.

"Who in the hell are you?!" One ninja asks.

"You freaks must be new to this city." I'm Nightwing." He introduces himself.

The ninjas pull out staffs and Nun chucks, ready to fight the vigilante hero. Nightwing jumps high into the air doing a front flip. He lands in the middle of all the ninjas. They begin there attack on him. One ninja throws a kick at Nightwing, who grabs it and throws the ninja back, by pushing on his leg. Nightwing round house kicks a ninja into a nearby truck, and elbows a ninja trying to attack him from behind. Nightwing disarms one of them of his staff. He swings and spins the Bo staff around, knocking down the ninjas surrounding him.

"What's happening guys?" It's all of you against me, shouldn't you be winning?" Nightwing asks with a smile.

He jumps up and kicks two ninjas into a nearby wall. As he comes down, he knocks a few ninjas out with the staff. He quickly defeats the remaining ninjas. He ties them all up to a light post.

"Well that was easier than I thought." I guess it's time to inform the police about this." Nightwing says, pulling out his communicator.

"I don't think that will be necessary kid." Someone nearby says.

Nightwing looks up on top of one of the trucks to see a person standing, looking down at him.

"No way, what are you doing here Deathstro..." Wait your someone else." Nightwing concludes.

"That is right!" You can call me Deadpool." I'm impressed with your fighting skills, and how quickly you took out my men." Where did you learn how to fight like that?" Deadpool asks.

"I was trained by the best." So are you going to return everything?" Or suffer the same fate as your men?" Nightwing asks.

A wind blows to the west; both men are silent staring each other down. Nightwing drops and kicks the staff out of the way.

"I prefer to do things the hard way." Deadpool says, jumping down in front of Nightwing.

The two circle each other for a bit. Nightwing gets in his fighting stance, putting his hand up. He signals Deadpool to attack him. Deadpool runs at him, and the two begin fighting. Nightwing punches at Deadpool, but it is blocked by Deadpools kick. Nightwing flips back before he is hit in the face. Deadpool grabs Nightwing by his chest gear, and punches him in the face. He falls to the ground, but flips up and uppercuts Deadpool onto a nearby car. Deadpool with much strength pulls the car door out. He throws it at Nightwing who dodges it.

"Man, what is this guy made of?!" Nightwing says to himself.

"You really are flexible, and fast." Maybe you should join me." Deadpool suggest.

"No, I don't think so." Nightwing replies, running toward Deadpool.

As he reaches him, he jumps up and kicks him into the car that is missing a door on one side. The impact of the hit sends Deadpool crashing and breaking through the door on the other side. Deadpool is quick to get up, but feels dizzy. Nightwing jumps over the car to throw a punch at Deadpool, who grabs it. He takes this opportunity to slam his knee into Nightwing's stomach. Nightwing yells out in pain as blood comes out of his mouth. Deadpool throws Nightwing high into the air. He jumps up and kicks him into the fountain, in front of the museum. Nightwing is slow to get up, as he spits blood. He gets out of the fountain and runs at Deadpool.

"So he hasn't given up, I'm impressed." Deadpool says to himself.

As Nightwing gets closer to Deadpool, he jumps over him grabbing his shoulders at the same time. He slams him into the ground. Nightwing steps back from Deadpool, but notices no movement from him. He turns around and pulls out his communicator, to contact the police. A smile appears on Deadpools face, under his mask. He picks up a nearby staff, and gets up slowly being silent. He whacks Nightwing across the back of his head, the hero falls unconscious. Deadpool throws the staff to the ground.

"Rule number one; never turn your back to an enemy." Deadpool says.

He walks over and cuts his ninjas loose. Deadpool has the ninjas put the remaining stuff in the trucks. Before they leave, Deadpool looks down at Nightwing.

"I'm pretty sure we will meet again." Deadpool says.

With that, they all get in the vehicles and drive off. Nightwings eyes open to see them turn the corner. He gets up slowly, putting his hand on his head.

"I should have known he was tricking me." They better hope our paths don't cross again." Nightwing says.

The hero of Bludhaven makes his way to the roof tops, looking down on the city.

In the Bat


Batman finishes typing something on the computer. Robin stands next to him sitting in the chair. Batman points up at the screen.

"That is where Ralph and his men will be meeting." The east end of the docks." Batman tells.

Batman gets out of the chair. He walks over to a table, with a bag on top of it. Inside the bag are a few bat suits, and regular clothes. Batman picks up the bag and throws it into the bat plane.

"If you need help with the city while I'm away, just give Dick a call." Batman says to Robin.

"Yeah, I'll most likely do that." Robin replies.

Batman jumps into the bat plane, and flies out of the cave.

Worlds away

Liu Kang and Kung Lao work out in the training room. Both men stop to take a break.

"I wonder why the tournament got delayed until tomorrow." I'm starting to think Shang Tsung is up to something again." Liu Kang says.

"Well aren't you the smart one." Whenever is Shang Tsung not up to something?" Kung Lao replies.

Liu Kang walks over to a machine and lies on his back, lifting weights.

"As long as we are on full alert, we should be ok." Liu Kang says.

Suddenly Kung Lao is thrown into a wall. Liu Kang looks up, to see no one. Kung Lao is kicked into a nearby machine. Liu Kang jumps up from the machine, and runs over to help Kung Lao. Liu is grabbed by his neck, and thrown into Kung Lao.

"What is going on?" I don't see anyone." He must be using some kind of Camoflosh." Liu Kang guesses.

With the press of a button on his belt, a ninja appears before Liu Kang and Kung Lao.

"You are correct Liu Kang." I have come here to kill you." My boss wants nothing to do with you Kung Lao, he just wants Liu dead." So I suggest you stay out of my way." The ninja demands.

Both Liu and Kung Lao get off of the ground.

"Who is you boss?" And why does he want me dead?" Liu Kang asks.

"My boss has his money on Ermac to win this tournament." He sent me to get rid of the competition." You're the champion of Mortal Kombat, we can't have you getting in the way." The ninja says, pulling out a long blade.

Thinking fast, both Liu and Kung Lao punch him in the face at the same time. He falls to the ground knocked out.

"So what should we do with him?" Liu asks.

Kung Lao picks up the ninja and puts him over his shoulder.

"I'm going to take him outside the temple." I want you to alert the guards to increase security." There might be more of them, where he came from." Kung Lao tells.

"Good idea, but hurry back." Liu Kang replies.

Kung Lao walks out of the room with the ninja.

Worlds Away

On an island

Superman, Ironman, and the rest of the heroes all gather at the island. All except Batman, who has not arrived yet. Each hero introduces him or herself to everyone. Flash runs around Ms. Marvel a little bit.

"If I weren't married, I would have taken you out on a date any day." Flash whispers in her ear.

Ms. Marvel just blushes. Flash then runs over to Superman and Ironman.

"You guy's are positive this is the right Island?" I don't see any portal forming." Flash asks.

"Just give it a little bit more time, it should open soon." Superman replies.

Wonder Woman sits on a big rock, next to Captain America as they talk with each other. Spiderman, Green Lantern, and Wolverine just stare at the moon as they wait. Wonder Woman places her hand over caps.

"It must have been hard for you, when you lost Rogers." So do you prefer to be called Cap, Bucky, or Captain America?" Wonder Woman asks.

"You can just call me Cap." Rogers and I didn't really see eye to eye close to his assassination." Cap replies, looking into her blue eyes.

The two stare for a bit, before Captain America gets up to walk around. A loud noise can be heard in the night sky. Everyone looks up, to see the bat plane approaching. It flies over the island, as Batman jumps out and glides down to the ground, with a bag around his shoulder.

"Good, Bats is here." Spidy says, walking over to greet him.

The remaining heroes also make there way over to Batman. Superman introduces Batman to everyone who hadn't met him.

"So Batman, what happened to your flying vehicle?" Wolverine asks.

Batman turns to Wolverine, and the two shake hands.

"It has been awhile." I left it on auto pilot; it will head back to the cave on its own." Batman replies.

A few seconds pass, and the wind speeds around the island increase greatly. Energy builds up in a specific spot, and a portal forms.

"Last one in eats mud for dinner." Spiderman says running.

Flash zooms past Spidy into the portal. Spiderman jumps in afterward.

"Wait!!" I can't believe they jumped in so quickly, we should have all talked this over first." Ironman says.

Batman walks past everyone.

"We can discuss everything later." Batman says entering the portal.

Everyone else enters right after him.

Worlds away

The portal opens inside of a temple, it closes behind the heroes. They look around, to see Pythena sitting in a chair. She gets up, and approaches them.

"Hello fighters from another world, this is the temple you will stay in while you are here." The tournament will begin tomorrow." Pythena says, pretending she doesn't know any of them.

"What about Connor?" Superman asks stepping forward.

She doesn't answer him right away.

"I don't know who you're talking about." Maybe you will see that person at the tourney tomorrow." Pythena lies.

Batman pulls Superman to the side, and explains to him not to ask questions and wait for tomorrow. Pythena hands Batman and Superman the directions to the tournaments locations. She marked on the map the directions from the temple to the tournament dome.

"You all need to be there by ten in the morning tomorrow." The brackets will be up, showing who you will be fighting first, after I enter your names in." Pythena tells.

She asks them all for their names, even though she already knows them. She writes them down on a pad. She digs in her pocket pulling out four keys. She again gives it to Superman and Batman, who stand in front of everyone.

"I could only get you all four rooms, so you can decide your own sleeping arrangements." The rooms are on the 7th floor." The room number is attached to the key." Pythena informs.

With that, she exits the temple. Wonder Woman walks up to Batman and Superman, putting herself between them.

"So which one of you lucky boys want to share a room with me?" Wonder Woman asks smiling.

Both Superman and Batman are surprised at her words. Ironman steps forward.

"We will discuss that stuff, when we get upstairs." Ironman says.

Wonder Woman walks from Batman and Superman, and presses the button to get the elevator. The group travels in two separate elevators. The group talks it over with, Spiderman, Wolverine, and Green Lantern sharing the first room. Ironman and Flash take the second room, with Batman and Superman taking the 3rd. Ms. Marvel, Captain America, and Wonder Woman take the last. The heroes shut the doors behind them.

Miles Away

Baraka is surrounded by a group of Tarkatan's on a field. They run and begin fighting him. He releases the blades from his arms fast, as do the Tarkatans. Baraka jumps over a few of them, kicking them to the ground. Two Tarkatans come up to him and begin blade fighting. Baraka slashes one of them in the chest and then trips him, making him fall to the ground. Baraka blade sparks and blasts the other fighter to the ground. The remaining Tarkatans come at him fast, his hands come up as his blades go back into his arms.

"That will be enough for tonight." After all, the tournament is tomorrow." Baraka says.

The Tarkatans on the ground get back up.

"Let's head back to the palace." I sure do hope Mileena is there tomorrow, I'm going to rip that woman to pieces." Nobody crosses me and gets away with it." Baraka says.

"It seems our biggest threat as far as participants go, is Liu Kang and Kung Lao." Raidens little boy scouts." A Tarkatan complains.

Baraka turns and grabs the Tarkatan by his throat and throws him to the ground.

"I don't like when anyone thinks negatively, I will destroy Liu Kang!!" I've waited for awhile; it's time for a new champion." Baraka yells.

The Tarkatan picks himself up as the group continues to walk. They reach there destination quickly. Entering the Castle, they spot Pythena sitting across from Shang Tsung and Kahn talking.

"Who the hell is she, and why are you sitting in my chair?" Baraka asks, yelling.

Pythena looks up at the angered Baraka and smiles. She stands up.

"I guess we haven't met yet, I'm Pythena." I have a really good proposition for your boss here." Pythena says.

Baraka looks over at Kahn.

"Tell me your not serious; we don't need help from a woman." Baraka says.

He looks back at Pythena.

"Why don't you get lost Pythena, your presence makes me sick!" Baraka says loud.

Pythena zooms over and punches Baraka into a wall. Shao Kahn gets up smiling.

"She has many different powers, such as super speed and strength." Give her a chance Baraka, plus you haven't even heard our plan yet." Kahn tries to explain.

Baraka pulls himself out of the wall. He dusts himself off from the back.

"I'll give you one chance, you screw up even once and you're a dead woman." I hope you we got that clear." Baraka tells.

"Why don't you have a seat Baraka, this might take awhile." Kahn says.

Baraka walks over to his chair and sits down. Pythena and Kahn sit down next to Shang Tsung. The Tarkatans in the room exit.

Back at

The Temple

Carol A.K.A. Ms. Marvel gets out of the shower and wraps a towel around her. She walks over to the sink, and brushes her teeth. She then wipes the mirror getting rid of the steam, so she can get a clearer view of herself. Her heart jumps when she sees Batman standing behind her in the mirror. She turns around to slap him, but he grabs her hand.

"What the hell are you doing in here?" Were you watching me take a shower?" How long have you been in here?!" Carol asks angered.

Batman lets go of her hand.

"Don't worry; I got in here a little after you got out." I'm just letting you know I'm going to search around this floor, and a few others." I just want to make sure everything is safe, and this isn't some kind of ambush." Batman tells.

"Why are you telling me?" Aren't you and Superman sharing a room?" Carol asks.

"Yes we are, but he is a sleep." You're the only one who is up besides me."

"That is a good idea, by the way I'm Carol." Who are you behind the masks?" Carol asks with a smile.

Batman is silent, just thinking for a few seconds.

"Maybe another time Carol." You really should get some sleep." Batman replies.

Batman then exits the bathroom closing the door behind him. Carol looks down at the ground.

"They really should have had a bathroom in each room." Not three in the hallways on each floor." Carol says to herself.

She thinks to herself, remembering she had locked the bathroom door. That raises one question, how did he get in?

To Be Continue




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