Captain Boomerang (Owen) - Respect Thread

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Most of you probably don't even know who he is but hopefully once this is done he'll receive the proper respect. Powerfull but inexperienced, he is a natural when it comes to throwing objects, first and foremost, of course, boomerangs. This, combined with his short-bursts superspeed makes him a formidable adversary. With that said, let's begin.

In his first burst of superspeed he outraces his perfect throw and saves his father's life.

Hits Flash with a boomerang, with Flash commenting on its speed.

A clone of Jay Garrick attacks the team he is part of. Let's see how the other do:

Enter Owen who blitz-owns him:

He knows how to make his dad proud smile

Owns some Flash villains:

Uses his superspeed to save Robin

Faster than a speeding bullet.

Faster than sound.

Running in the face of Mach 1 winds ? Pfft..

Blitz grabs Nightwing and despite getting repeatedly punched in the face, manages to trap him.

Blew up an armored car.

Kicks down a door.

Just being released from torture, shows his skill and speed with other objects besides boomerangs.

Owns Robin:

.. then teams-up with him and they kick-ass together. laughing out loud

Fast & precise:

He even has his own trick boomerangs.

Acid boomerang:

Electromagnetic boomerang:

And in closure, for now, an insane speed/skill feat. He makes Deadshot miss his target by tagging bullets mid-air using paper clips

And that is all. Once new material pop-up, I'll update.


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Yeah I remember that, Lawton didn't find that funny. I'm glad you're back to posting in your own thread. lol stick out tongue

Yeah. stick out tongue

Speaking of which, I just got a hold of the final issue and..

Superspeed searches for Deadshot, finds him, saves his life by apparently using explosive boomerangs and it shows that maybe him and Deadshot got off on the wrong foot. smile

Ok, not Owen, but since the other Captain Boomerang doesn't have a thread:

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.