Final Fantasy II: Pandemonium

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Note: I don't own the rights to FF in any way. It is solely my interpretation of what happened in Deumion's time before he was entrusted the guard of the Destroy spell.

Chapter 1: Prelude

Ages have past since war last broke out. When looking for items that would help the Kingdoms of Fynn and Kashuan win against the Empire of Palamecia, Firion and his friends, Maria, Guy and Leon have reached a level thought unknown in the Arcane Labyrinth. They only said "Jade Passage" to a door and they suddenly got transported into Perseria, which was then the village nearest to the entrance to Jade Passage at the time of its incorporation. Said village looks very much like Mysidia at the era where they came from.

Firion tries to move and one of the soldiers garrisoned in the village tells him, "The enemy forces have begun their attack on the village!" As the soldier shouts this, the denizens of the village start running around in panic. The skies turn red... the foursome from another era walks around to find a blond-haired woman who complained that she lost her son.

Firion: Can you give a description of your son?

Woman: He has silver spiked hair, a blue bandanna as well.

The party splits in order to look for him and to return to the house of his mother. Said woman, in the meantime, hid herself in the basement. Leon went to the north-east, Maria to the north-west, Firion to the south-west and Guy to the south-east. All they see are houses, soldiers, enemy monsters/troops, and civilians running around, none of which matches the description the woman gave to the group. Until Leon finds a boy who matches the description given and, unlike all other civilians, he wasn't scrambling around.

Leon: Your mother was worried about you! It's time you returned home!

But during the time the party searched for him, the boy's mother got out of the house. She comes to Leon (and the other ones in Firion's party who came back to him) to collect her son.

Leon: What's your name?

???: Deumion.

Woman: I was so worried about you!

The party moves away from the duet and, before they vanish...

Deumion: Thank you! One last thing...

Maria: What is it?

Deumion: Hold on to your hope...

At this very moment, the foursome from the "future" vanish from the village and return into the Labyrinth.

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Chapter 2: Joint Sessions

Several kingdoms had sent whatever people they could, all of them being prophesied on their own as being the people who would be able to beat back the monsters. They decided to convene in a point that has been arbitrarily decided, Bafsk. Representatives of their rulers came and they came along with their sages, either by teleportation or by wyvern as King Haan of Deist did.

The inn was the only place large enough in the city for everyone to be comfortable, even if Haan had to park his royal wyvern outside the city. However, the townsfolk understand the importance of the wyvern for its owner as well as the importance of the owner itself, so he was given an entire barn.

Haan: My people didn't stop pestering about Myron being the "Chosen One", the one they claim will save the kingdom from the monsters infesting our territorial waters.

Yittreas: Majesty, it's not only Deist then... I received a message from the Lord of Perseria the day before I left. He brought to Altair whatever survivors from the attack on his town he could. The Pandemonian army should be at the outskirts of Altair by now...

Relm: My liege, the Pandemonian army is downright massive. The only way we could defeat the armies of Hell would require every other country in the world to stand united against Hell. We must stand firm against the Pandemonian forces and do whatever we can to lift the siege of Altair.

Marduk: Pandemonium could bypass large cities and pick out smaller settlements. They'd call an air strike on Semitt Falls, knowing that even the largest anti-air defenses of any city would only be effective at a low above-ground altitude.

Myron: Deist's dragoons are tied up to the defense of their island kingdom. We can't call an air strike on Pandemonium itself, nor can we fly to Semitt's rescue.

Lini: Pandemonium itself is surrounded by a towering mountain range and still under construction. We can't risk losing our men in an attack meant to raid Pandemonium, let alone capture it!

Jamilia: I believe we have to split the Chosen Ones if we are to defeat Pandemonium: they are eight in total, one group will go to Salamand while the others remain here.

Everyone in the inn agreed to this plan. The first batch of Chosen Ones, Relm, Myron, Marduk and Lini, are lumped together with the Queen of Salamand, Jamilia. However, their protector has deemed without interest to know whatever names the other Chosen Ones have. And they only have basic equipment to start their journey to Salamand, just like the second batch. However, the second batch would probably try to defeat the monsters infesting Deist's territorial waters.

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