Half-Blood Prince Film : Review and Rate it

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What can you say about the HBP MOvie?
HOw do you rate it out of 10?
Let us hear it from you..


10/10 i loved it

I've come here just to say that the movie was disappointing for me.

Dumbledore had an awful role. His wisdom didn't come out at all. In the movie, he said that he now knew what it was all about with Voldemort's dark magic, when actually he had already collected horcruxes before and he knew that it would be 7 of them in the book. I mean like ARGH - this undermines the whole idea of what Dumbledore is - the all-knowing, deep character that guides Harry until the end of book 6.

And just like that, there've been a lot of awful changes to the plot.

More bad changes:
There had been a juvenile Voldemort in the second movie. That one was WAY more convincing, I mean.. he was supposed to look handsome and be subtle, nice and charming, and he was NOTHING like that. He looked like a slimey snake himself and in that quite terrible.

The ****ing pensieve worked like a television - he and Dumbledore were supposed to walk in the memory, they had put memories in the movies before, where Harry actually walked in them... that makes it totally weird - why should the pensieve this time work different from e.g. the Horcrux' memory in HP2?

I'm sorry, although the cast is - mostly - convincing, the movie wasn't at all.

Lord Lucien
This was definitely the best of the movies so far.

Which means nothing, because they're all terrible. And not just terrible in that "not true to the book" way. They just suck all round. Is anyone else bothered by Radcliffe and Grint's constant breathlessness? Every single scene of theirs' they sound like they just sprinted a mile. Dumbledore's erratic behavior persisted here, as did his lack of charm and all-knowing persona that Richard Harris really brought forth. Gambon's just not cut out for this.

Hagrid and Luna had like 5 minutes MAX a piece. Young Riddle was sleazy and smooth in a negative way. What happened to Christian Coulson? He was perfect. The hell was up with the fire scene at the Burrow? Where's Tonks? And the 20-way battle between the Death Eaters and the Hogwarts defenders? Greyback meant nothing. They seemed to bring Bellatrix in just to give Helena Bonham Carter some face-time. There was but a passing mention of the Gaunts. Nothing was mentioned of Hepzibah Smith or Kreacher.

It sucked like the others both in terms of sticking to the books and in casting/acting. The best scene was of Harry taking the Luck potion. A little irreverence added some humor, but that was it. It blew chunks of money-grabbing vomit that reeked of its 5 predecessors, just a tad less so.

Honestly...I'm still shocked....

Miss S Malfoy
9 out of 10
Tom Felton is my complete favorite and his acting was 18 thumbs up I almost started crying with that tortured look on his face when he was trying to kill Dumbledore.I REALLY felt for him.I agree he has grown from that adorable little cutely annoying boy to a young man with depth.You really feel the torture and pain that he feels(if you can't sorry, I'm feel connected to him)

Daniel Radcliffe was actually quite as I expected and he does fit the character well. I actually thinks he looks better WITH the glasses on he just doesn't look right without them. I can honestly say I felt like throwing up with the kissing scene.

Rupert, Rupert, Rupert. He was quite good the jealousy thing was done pretty good. Wow I had quite of "Lav-Lav"...enough that I LAUGHED MY HEAD OFF when Ron said "Hermonie" and she ran out of the Infirmary thing.

Emma was just as expected and I laughed when she set the birds on Ron. I laughed harder when they hit he wall/door and all there was left was a puff of feathers.

I also almost cried when they lifted the wands.

The locket horcrux thing was DEFIANTLY not what I thought. I JUMPED when the Inferi came up. The fire thing was SO COOL.

I HATED BELLATRIX! How she could Burn things and destroy the great hall with such ease Just stabbed at my insides. I felt like I was going to throw up out of disgust.

The Katie Bell necklace thing freaked me out the bashing her on the ground-Convulsions-levitating just freaked me out.

And yes it would be cool if they added the whole Marvolo memory.
But I guess without saying that the ring was a Marvolo Heirloom they just had Tom Riddle wear it in one of the memories.

I think the young Tom Riddle was Fine. Someone said at the movie that in the book he sounds mean and insensitive. I think he sounded Curious and a little threatened.

It was good over all through.

i've still only seen it once, so what that really means is that it's all just a good blur. some things do poke out, though.

i thought the romance/chemistry/hormones part was perfect. and ron under the love potion was absolutely straight on.

i was pleasantly surprised by draco's change from being sort of a whiner/mini-me voldemort plot foil. but he really stepped up and was draco partcourageous/partnervousoutof his mind

harry was.... harry. the tensing jaw, the angry outbursts, was harry andharry harry.

i think radcliffe knows what it takes to play this part and so he gives the movie a good performance, but i think he's holding something back. i saw abunch of clips from equus, and it was like radcliffe to the fifth power.

slughorn was awesome, dumbledore, mcgonagall, snape....

the 'felix felicius' sequences were brilliant. there's harry talking as he might have if he were not the chosen one. ahhhh it was brill.

poison water scene was gripping, my stomach was in knots and so were my hands. so very very powerful.

one of my favorite scenes was when snape was coming up to kill dumbledore, everyone's pointing wands at each other, then harry draws his wand, then the scene panels around and you see snape pointing his wand to the back of harry's head and bringing his finger to his lips- and then swoops up and kills dumbledore.


gah... 10/10

still haven't determined whether or not it tops order of the phoenix in my personal favorite.

Disappointing piece of crap.

If I hadn't already read the books, I would have no ****ing idea what the plot of Harry Potter is. I mean, look at them as if they were just movies and not books. The last film didn't explain shit about the "Prophecy" or "the chosen one" aspect of the plot, and all we get to tie that into this movie was Harry very quickly saying "I'm the only one who can stop him."


As for the Horcruxes, how is Harry going to find them? He has no idea that they are representing something from each house - so for all he knows - they can literally be anything. How is he supposed to narrow it down to the Cup and the crown and all that? He was supposed to see those in the flashbacks in the pensieve and all that right?

So yeah - I'm disappointed that they fail to elaborate on those key plot points.

In other aspects of the story:

1. I think the love story portions of the movie were ridiculous. Why they would choose to keep those scenes and extend them is beyond me. The whole "Lavendar and Hermione" in the hospital wing scene was so awkward - Why were Snape and Dumbledore and all them just chilling there? Snape would be out of that *****. Instead they just hung around looking embarased.

2. Taking out the end battle because it would "be repetitive of the next movie" is just lame. The ending of this movie was so flat it was sad.

3. Death of Dumbledore did not go well. Harry not petrified? Snape showing up and shushing him looked just weird. Why? How could something so epic be so - not epic? Harry just kinda chased the death eaters into the woods while they just walked out. WHY did the death eaters even go into Hogwarts through the cabinet? Just so they could destroy some plates? Then peace out? The whole half-blood prince revelation was not intense. It's just really too bad.

4. Congrats to Tom Felton a.k.a. Draco Malfoy for stealing this movie. His scenes were the best - possibly the best acting we've seen in the series.

It was pretty dissapointing.

First of all, Dumbeldore was crap. He was supposed to be the all-knowing, guiding figure. He was supposed to know what to do, when to do it. This would exaggerate his death, showing how alone and confused Harry would be after. They didn't do that, though. Dumbeldore's death wasn't nearly as crucial and powerful as it shouldn't be.

And the ending was one of the most horrible things about it. What the hell, the Death Eaters just came in, killed Dumbeldore, and ran out. Why in the world would they do that? They had all of Hogwarts to themselves. They could've assaulted it. Then Harry started running after them, and they didn't care. The boy who has any chance of killing Voldemort is running after you. Why would you just keep on running away from him? They should have stopped and at least tried to capture him if it came to that. Really awkward.

I agree with Quincy about the whole Ron in the bed moment. I was looking at Snape and Dumbeldore in the back listening and laughing to myself. Why would they just stand there? Snape would've just walked away at the very beginning. An awkward moment.

Yeah the movie sucked. After I left the theater I tried to romanticize what I'd seen but it just wasn't good.

I thought it was, by far the best of the series (not that that is saying much. i hated the first four. the fifth was ok). I felt in tone and sensibility, it was the closest to the source material.

Script: Probably the weakest part of the film. it's just ok. the pacing is excellent, and it is a remarkably lean, streamlined script considering it came from what is probably the most bloated of the books. That said it did dwell a little too much on the teen romance aspects of the story and totally ignored the horcruxes.
GRADE: 6/10

Acting: Perhaps the biggest joy of this series is watching these young actors develop. Curiously, i felt Emma Watson who was the most interesting of the three main actors in the first two movies hasn't really grown that much as an actor. She was somewhat weak. Rupert Grint and particularly Daniel Radcliff have made huge strides as actors. This is a big jump forward for Grint who i dispised in almost all of the earlier films, has really come into his own. He was actually pretty good. Daniel radcliff continues to own the series and becomes more charismatic (albeit a bit dull) by the minute. I just wish he had more colorful character to work with. He showed great comedic sense in the felix sequence and handled the more dramatic sequences well, but too often, he feels to much like a vehicle for the plot. As for Michael Gambon, he was solid, but the role of Dumbledoor really needs a great performance particularly in this film. He failed to bring out the eccentricities and humor of Dumbledoor. I would have much preferred an actor who could handle the humor and had more gravitas such as (i know it is cliche) Ian Mckellen or Peter O'Tool. As for the rest of the cast they are uniformly good. Maggie Smith remains, I think the best cast for her part, with Alan Rickman close behind. Tom Felton and Evanna Lunch as Luna are particularly good
GRADE: 8.5

Visuals: The production design as with the earlier films is ambitious but not terribly interesting. It is still a little to stylized and cartoonish which conflicts with the darker grittier film style. The digital effects are the best they have been yet although. THey are good, not great. The cinematography is leaps and bounds better than the earlier films (particularly the first two). DOP Bruno Delbonnel (who was nominated for an oscar for Amelie) has done excellent work in his first HP film. The choreography of the camera movements is superb particularly in the opening sequence and the sequence in the cave.

Directing: Directing is always hard to judge. But it is a credit to Yates that this film more than any of the others has a real sense of purpose (something that not even the book had). He has the best visual style of any of the previous directors (although i wish Cuaron had gotten another shot and directed HP 4) and has gotten the best performances out of his actors. He's made some of the longest books into the shortest movies, and even though he hasn't quite succeeded, he has come closer than any other director at capturing the real essence of the Harry Potter books.

Overall: As someone who has always loved the books and always hated the movies, Half-blood Prince was an absolute joy to watch and rekindled my affection for the books.


I would give it a six.When I first saw it I did not care too much for it and then I watched it again and again and now I am starting to like it again.Sure it has alot of stuff that are added but it is really not that bad.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is an icily grave and sombre affair, with few moments of relief amid the mounting turmoil and a finale that blackens an already charcoal Gray sky. I like this movie and I give 7 out of 10.

Harry must enter the night of fear and emerge stronger. Everything about his world is uncertain, not to be trusted - and who among us has not felt the same way, if witches do lurk around our corners?

Someone told me that they are going to end part one when Harry and Ron and Hermonie gets caught by the Deatheaters.What a part to stop at.

Yeah this is very late but whatever.

By far the worst one. David Yates added a bunch of pointless drivel... If I wanted to watch a movie about a group of harny teens tring to have sex with every little thing I would watch Twilight. And he removes alot of the important stuff such as Harry and Dumbledore's talks about horcruxes and what objects they were supposed to be. The ending was crap. What was trhe point of Draco brining in the Death Eaters if they are ponly gonna smash a few plates, hell there was supposed to be a cool battle but Yates decided to add the Burrow attaack instead... GAH! Also the way he portrayed Dumbledore was shit, this man is supposed to be wise and nearly omniscent. And why the **** did he cut out the funeral and extend the Love Potion subplot. Also the story of the Half-blood Prince was major in the book, but nearly pointless in the movie.

5/10 and I'm likely giving it a score this high simply because it's Harry Potter.

I can give this movie 8 on 10..

8/10, it was pretty good. The book was better though.

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