The Family

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leonheartmm The_Family_(Christian_political_organization)#cite

probably the oldest relegious organisation in america. also, one of the most sectretive and influential. but whats shocking is it is probably one of the least known and discussed. its head

is actually a spiritual advisor to hillary clinton.

also, it organises the national prayer breakfast where every president{including, recently, obama} has attended and spoken at.

its record is one of scandal and unofficial lobbying of some of the most heinous and biggoted bills and props in history. it shamelessly opposes any seperation of church and state has LARGESCALE{when i say large, i mean LARGE, and not hidden btw if u want to dig around in records} influence in the government at every branch and level. it uses examples of mao ze dong and hitler of ultimate oedience as virtues. and has currently brought about the proposition{with about 25 million dollars to support it} of building mega churches in everyamerican military base{which btw will be some of the largest building the militaary has built}. it also has a long history of defeding and funding dictaters who have often been involved in genocide. btw, heres a guest on bill maher discussing the subject{oddly enough, the only real coverage this topic has gotten, contrasted with how influential and active the family is


it gets a natural search engine shield now because more people ending up searching for terms like "the family GUY" or the phrase "the family" as it wud appear an average conversation.

so heres my question, WHY does no 1 know about this, WHY isnt the liberal media reporting more on this? WHY are people like hillary clinton associated with these people, and WHY is the prayer breakfast, such a prominent part of the whitehouse, associated with such a relegiously insane part? and what does this say about america and the american government's hand in conspiracies ?


Symmetric Chaos
Anyone who compares themselves to Hitler isn't going to be taken seriously by a large enough group to be a particularly great danger. As for "morals only apply to the little people", well Rand preached the same thing and like Rand the only people that will ever take the idea to heart are people who already consider themselves above morality to begin with.

^but they ARE taken seriously, thats the problem

the whole video




Sane people know that religion is deeply entrenched in politics, eg the US 2004 election had the religious groups pulling extra-hard for Bush on the grounds that "he's doing God's work and keeping the good people safe from the evil doers".

This is really nothing new, not saying it's good, as religious groups rarely have my best interest in mind (being a moderate and agnostic), but it is what it is.

Sadako of Girth
Even the money that the politicians chase/REALLY worship is emblazoned with "In god we trust".

Waiting for the new atheist money to arrive.

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