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Miss S Malfoy
I always wanted to be a LL/DM Shipper this is the first Chapter it's short but tell me what you think (IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE MADE UP SO NO "IT'S UNREALISTIC"wink

1:The Dream
Draco Malfoy was lying in his bed when suddenly he felt something quickly jab his side.
"What?"he coldly scowled, turning to see who poked him.
It was Pansy Parkinson, her brown eyes playfully staring at him.
"Go away, can't you see I'm sleeping here?"Draco mumbled, shoving his face into his pillow
"Your not asleep now...So I was going to tell you..."he drifted off before Pansy could finnish her scentence
All of a sudden a girl came into view...She had long platinum blond hair and large silver eyes.
"Who is she...Oh yea, it's Loony Lovegood that Ravenclaw Nutca..."He thought,but he stopped, Luna was motioning towards him.
He sauntered to her. Luna immediately took his hands and planted a small kiss on his cheek.
Draco felt himself crash into something.
"Ouch"he yelped, finding himself lying on the floor
He looked at the clock"It's 7:30, I'm late for potions"
He hurriedly got dressed and geled back his unkept hair.

Miss S Malfoy
Here is a second chapter. I guess I just wanted to write about Snape

Draco swiftly ran to Snape's Classroom, thinking about Luna the whole time
"Why Luna?"He uttered quietly to himself partially disgusted.
Draco burst in the classroom just as Snape was turning from the chalkboard
"You have decided to show up Draco?"Snape questioned in his monotone voice.
"Yes, sir"Draco responded breathless
"Now who can tell me what would I get if I added powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood?"
"Forgetfulness Potion?"Goyle said with quite uncertainty
"It's The Draught of Living Death you moron"Draco exclaimed quite full of himself.
"Correct Draco, 10 points to Slythin"Snape said with a weak smirk on his face
"If I was to say that you would TAKE 10 points from Gryffindor"Harry said loudly
"This in MY classroom POTTER, I decide who gets points"Snape replied smacking Harry swiftly on the back of his head.
Draco smiled and glared at Harry.

Miss S Malfoy
I seriously knew I could not make a potions class without the whole Wormwood, Asphodel root thing

It's really good keep it up.

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