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Re-done since the last one had nothing but a few links and technically wasn't even legal because it was dedicated to three characters.

Sly Cooper, the three game series by the guys at Sucker Punch. The same people who brought you the recent PS3 exclusive, inFamous.

Sly Cooper is a raccoon, descended from a long line of master raccoon thieves. The Cooper family has in their possession a book called the Thievius Raccoonus, in which every Cooper thief writes down all the thieving moves they invent so that the later generations can put those thieving moves to use.

The Cooper Family's moves

The Ninja Spire Jump: This move was invented by Sly's ninja ancestor, Rioichi Cooper. It allows him to land on pointed objects safely.

Rail Slide / Rail Walk: Invented by Sly's ancestor from the old west, "Tennessee Kid" Cooper. This move lets Sly walk on vines, tree branches, and even telephone wires. It also lets him slide down things like rails and vines that are slippery.

Invisibility: Invented by Sly's Egyptian ancestor, Slytunkhamen and Later upgraded by Sly's Southern ancestor, Huckleberry Cooper. The original move allows Sly to become completely invisible while remaining still. The later upgrade allows him to move while being invisible.

Sally Cooper's Raccoon Roll: This move allows Sly to curl up into a ball and roll to move faster. It later gets an upgrade by Kellee McCooper to produce an electric field around Sly's body while rolling through the harnessing of the static electricity.

Drake Cooper's Fast Attack Dive: This move is essentially just a fast attack used for getting the jump on opponents.

Dev Cooperinda's Slow Motion jump: While Sly is airborn, he can slow down time in order to easier see where his enemies attacks will hit.

Karen Cooper's Coin Magnet: This technique allows Sly to collect coins much easier by drawing the coins to him.

Rob McCooper's Explosive Hat Technique: Allows Sly to use his hat as a mine, detonated with a tap of his cane.

B.F. Cooper's Speed Up The Clock Technique: Allows Sly to speed up time. Would allow him to let those areas where he has to remain still for long periods of time go by faster.

Sir Andrew Cooper's Thief Replica technique: Creates a replica of Sly to distract enemies.

Bruce O'Coop's Computer Hacking Technique: Sly's binoc-u-com display's data on his opponents.

Colonel Reid Cooper's Time Stopping technique: Freezes time for all enemies for a short period of time.

Laser Slide: Invented by Sly's most recent ancestor, his own father. This move allows Sly to slide along lasers.

Sly also uses various gadgets throughout the games.

Sly's Gadgets

Alarm Clock: Makes noise to draw a guard away from a certain point.

Smoke Bombs: Disables the enemies vision for a short time so that Sly can escape.

Insanity Strike: An enemy hit with Sly's cane while this gadget is active will become confused and attack Sly's enemies.

Voltage Attack: Electrocutes an enemy hit with Sly's cane while this attack is active.

Rage Bomb: Does the same thing the Insanity strike does, only in a bomb form.

Music Box: Puts enemies to sleep.

Lightning Spin: Voltage Attack in a spin attack form.

Stealth Slide: Allows Sly to slide across the ground silently.

Rocket Boots: Sly 3's version of the Sly 2 gadget, Stealth Slide. Oddly, still a silent move.

Paraglide: Sly can use a paraglider to travel farther in his jumps.

Purchased abilities

Combat Dodge: A fast dodge to the side.

Thief Reflexes: Allows Sly to see in slow motion.

Feral Pounce: Basically a better jump. Sly can now jump higher and farther.

Shadow Power: Another form of Invisibility: Has an upgrade level that allows Sly to move faster while invisible.

Sly feats

Though Sly has proven he can hold his own in a fight with multiple guards, he is not a brawler. Sly is much more sneaky and agile.

Sly's best agility stealth feats are that he is completely silent when walking. He can be right behind you to pick your pocket, and you will not hear him. Coupled with the ability to plant traps, become invisible, and traverse across almost any extremely thin surface or sharp point, Sly is a stealth force to be reckoned with.

Sly is incredibly athletic. He is able to perform flips in any direction, forwards, backwards, and even sideways. With his combat dodge and thief reflexes, he is very hard to hit. He can climb on almost anything he can grab on to and can use his cane to swing from tree branches and other hooks.

Sly's master thief skills include perfect balance, total silence, lockpicking of many kinds and being a master of disguise. He has spent ten years pulling of heists with his friends and has not once been caught by the police, though he does like to taunt Inspector Fox.

Sly's best combat feats are probably shown through the enemies he fights. He's defeated martial arts firework master The Panda King in one on one combat as well as powerhouses like Muggshot and General Tsao.

Sly is also experienced in piloting various machines. In little more than a few days he was a good enough of a pilot to take down the Baron in the midst of a massive air battle going on around them. Afterwards, he took down the Baron in a fist fight while on the wing of a plane.

I'll find videos another time.


This video showcases Sly's Ninja Spire Jump and his perfect balance. It also shows Sly getting the pages for the Invisibility technique.

Ninja Spire jumping begins at 1.35.

Balance begins showing at 3.20, 4.05, and 5.18.

The Invisibility Technique pages are at the end of the video.

Still looking for more videos.

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Not to mention, he's like teh best anthropomorphic thief I've ever seen.

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