Harry Potter: The Dark Years

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This is a roleplay started fifteen years after the battle between Voldemort and Harry. This is a sort of What If? scenario. What if Voldemort had known that he wouldn't make it after the battle. He would've decided he needed an heir. He decided to have sexual intercourse with Bellatrix Lestrange, his most trusted Death Eater and they had a daughter and named her Tanith. The day of the battle, they handed Tanith to a woman named Roxy and told her to take Tanith to America if anything were to happen to them. Roxy heard that Voldemort and Bellatrix were killed in battle, so she immediately fled with the child.

What she didn't know was the child's parents survived and when they were left alone in the Banquet Hall with the other Dead Bodies, they were transported out of the Hall and revived. They couldn't find Tanith until fifteen years later. Thinking Roxy had betrayed them, they killed her in front of Tanith. Tanith, not knowing who these strange people were, and thinking they killed her real mother, ran in the waiting arms of the people who there to help her: The Order of the Phoenix, namely Professor Phineas Blackheart.

They immediately took her back to Number 12 Grimmauld Place where she is to this day, awaiting the day when she is to be sent to Hogwarts.


Anybody is welcome to join this roleplay. No, the students who in the previous books are not students though they are welcome to return as alumnus, teachers, or parents of new students. They can even be Death Eaters or Order of the Phoenix or Members of the Ministry.

I will be playing Tanith. We will need a Voldemort, Bellatrix and anyone else you all can think of. Hope to make this game awesome!

Let the game begin...

Sighing and looking around the room, I remembered my last conversation with Professor Blackheart about responsibility and magic. He had just given me a lesson on Occlumency after learning my father could easily read my thoughts. Looking out the window at the rushing street I thought about joining them then looked back to the window remembering the last time I snuck out. Phineas had managed to lock me in my room for 4 hours straight.

Shrugging, I sighed and slung my guitar over my shoulder remembering the open mic night at the club down the street and frowned "He's got to remember he can never keep a teenager cooped up for long..."

Picking up my wand, I quickly worked my way around the protection field around my room then swung my way onto the pipe leading down to the street. Shimmying my way down it, I straightened my slacks and my black and gold top and looked up toward my window then grinned not seeing anyone looking down at me.

Turning, I quickly started to jog down the alleyway and made my way to the club, pushing the door open and making my way to the stage waving to the regulars and the bouncer of the club as I was introduced "Ladies and Gentlemen: Tanith Riddle!"

Smiling, I looked around and picked up my guitar as I sat on the stool and leaned into the microphone and started to sing.

Scarlet Fox
Do you have permission to open this?



Captain REX
You need permission in order to begin a game. Please see the relevant thread for this.

And there's no coming back from Avada Kedavra anyways...

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