The Zombie and the Crimson Head

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Snafu the Great

Snafu the Great

Special Instructions when Disposing Dead Bodies

We have new information regarding those "beings". They may appear to be dead, but in fact, they are able to come back to life. However, there are ways to prevent them from becoming active again.

Currently, there are two known methods to cease resurrection:


If further methods are discovered, they will be notified immediately.

Meanwhile to those of you who still have the will to live, oil has been placed on the first floor of the mansion. Take as much as you need.

You'll need something to light it with, which you'll need to find by yourself.

Fail to kill a zombie proper, this is the result.

When a zombie has been incapacitated for some time, a process occurs in which the T-virus will begin to run rampant through its systems, initiating a system known as V-ACT, more commonly known as a Crimson Head due to the colour of its skin when in this state. When this occurs, the blood begins pumping at an alarming rate, causing noticeable blood seepage in the skin and giving it a dark crimson color. The subject's fingers and toes also develop sharp claws as well as having an increased muscle mass. The subject's level of aggression has also greatly increased from that of the typical zombie. When it has entered this state, virtually nothing will stop it from pursuing its prey. The Crimson Head even jumps at its victim due to an increase in blood-lust. If the Crimson Head is left active, it will eventually continue to transform into a Licker.

There is also a possiblity that the Elder Crimson Head can be mansion designer George Trevor (father of Lisa Trevor). Here is the evidence:

1. Lisa Trevor stole peoples faces and wore them as masks. The coffin of the "Crimson Head Elder" is opened after placing four masks on a stand.

2. Lisa mentions that her fathers body was "red and sticky", and that it was in a coffin.

Either way, the Zombie and the Crimson Head is to be respected...and feared.

Nemesis X
It's dissapointing that they got replaced by the Plagas. Resident Evil was well known because of the zombies. Capcom should've at least brought them back in that abandoned Umbrella facility in RE5 and when you think about it, it would make sense why they're there.

Well at least they got ressurected through a fun rail shooter like UC.

Neo Darkhalen
You can also destroy the Knee caps in order to stop a zombie from transforming into a Crimson head.

Also, I wish they would revert back to the old Zombies of past Resident Evils, I'm not a real big fan of Plagas.

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