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((The History of Gealan and the Dark War))

Gealan was a prosperous land, filled with green fields, lush forests, and good people. The land was split into three separate provinces, but all was well between the three lands. Belairio; the human land, was the largest province in Gealan, followed by Famelrahd; the elven land in the east, then Galvar; the dwarven lands to the north west, deep in the Collum mountains. There were of course other races in Gealan: Centaur, Faries, Gnomes, and Halflings; who all lived in harmony with others.

There was rarely ever a dispute between the different races, but when there was, it was usually about the amount of crop space the Halflings had taken for there village, or the amount of trees the Humans had cut out of the Famelrahd forest, or other things of that nature. All of which were easily remedied with a few days of discussion between the opposing parties, with a mutual judge to decide the outcome.

Of course, not everything was fine and dandy in Gealan. There was the ever present crime in the cities, and there were races in Gealan that would cause a stir every once and again, such as Minotaurs, Orcs, and Goblins. That's not to say that everyone one of that race was bad or evil; there were quite a few good natured Minotaurs living with there cousins, the Centaurs; and there were many Orcs working in the ship yards along with humans and elves. Not nearly as many Goblins were good, but there were a few. But even then, with the occasional looting band of Orcs, or the drunk horde of Goblins, these races liked to stay to themselves, hidden away the huge Dark Forest, the "evil", scarcely traveled forest at the base of the Collum Mountains. That is, they stayed to themselves before the invasion.

300 years ago, hundreds of ships stormed the port city Tibus, which was also the capitol city of Belairio. The ships were maned by Orcs, Goblins, and evil Men; and upon seeing this, every evil race in Gealan came out of their holes to join this invasion army. It took only 1 month for this invasion army to completely take over Tibus, and with the help of the "new recruits", all of the main cities in Gealan were engaged in war within the year. For 2 years the armies battled for control, yet no one knew where this invasion army had come from, or who was its leader. It wasn't until far into the third year of fighting, that the skies were blackened over Tibus by the wings of a huge dragon.

There had been tales of dragons in Gealan history, hundreds of years ago, but never had one been seen by anyone that was still alive. The dragon, along with its rider, who was only ever identified as the black speck that sat behind the dragons head, began a long reign of terror. For 30 years, the dragon and its master laid waste to the land, and were unopposed.

After 33 years of pain and suffering, the Gealanian people came together to fight. Who knows why it took so long for the races to come together. Some would say that the kings of the races had to much pride to ask for help. Others would say that the kings were under a spell, and were not allowed to lead their people. This theory was more widely believed, only because when the good races came together, each army had a mage at its fore front. Where mages came from, no one knew, but they were powerful, and all of the kings would later write that it was only because of them that they were able to come together.

There were four sorcerer's; one of fire, one of water, one of air, and one of earth. The one of fire was fierce, and helped train the good races to fight with tenacity. The mage of water stayed with the kings and captains, giving sound advise, always remaining cool and collected when the camps were ready to burst with anticipation. The mage of air began working on giant engines of war. Using not but her hands, she would bring cyclones into the camps carrying logs which were in turn made into giant devises that launched huge sharpened logs like arrows, and boulders, into the enemy lines. The earth mage was a hulking man who carried a giant hammer. He was soon taken as the standard for the army, as they now felt as big as he with their new found strengths.

The two giant armies clashed a final time on the plains of Alesea, in the northern lands of Belairio, and there, the four mages, on the backs of griffons, went to battle with the dragon. It was a long fight, a fight that lasted days high above the battle field. At night, men would stand outside their tents and look up in the sky, only to see flashes of fire and lighting.

On the third day of fighting, the air rang with a roar that some would later write "sounded like the gods themselves had torn open the heavens and screamed for the fighting to stop". For a minute, nothing happened, but then it began to rain blood, giant droplets of blood. Then to the south, the hulking body of the dragon fell from the sky, spiraling towards the earth like a giant meteor. Upon seeing this, the evil army retreated. Many went back to the ports, got onto ships and sailed way, others went back to hiding in their dark forest. The army of men, elves, dwarves and other good races rejoiced in their victory, and when the mages returned, hoisted them onto their shoulders, singing them praises and offering them any amount of land, gold, jewels and other such things. The mages only request was food and a bed to sleep in.

After the sorcerer's were rested, they flew to the place where the dragon had fallen; an island in the middle of huge Lake Jorkah in the center of the continent. After making sure it was dead, they burned the giant carcass. The mages then disappeared. For the five years after the invasion ended, the mages were no where to be found. The main cities were rebuilt, and the people of Gealan now had the task of starting anew. But then, word started spreading that four schools of magic were opening, one for fire, one for water, one for air, and one for earth. Of course everyone wanted into the schools, but no one could ever find them. After another year, random people began to get letters; invitations to the schools of magic. With nothing but the letter, and the vague message of what direction to start traveling, the invitees would pack there bags, and begin their journey.

But of course, like most mysterious things, the schools of magic went to the back of every ones mind, and the thoughts of farming and restarting the market came to the fore front of every ones mind. Only the most dedicated people still sought out the schools of magic, and soon, mages began to appear all over Gealan. Some sorcerers helped grow crops by making it rain over just the fields, others helped till the land, by merely raising there hands, and the dirt would turn and crumble. Others helped get rid of the unwanted trash the invaders left behind, by creating spontaneous fires, or lend their fierce nature to the defenses being put up at the edges of the Dark Forest. While more still came flying...FLYING!... into the cities, bringing with them knowledge of giant machines that turned in the wind, using the energy to grind corn and other crops at twice the speed of the normally animal turned machines. It was the beginning of a new life for all of the Gealanian people.

It wasn't until one hundred years later that a new issue of arrived on the scene. The human leaders were in a terrible fight over where the capitol city should be. Tibus had always been the capitol, so many thought it should always stay like that. But others said that it was unwise to have your capitol so close to the ocean, because it could easily be taken, like in the invasion, or Dark War, as it was being called. After much bickering, the human land was split in half. Some still think the split was unnecessary and stupid, but the leaders had insisted that neither of them should be wrong, and they should just be two provinces, with the south having their capitol where it always was, Tibus Port, and keeping the name Belairio; and the north having their capitol in Alesea, a city that had prospered after the war, and naming their new land, Cayplan. The two lands still trade with one another, and many are happy with the change, but there is still the occasional over taxation of traded goods by each market.

For the next hundred years, Gealan lived in peace, but then, once again, trouble aroused. The Evil races began working together. Random towns would be burned, and all the people in them murdered. Large groups of Goblins and Orcs would storm a large city, set fires, then run away. The elves forest was being burned by Minotaurs, Dwarven cities were being raided by evil men, the human crops were being burned, and the northern lands were completely infertile (which they blamed on the earth magic school because of the rumors that the earth school was in the northern mountains). The land was slowly turning towards Evil again. The good races all pointed figures at the other for helping the evil races, and amongst the bickering, the evil races continually got more and more aggressive in their attacks.

The queen of Cayplan has had enough though. She has called a council of the leaders of all the Good races. Her intent is to bring the leaders together and unite the races in a single effort to stop the Evil races before another leader can emerge like the Dark Rider from before. Unannounced to the other races though, her cousin, the king of Belairio, and herself have a plan of their own. A plan to bring a group of strong individuals together to use as a spear head, and plunge into the heart of the enemy, before the actual war takes place. A group that will stand in the face of Evil, and over come it with Good. Even though they mey be just a few normal people, they must be strong, because this is the time, the time when hero's rise.

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Scarlet Fox
A woman made her way up to the gate. She had long blonde hair sprawled out over her shoulders upon the red cloak that covered the rest of her form. As she came to the gates a guard stopped her.What business do you have here?The woman opened her cloak to show red clothing underneath. ((Like the human pic just red instead of white.)) She pulled out a letter with a broken seal, showing she has read it. She then spoke softly, her bright Pink eyes lookign at the guards. I have been asked here by the Council.... her words were soft yet there was power behind them. The guard eyed the letter a moment before taking it and reading. Petal Silverwand huh? Alright then. He handed the letter back to her and Petal simply put it back into her side bag, bringing her cloak cloased to hide her body. Sorry about that Ma'am. We have to check everyone wether in a Caravan or alone. You understand right? Petal then smiled. Her face lighting up as she did. She did have a very breath taking face. Of course I do. Now you guys be careful alright? Take care.She made her way into the city and began to look around. Her smile had lessened but it was still one of Joy. She had never been in the city of Alesea before. The humans always fascinated her, but since she herself looked human at the moment, no one would know she is actually a Fairy.



Scarlet Fox
Petal made her way around the City, taking in a few of the sights. After a bit of time she yawned lightly and approached one of the guards at his post. Excuss me. Sir? Petal smiled sweetly and the guard seemed to stand a bit straighter. What can I do for you Miss? Petal set the blunt end of her spear on the ground, the blade a foot or so over her head, and leaned on the shaft. I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of a Nice Inn? Ive been on my feet all day and I am tired. The guard then gave directions to the closest one, instructing her to go around the shops and to not go into the Alley behind them. Though the Alley is shorter, it wasnt safe. He explained that the current times has brought out the worst of many people and the fact she was in the city was no exception. Petal nodded her head with a grin. Thank you sir. I shall keep that in mind. She turned to walk off but the guard stopped her. Excuss me. I was just wondering. Whats a beautiful woman like yourself doing with something like that?He pointed to her spear. This? Oh. Its nothing. I just use it as a walking stick. It was my fathers you see. Family Heirloom and such. She gave a soft giggle and that made the guard smile a little. Well just the same. Its still dangerous. Try not to trip okay Miss?Petal bowed her head. I shall try not to sir. Thank you for the Directions. Petal turned again and made her way to the Inn, However she took the Alley anyway. Sure enough two guys stepped out infront of her. One chuckling lightly. And a voice behind her spoke as another one stepped out of the shadws behind her. Well... well... well... and after that nice guard told you not too. Women. always in a rush. Petal simply frowned. I know. but I wish to get to the Inn and rest. Im sure you understand. The two in front chuckled. and the LEader behind her spoke. Oh I understand. I understand that we will be taking all you got Lady.... As well as what ever I can get outa ya. the man chuckled in a sinister way.Well... If you must.. the man behind her laughed and grabbed her shoulder and the two walked forward. As soon as the man touched her she flipped her spear, sending the blunt end up into the Leaders groin and the blade slashing down across the throat of one of the goons infront of her. the man grabbed his neck and fell to his knees a moment before drowing in his own blood and falling to the ground. the Leader behind her groaned and stepped back. Your gona regret that, B**ch! Petal took the spear and slammed the blunt end into the ground, embeding it so it stood up on its own. She pulled her cloak open and she held a longsword in her hand. Hilt seeming to be Pure Silver and twisted like branchs of a tree. She put the tip in the ground and spun around in a circle drawing a line in the dirt. She stood, facing the wall, the Goon and his leader on either side of her. Enter the circle... and Dance with me. the Leader, engulfed in rage, was the first to rush at her, a dagger in his hand. He was also the first to fall. He rushed at her, and Petal stood perfectly still. And like she said, as soon as he passed the line of the circle she had carved in the ground, Petal spun around, as if dancing. The Leader stumbled a little past her, his back exposed. She brought her elbow down hard, hitting the mans spine in a crack as well as bringing her knee up to his chest with another crack. The man tried to yell but he couldnt before he fell to the ground. He sputted some words, trying to talk when Petal simple walked by, leaving him on the ground. The second Goon that was infront of her had wide eyes of fear. She pulled the spear from the ground and walked to the Goon. She slowly reached out and took the edge of his shirt and used it to clean the blood from her spear. Petal then walked by him and exited the Alley and turned to the Inn. She stepped inside and the woman at the front desk smiled in greeting. Hello Miss. Are you interested in a room? Petal just smiled her usual bright smile, as if the Alley incident didnt happen. Yes please. I would like that very much.Without much more words she signed her name upon the Inns register log, Payed the first nights fee, took the Key with a nod and a thanks, then made her way up the stairs and down the hall to the room. Ill rest here for a bit then make my way to where the Letter told me to. She shut the door behind her and locked it before getting comfortable and laying back on the bed.

As the two dwarf brothers Narku and Rador made there way through the bustling crowd of Alsea, they couldn't help but feel slightly...well, dwarfed. The city was huge. As a former dwarven city that had been "purchased" by the humans, all the buildings were made of white stone, and towered over land around it. The brother however, could not have cared less. They strolled through the city, talking and jest with each other.

At a quick glance, the brothers almost looked like two little boys walking down the street dressed up to go play in the forest out side the city. But as soon as someone took a moment to look at the boys, they quickly realized the true nature of the brothers. The biggest tell-tales for the dwarven race is their thick braided beards and stone hard faces. No man, whether sea man or murder could have the emotionless look that most dwarves have.

These two were different though. Though they both sported the traditional dwarven beard, which is in fact a dwarfs pride and legacy, the twins faces both beamed with a kindness and lightheartedness that many of their race only shared with close friends and relatives. One was almost inclined to walk up to the dwarfs and ask why their day was so happy, in light of recent events. No one did of course, but had anyone, the answer would have been nothing in particular. The dwarves were just happy; happy to be out, and happy to be adventuring together.

"So, where is this council being held anyway," asked Nark in dwarven, a rich language that rolled like thunder off the tongue.

"I'm not sure brother," answered Rador. "But, it can't be to hard to find. This is the first meeting of the races in centuries. I would say follow the masses, and look for lots of guards." This raised a chuckle from both brothers, for no reason in particular.

As they made their way towards the center of the city, it was evident that they were headed in the right direction. The groups of three and four people turned to throngs of ten to twelve. Soon, a dwarf couldn't see much but the torsos around him, and the stone beneath. They broke though a group of folk gossiping about faries being spotted, and the cobble stone beneath their feet turned from normal grey to bright white.

"Ah, the court yard of the castle," said Narku. "Only dwarves would be so tacky as to change the color of the rode." Rador smirked as Narku roared at his own joke. Children played in the court yard, and upon seeing the dwarves enter the area, the young ones ran over to them.

"Hey, are you a dwarf?" asked one very loud little boy. Without waiting for an answer, another boy ran up and tugged, very harshly Rador thought, on Narku's beard.

"Yeah, its real alright, didn't move or nothin'. Hey, where are you from?"


Alexander Borton walked casually around the court of the palace in Alsea, scanning the crowd for any trouble makers. It was bad enough that he had to be in this city of northerners, but now he had to watch these people because the Northern Guard just wasn't cutting it. This was all his opinion, and though in reality, the palace guards were quite sufficient, it made him feel better to have an eye on the crowd himself should something arise and he had to get back to his king.

His armor with the lion head of the king on its chest was drawing many jeers, but Alexander cared not. He merely raised his head higher and carried on his path. "Let the dividers jeer," he muttered to himself. "It just goes to show how ridiculous they are."

Across the court he saw a group of boys standing in a circle. In the middle of the circle he saw two shorter boys. The taller children had snatch the hat off of one of the shorter, and they were playing gnome-in-the-middle with it, laughing and carrying on. Alexander stalked over, grabbed the hat, which turned out to be naught but a rangers shooting bill, and scowled at the youngsters.

"Carry on now kids. This is no place for playing. There are important people showing up today, and you need not be in the way." The children ran away, still jeering and yelling at the smaller children, that, as Alexander turned to return the hat, now saw were dwarves.

"I'm sorry gentle-sirs for the behavior of the little ones." He bowed and held the hat out, which Narku quickly grabbed and placed in his pocket. "They are but children, and all the excitment has them in a frenzy."

"It was nothing southerner," said Rador. "My brother is only grumpy because...well, I'm not sure why. He was quite happy a moment ago. It could be the cold or...."

"No, its this blasted city, all closed in and what not," Narku snapped. He loved the forest, and missed the wide open spaces dearly. He looked at Alexanders armor, and all the anger and crankyness left in a whooping laugh. "Look at this brother! The Northerners have put the Southerner guard on child patrol! HAH!" Narku couldn't speak in his fit of laughter, and Rador smirked shaking his head.

Alexander was quite put off and glowered at the dwarves. "Well, if you have no business here, get on with you. I have a watch to get back to."

"CHILD WATCH!" roared Narku and nearly fell over.

"Never mind my brother sir. We are merely looking for the location of the council, as we plan to attend."

Alexander glared at Narku. "Well, the queen as issued that a certain number of witnesses from each race may be admitted tomorrow. As I have not seen many other dwarves in this city, you may be in luck. But it will be first come first in. The Council will take place in the great room inside the castle at high noon. All witnesses will enter from the side doors after the processional of leaders come through here," he motioned at the ground around him.

Rador nodded. "You have been a great help to us..."

"Alexander Borton of His Majesty's Guard," he answered.

Narku ceased his laughter and wiped the tears from his eyes. "Ah...thank you Alex for a good laugh. Sorry it had to be at your expense, but thank you none the less."

"My name is Alexander, sir," Alexander growled.

Ignoring him, Narku continued. "Now, brother, let us find an inn, and a good tavern, and we saw eat and drink, and wait for the morning."

Alexander nodded south. "There is a good inn about a quarter mile south called the Spear and Shield. Many of the invited have been sent there to stay."

"Thank you again Alex the Southerner," Narku said, banging on the lion head on the armor and walked away with his brother, heading to good food and drink.

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As the day wore on, more and more beings arrived in the city of Alsea. Inns and taverns were filled to bursting with elves, dwarves, halflings, and southerns alike. As the day turned to night, royalty entered the city. Alexander and the Southern Guard, as well as representatives from the Northern Guard stood at the northern gate of Alsea, watching a small band of cloaked figures approach. As the riders came closer, entering the light put off by the torches the men held, the stunningly beautiful features of elves could be seen under the hoods. Alexander and the captain of the Northern Guard, Brockus, stepped forward.

"Who goes there, and what is your business in Alsea?" Brockus called. This was a mere formality, but a formality that was necessary in these time.

"My name is Gandolas Nerahmas, the king of the elves of Famelrahd, and I come with the blessing of your queen, Her Highness Melaine." Upon saying his name and rank, King Gandolas stepped off his horse and presented the letter the queen had sent to him. It was a simple letter, on plain parchment. It was, however, in the beautiful script of the queen and not her scribe. The letter was hand written by the queen herself, and sealed with her ring signet, and not a stamp.

Bowing low, Brockus motioned towards the city gate. "Please your highness, enter our fair city. Anything that you and your guests may require, you need but ask, and it shall be granted." Brockus motioned to two of his men.

"These men will guide you to the palace where a room has been arranged for you."

"You hospitality is most welcome and you have our thanks," said the king with a bow of his head. "Our only request is..." The king fell abruptly silent and his head whipped around to look behind him. "Someone comes."

The human and elven guards alike fell around the king in a tight circle, every open hand on its weapon. A moment passed where nothing was heard, then the faint sound of horses galloping was heard.

Alexander glanced at Brockus and narrowed his eyes. "Who would travel at such a pace at night. Surely that is not safe."

"Unlike your potholed roads in the south, Alexander, the roads in this land are quite nice, and able to be ridden without danger at night." A few men around Brockus who had heard the jibe snickered quietly, while Alexander could do nothing but glare in the presence of royalty.

A minute later, a group of horses, or ponies as it were, came into view. The lead rider road directly up to the light, then halted, motioning for the five behind him to do the same. Brockus once again moved to speak, but before you could, was interrupted.

"I am King Morhd Lorzahk, of the Glavar dwarves, and I come with blessings from your queen." The king jumped off of his mount and walked up to Brockus, handing his note to the bewildered officer. Looking up at the elven king, who still stood behind his guards, King Morhd puffed out his chest and bowed his head, more as an acknowledgement, then out of respect.

"Gandolas, though we have never met in person, I feel like I know you." The guards around the king stiffened at the lack of title. "I feel our kin are more alike then they care to admit. We are both proud people, who, only now in the time of greatest need would venture out in search of help."

King Gandolas stepped out of the circle of guards to stand in front of King Morhd. "I think, Morhd, that you correct." Gandolas put out his hand. "Though our kin have had little good to say to one another up to this point, let it be known that here, on this night, two kings have shaken hands, and put their differences aside."

Morhd shook Gandolas' hand. "At least until this nonsence blows over. Then you can go back to sniffing your prissy flowers," Morhd said with a smile.

"And you to your rock humping," replied the elven king.

And so together, for the first time in recorded history, the elven and dwarven king rode together, and entered the city of Alsea.


Dawn was about to break and a old man fishing out on the lake heard a giant splash. He stood in his little boat and searched the fog covered water for whatever caused the ruckus. "Damn kids should know better then to swim in this damned lake, much less scare the fish away."

To the old mans surprise, a human man clad in leather armor, and armed to the teeth swam up to his boat and climbed in. "Where am I," the stranger asked, looking quite menacing with all of his knives. The old man noticed the youngster was bleeding also.

"What do you mean where are you? How can you not know where you are? Are you sick...in the head?" The old man said that last bit with a stammer and swallowed a lump in his throat.

"Just tell me where the hell I am," yelled Orion, clinching his teeth against the combined pain and cold.

"Your on the Jorkah Lake, just outside Alsea, the capitol of Cayplan."


As the sun peaked its glorious head over the city wall, the hustle and bustle around the streets had already gotten into full swing. There were rumors all around town that elven royalty had walked through the streets the night before.

"They were so beautiful," said one old woman, "that I didn't know if they were male of female. They had to be male by the swords they carried, but my their faces were amazing."

"You must be crazy," said man. "I heard that the elven and dwarven king came into the city together. If one believes that, you must be daft."

But the city crawled with the same story. Of course other ridiculous stories were told. Children who had seen a group of fairies come flying in over the wall were rushing around excitedly, trying to find "the little pixies".

As high noon rolled around, the city was buzzing. Every citizen in the city was making their way to the palace courtyard, waiting to see the royalty from each nation. Young men hoping to see an exotic fairy, young women hoping to see a handsome elf.

Finally it is time, and trumpets blare the beginning of the procession. The first to enter the court yard is Queen Melaine, the monarch or Cayplan, the northern human province. She is a tall and gorgeous woman, in her twenties. She is a young queen who came to power after her mother and father died of fever due to a a plague that had devastated Alsea at the beginning of all the trouble with the Evil races. She is well loved by all her subjects, and has no problem waving at her people as she enters the council room.

The next to enter is King Thomas, of Belairio. He is an older man, with graying hair, but tall and very handsome. One would almost same that Melaine and thomas could be related, but that would be ridiculous. How could the two royal families be related?

After the king, Morhd and Gandolas entered together. People were shocked to see the elven and dwarven king together, especially the other elves and dwarves in the city. But there they were, like they had known each other as children.

After that, the Centaur king and queen followed by the fairy queen entered the courtyard. The only thing one could notice on the fairy queen that marked her as one of her own was the odd color of her eyes. They shown a brilliant red with a rim of purple. She smiled and waved as the people stared in amazement at her beauty and grace.

Once the royal procession was through the courtyard, people rushed to the side entrance, trying to be one of the few of their race that would be allowed in.

Rador and Narku were one of the first in line, as they had been waiting by the door, realizing they would be able to see the royals inside better then through the legs of all people outside. Alexander was also inside, but he had a front row seat as King Thomas' personal guard. All was set and ready for history.

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Scarlet Fox
Morning before...

Petal made her way back down the steps of the inn, wearing the same red cloak as when she came in the night before. She held spear in hand like a walking stick, her sword hidden under the cloaks fabric.

She stepped out of the inn and made her way down the alley as a short cut again and there met up with two guards talking, blood upon the dirt where one of the three men from last night died. One of the guards, who happened to be the one who told her not to go down the alley last nigt, stopped her, and as soon as he saw who it was he smiled.

Hello again Miss. I am happy you are safe. There was an inncedent here from last night. Apparently a few of the city goons got into a fight. Didnt end neatly as you can probably tell... Good thing you went around huh?He smiled again and Petal nodded. ]Yes, I suppose it is a lucky thing. Now I would love to chat but I am on my way to the Procession. Excuss me. She bowed her head lightly and walked by them.

Processions Commencment.

Petal watched as the Kings and queens of all the races made their way in. She automatically took notice of the Fairy queen, easily marked for her eyes. Like the queens, her eyes were shaded brightly. Though pink instead of red. She watched a bit longer, she didnt notice the gnome King or Queen. -Wonder where they are.- She asked herself thoughtfully. As other people began to make thier way into the Palace she herself made her way in. There was no rush for her really. Even if she got locked out her letter would get her in again.

=Izic Eldor walked with his king about two steps behind him. He kept a wary eye upon the Dwarf king. Though Izic was the one who convinced the King to join in the fight, he still didnt trust alot of the them. Not only has he been named Ambasador of the Elves to the council, he was also the War cheif of the Army. It was his job to expect the worst. Though he hoped the Worst didnt happen. He let out a small sigh then began eye scanning. His precise eyes looked upon every detail of the area they were in. Every Nook. Every cranny. Best possible route to get out in the event of the unexpected. He was a tense guy, always at the ready to react to almost anything.=

Wei Phoenix
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Jace Revane entered the council without his sacred staff, he felt that it would be a sign of disrespect to bring a weapon into this place, it would show a lack of trust, and a lack of understanding, something Jace learned long ago. He was unfamiliar with the exact reason why he was summoned here, and he was notoriously known for knowing almost everything. To him the thought of not knowing was very exciting for someone like him. He stood waiting patiently by the side, the light could cause a light glare reflecting off of his ebony skin. His eyes were light brown, with a small twinkle within them, his long black hair ran down past his shoulders.

He looked around and saw a few familiar faces along with some unfamiliar ones. The ones he could recall, they weren't close enough for him to just go up and acknowledge them. Jace showed his respects to everyone within the room and bowed to each King and Queen with an equal amount of respect towards all of them. He simply hoped that everyone else would practice the same amount of tolerance and respect he showed. The appearance of the royal families must mean something important, and whatever they needed he was ready to lay down his agenda and serve this world with unwavering devotion.

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Alexander stood at rigid attention beside his king as the witnesses filed into the limited seating. As he waited for the talking to begin, Alexander took a moment to look around the room at the royalty and their guards.

The dwarven king Mordh had a very stout dwarf standing beside him, who looked nearly twice the size of any dwarf Alexander had ever seen. King Gandolas had an elf that Alexander recognized from the night before. He was a stern elf, who had the look of distrust and discomfort about him. The Centuar king and the fairy queen did not have guards, though that was understandable, as the fairy probably had enough magic to kill them all before they blinked, and the centaur was stronger then any five of them put together, including the dwarves.

The most interesting guard was the woman who sat beside Queen Melaine though. She looked to be in her mid-thirties, and had Alexander not known better, looked completely harmless. Her name was Rose Token, and contrary to her looks, she was an elder lady, nearing 55 in age. She had been a close friend to the royal family for some time, or so Alexander had heard, yet what her gifts were, or how dangerous she was, was a mystery to all. Alexander had heard rumors though. "She had killed a minotaur with not but a knife," said one guard. "She needs only to look at you to kill you," said another. "I saw her make a whole troop of Darkmen fall from the walls one time. Just by raising her hand!"
Whatever the rumors, she was always with her queen, and Alexander respected anyone loyal to their liege.

As the crowd began to quiet down, and the doors to outside were shut, the queen rose.

"We are here, as most of you know, in order to bring our nations together in a united front against the Dark Beings. Though I have arranged this meeting, and am the host ruler, I do not consider myself the foremost speaker. As many of you know, I am not even a year into my rule. That being said, I would implore you all to view this not as a meeting of rulers, but as the gathering of mutual friends to discuss the next step in a intricate dance that involves us all." Queen Melaine let out a visibly shaky breathe and seating herself again.

The other leaders looked around the table at each other, nodding. The centaur king spoke first. "Well spoken human queen. But enough with formality." There was an uncomfortable shifting in the seats above. "If this is truly to be a meeting of mutuals, let us not hide words. My people are dieing in increasing numbers daily. We do not have city walls to hide behind, or large numbers to put together an army with. We need help."

Gandolas spoke now, visibly upset. "Sir, everyone here has people that are dieing. We would not be here if we did not all have troubles that needed immediate attention. My own capitol would have fallen to the Dark armies had my War Councilor Izic Eldor had not stepped forward to lead our people." He motioned to the elf standing beside him who bowed his head.

King Mordh also chimed in. "We dwarves may had a strong defensive position, but our supplies can only last the next month or so. With the Dark Woods filled with these vile Dark Beings, it is impossible to send out a convoy for supplies."

Alexanders king also added his bit, describing the loss of many small cities and the over filling capitol and other large cities. Queen Melaine said much of the same. "You humans think that is trial," roared the centaur. "My peoples number dwindles to near extinction, and you think the loss of a couple of cities full of farmers is trial? I am losing family!"

King Thomas rose in anger. "See now centaur. Our numbers maybe greater, but that does not lessen the life of each person. And even if it did, I am losing a thousand to your ten."

The centaur growled and stomp a hoof angrily. The other rulers eyed the two cautiously. Centaurs were quite renowned for their lack of patience. When all looked to be coming apart, a faint laugh brought all eyes to the fairy queen.

"May I ask what is so funny, your grace," asked King Mordh. "Has not the fairy kind seen trouble in these days?"

"Oh quite," answered the queen. "In fact, I have the names of all who have perished here." She reached into her cloak and pulled out a scroll. Laying it on the table, she rolled the scroll open and the leaders gasped. The scroll continued to roll open until it fell off the table, and along the entire piece of parchment, there were written thousands of names, all in elegant hand writing that was certainly the queens.

"As you see, we have lost many. But, as has already been stated, so have all of us." She stood and looked at each leader in turn. "I came to this gathering hoping to be apart of a wonderful union of races. I see, however, that you would all rather bicker about who is worse off." The queen looked at the centaur. "King, if your kind is truly as bad off as you say, why not ask the elves to open their cities to you. That would give you a place to defend and in turn, you could provide your skill in battle to elves."

King Gandolas raised his eyebrows at this thought. The centaurs would certainly be a welcome force to his new army. The elves were new to offensive fighting, where the centaurs were not one to sit back and defend. "I would be more then willing to allow the centaur kin into our cities if it would help preserve their race."

The centaur king looked at Gandolas in shock for an instance, then bowed his head low. "My people would be eternally grateful, and would certainly help the elven kind strengthen their army." There was a cheer from the witnesses who the leaders had forgotten all about. The people knew they were witnessing history.


After a hour of talk, the rulers had come to an agreement on much. The dwarves were to receive supplies from King Thomas in the south by boat to the under ground port city in the Collum Mountains. The Northern cities, along with the elven forest, were opened to any and all of the fairies or centaurs that chose to take refuge. The north and south would put differences aside combine two of their legions, creating a mass army that would be ready to move to the assistance and any that needed it.

The most important part of the meeting though, was at the end when Queen Melaine rose again and spoke to all. "I am so pleased that we have been able to come together like this." The other leader smiled at one another. Even the centaur looked somewhat fondly at the other leaders. "But all of this is for not if we are not able to stay in touch with one another." At this, the queen motioned behind her, and Rose Token rose and places a wooden box on the table.

Looking at the leaders, Rose spoke confidently. "I will be giving each of you a talisman that is shaped to match your royal crest." She handed each necklace to it respective owner. "The talisman is crafted with air and water magic. When places in a blessed bowl of water, and the magic words are spoke, which I will give you shortly, the water will carry your voice to water in the bowls of any leader you choose." Rose sat back down, and the queen rose again.

"I think that concludes this meeting." Melaine looked up at the crowd. "Thank you for witnessing this historic event." There was a thunderous applause and a chorus of cheers. The group of leaders all rose, and filed out the door in the back of the room, presumably to the queens chambers to be told the magic behind the talismans.

Everyone talked of the meeting as they left. Things were going to change now. The leaders were coming together. There was no force on earth that could stop a united Gealna. As all the beings were ushered out of the council room, the guards watched the doors carefully. They had special instructions.

As the dwarven brothers Rador and Narku near the door, the guard holds up a hand. "Sirs, could you please stay behind for a while." Though confused, the brothers are curious and turn around. As they look around, they see others being stopped.

Genevieve Portfoot, Petal Silverwand,Jace Revane, Izic Eldor, Alexander Borton, and a few others all have been denied the exit. As the group stare around the room at each other, Rose Token comes through the door the kings and queens had exited through.

"Hello ambassadors. I know that you are wondering why you are here. Why you have been specifically invited. All I can say in at this time, in this room, is that your leaders and your land need you. If you are strong enough to take on a burden for your land, please follow me." With that Rose steps back into the room.

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Scarlet Fox
Petal stood and watched as the Leaders bickered bac kand forth. The Centaur leader growing angry. Then the Fairy queen spoke up and when she was finished the Centaur leader calmed. Petal just grinned. ... always sweet with your words... Ever since childhood.. She giggled softly and it echoed to those close to her, making them look to her briefly. She smiled to them and returned her attention to the meeting.


With the meeting at an end Petal began to make her way out. She was sure they would be summoned later, but she was stopped by a Guard. Oddly enough it was the Same one again. You are Miss Peal Silverwand correct? Petal nodded her head and smiled softly. Why yes I am. Its good to see you again. I am begining to think fate wants us to be friends. He nodded Perhaps it is Miss Silverwand. However I must ask you to remain here. You are needed. Petal nodded, understanding. So they were to wait here then.Thank you sir. Could you tell me your name please? The guard blushed a little but answered. My name? It is Lavitz Ma'am. Lavitz Slambert. ((10 points if you know that name)) Petal nodded her head. I shall remember it Sir Slambert. she bowed her head again and then turned to see others being stopped. She then looked towards the door the leader went through as the Queens guard steps out and speaks. She nods lightly then waves to Lavits Slambert before following and entering the room.


Petal saw all the leaders sitting and chatting with each other and bows to them all before she makes her way over to the Fairy Queen. The Fairy Queen stands up and her and Petal, surprisingly, hug. Petal. So glad you could make it. The Queen speaks holding Petals arms, a B-U-tiful smile upon her lips. Please my queen. Yo do not have to stand up because of me. The Fairy Queen gives her a soft smile. Well, if you are going to be ordering me around I might as well. She gave a sly smile to Petal before taking her seat. Some of the other leaders where just looking at her, though they didnt know who she was... she thought. Petal bows her head slightly to them all once more before making her way back to the front where she figured them to stay at.


=Izic Eldor made his way in the back room with the others. He stopped in the doorway then looked about before fully entering. Izic stood to the side watching the events. Petal, the one with the bright Pink eyes, Hugging the one who was the Fairy Queen in Human form. Petal was a Fairy as well then... and one who knows the Fairy Queen well if the Queen speaks so casualy with her. Interesting. His eyes go to the Gnome and Queen Melaine. From the conversation he put together that they didnt know eachother but through the Former Queen know OF each other. He eyed the Gnome a moment, She was in service to the Former Queen. And apparently she has died? He dismisses that idea. If she had died she wouldnt be here. He then looked to his own King who was waving him over. Izic Keldor bowed his head lightly before walking over and standing beside him.=



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Scarlet Fox
Petal Shifts in her spot a little as she waits for the meeting to start.

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Wei Phoenix
Jace answers the call and walks through the door. He kept his head humbly low out of respect to the royal families of each race. He bowed to each King and Queen. This so called "burden" was not as heavy to him as it would seem to others. Jace himself was ready to lay down his life in service of his Queen. He bowed to the Fairy Queen and to the woman who seemed to be so close to her. He didn't know who she was nor was he able to recognize her as someone of political power, but she had to have some importance to her if she's so friendly with his Queen. He bowed once more and verbally paid his respects to his Queen. "Good day my Queen, I am Jace Revane, a humble servant to the throne. I thank you, your guest and your fellow Kings and Queens for having me here. Whatever it is you may need of my talents then I humbly lay down my entire agenda for you."

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Queen Melaine stands and motions you all to sit. "Welcome everyone. I am sure you are curious as to why you have been called together, and I hope we can answer all of your questions shortly.

"As is apparent, our land is under attack. The meeting we have had today will bring our nations together to fight the Evil in the open. Now, what we need is a united front that the Evil can not see coming."

Queen Melaine motioned to King Thomas, who rose to speak. "Queen Melaine and I have been forming a plan for months now. We want to set up a group of beings who will work as our dagger in the dark. A force that is strong, yet small, and able to do battle with the darkness, but never be found afterwards."

King Thomas motioned to his fellow leaders. "I asked each of the leaders here to give me names of people of there own race who have shown bravery, or strength, or wits to the caliber that will be needed. Many of the names we received we have heard before, or had the pleasure of meeting before," the king nodded to both Alexander and the dwarven brothers, as many knew the brothers from their deeds in the mountain fights.

"We have called you all here now to ask you to help us. As a united land, we can now face the armies of the Evil, but if we can find the heart of this new rebellion before there is war.....well, I just don't think Gealan can survive another Dark War."

At this Queen Melaine stood back up. "To whittle it down to a simple statement, we wish to use you as instruments of battle. Will you help us defeat the Evil?"

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Wei Phoenix
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Scarlet Fox
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((I'll get a response up tonight or tomorrow, but I know that Scarlet and Zal aren't able to post until Wednesdays due to their schedules.))
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Petal stood from her seat. I am happy to put my life on the line for my people and for the people of those in this room. She smiled, Beautifully, at them all then smiles to the Fairy queen who was smiling only half heartedly.

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Wei Phoenix
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=Izic closed his eyes for a moment then opened them.=

I too will lay my life down for the cause.

=He put his fist to his chest and bowed to the queen.=

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The queen smiles. "Alright then, the first order of buisness is to figure out where you are to go first. Before you entered, we decided to send you to a small town just north west of here that was just attacked. There is strange talk of Dark Beings coming up from the ground during the attack. You should head to this town, talk to any survivors and figure out where these attacks keep coming from. We believe the largest contigentancy of Dark Beings are in the Dark Forest, and if your information proves this right, that may be where you head."

King Thomas stood up and nodded to the group. "Gather any supplies you may need and be on your way. There are horses in the palace stables for you all. Our only request is to be informed before you move into the Dark Forest, as we are not sure if we will be able to contact you via magic once you have entered." The king bowed his head and touched a small talismen around his neck. "May the gods go with you and keep you."

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Scarlet Fox
Petal walked up to the king and Queen. I have a request your majestys. There was a Guard who was most helpful to me while I was here. His name is Lavitz Slambert and I wished to Request he accompany me. If, it is not too much trouble. Petal smiled beautifully to them both.

((I would like to see a character sheet on Slambert if you could, unless he's going to be identical to the name sake in Legends of Dragoon, then I know him well and need no explaination))

The queen nods her approval to Petal. "I don't see why another set of hands and strong heart would be a bad thing. I will call for Sir Slambert to join you at the northern gates when you depart."


"Will you help us defeat the Evil?"

The Queen's words still echoed through Janey's mind as she focused on a speck of blood marring the perfection that was Sinfonhi. Brown eyes glued in concentration on the lovely weapon, she repeated the words she had whispered in the queen's chambers. "...I swear my allegiance to you and to this cause. I swear."

But for a cost...

She hadn't spoken the thought out loud nor did she have any intention of verbalizing her intentions. Janey would have died for the former queen and she had, without meaning to, died for the former queen. The halfling was more than willing to do it again but if she could help it, she would have to benefit from the task. Raising the glistening blade under the lantern light, she pierced her lips together. "...never again."

Leaving her thoughts strictly to herself, she sheathed her blade and exhaled deeply. The journey to stop the encroaching evil was meant to be a group one, but she wasn't sure how well she could function in a group just yet. She didn't find anything wrong with her other companions but trouble had a way of finding her. And if I can spare putting the others in danger, it would make things so much easier...

Sighing to herself in wonder whether growing up had put a damper on her spirit, she shrugged off the thought. The halfling smiled up to the evening sky, aware there would be a great challenge at hand finding the dark beings of the night...

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Wei Phoenix
Jace listens to their mission and looks at his new friends to try and get a feel for them and understand who they are. The most talkative was a fellow fairy who seemed to be a very happy and cheerful person. That would be needed on such a dark serious journey as this. Hopefully her happiness would inspire the rest of them when the time is needed, after battles, after seeing the horrible actions of the dark beings if they truly are back.

He began to remember his thoughts and notes of the first Dark War, the death and mayhem it caused, now the rumors he has heard are slowly but surely becoming more and more true. This band of heroes he has been called to have been entrusted by the royal families to investigate the ongoing ominous events. For a mission such as this it would require the utmost form of respect and tolerance between the races. Intolerance and bickering between them during this mission would certainly cause their deaths.

He cared about every life he has been linked to today and he wants to make sure they including himself all knew what to do and who to follow. He steps up one last time to ask them a favor. "Forgive me your majesties for I have a small question to ask about the group you have chosen. To help ease relations and tension between your chosen warriors, I propose that you honor one of them with the title of our field leader, that way there may be no heated arguments on what to do in dire situations, however the one you choose should also be willing to listen to the rest of us."

Jace kept his head bowed and his mind and heart humbled. He looked to Petal, and believed that her joyful personality would make her a great choice to lead them.

=Izic looked to Jace as he suggested a Leader of the group. =

I lead the armys of the Elf people. I am certanly capable of leading our friends here. That is if they, as well as yourselves, Allow it. My success as the Warchief of my people was only possible by taking in the opinions of my men...

=Izic eyed the woman.=

and the women... and Then chooseing the best course of action. Please Allow me to do this Honor.

=The Elf king nodded his head.=

He is skilled and knows this land better then Most if not anyone. I do not see a problem with it if you dont.

=The Elf king nodded his head lightly, looking to the Human Queen.=

Scarlet Fox
Petal bows her head to the Queen Thank you M'Lady. I shall take my leave now in preperation for the journey. She then turned to the others. I will meet you all at the front gate within two hours time. She made her way out of the chamber not seeming to care who the Leader of thier group was. She took her time walking down the main room and then out of the building. Petal walked down the street now waving to those who were still gathered outside. She smiled to them all, the men and some of the older boys smiling back in interest. Once she was out of the main square she went back to the Inn she had stayed at the night before and payed off her time spent once she had gathered her things. Afterwards she made her way to the front gate where the guar she requested was standing at. He looked to her with a curious gaze. Oh hey there. I was told to come her at your Request Miss Silverwand. Petal smiled. Please call me Petal. And yes I did request you meet me here. I have been given permission to ask you to assist me. By the Queens order me and a group of others are going on a mission. I will fill you in on the details later. But first let us get ready for the journey ahead. Do you have everything with you already? Lavitz looked at her a moment then shook his head. Oh. If it is a dangerous mission I suppose I should get out of the city armor and into my familys armor. I need to go by my home first though if you wish to follow. Lavitz then walked past Petal and back into the City. After a moment Petal Followed.

The queen pondered the thought of nominating the leader. "I had honestly not thought about nominating a leader. If you feel there must be one, I would say Izic makes the most sence, as he has taveled this land wide and far. If I may suggest not dwelling to much on a leader though. You each have remarkable skills to be offered to the group, and I feel that everyone will be at the forefront of the group at some point."

Thinking about it a moment more, the queen nodded. "Yes, I would say Izic will make a fine leader, with Ms. Janey and Petal as the groups communicators I think. No offence to Sir Izic, but Petal and Janey's personalities is a touch more....lighthearted, and will be recieved well by most groups."

=Izic nodded his head in approval=

I have No objections to that M'Lady.

=Izic then turned to the others.=

Alright. We have a bit of ground to cover so if you do not have everything with you now, i suggest you go now and retirive your supplys. Once you have meet at the front gate. When everyone is accounted for we will be off. Time is an important factor here so do not waste what we have. Get your gear and get to the gate.

=with one last bow to the Kings of Queens, Izic Eldor turned and made his way out of the room.=

Wei Phoenix
Jace looked at Izic and then Ms. Janey and Petal and bowed his head to the both of them, recognizing them as his superiors and showing his agreement with the Queen's decision. He placed his trust in the Queen and Izic's leadership. Once Izic and Petal left, Jace would turn back to his Queen and the other royal families so that he may speak his final words to them. "My Queen, I swear that I shall serve you and them with unwavering devotion. Once again, you have my humble appreciation, but now I ask of you if I may take my leave and meet with the rest of my group."

And with that Jace walked out and arrived at the front gate, and took a seat on the ground to await for the rest of his new found friends.

Alexander Borton and the dwarven twins Rador and Narku walked together to the northern gate, as they were ready to depart. Alexander went no where without his sword and shield, and the brothers were always ready to move.

"I suppose we shall be traveling together for some time Alex," said Narku. "To refresh your memory, I am Narku, you may call me Nark, and this is my brother Rador. I call him Rad, you may also with his leave."

Alexander stopped in the middle of the road. "Master Dwarf, my name is Alexander Borton. I was named after my father, and I would greatly appreciate it if you would call me by my full first name."

"Whatever floats your boat Alex....ander. It just doesn't flow off the tongue like Alex. But oh well, its your name."

Rador smiled and shook his head at the two. "Alexander, you might as well come to the realization that Narku will be calling you Alex for the rest of our time together. Probably to annoy you more then for convenience."

Narku pretended to not hear his brother, but smiled to himself. This would be a fine journey. From what he could tell, all of the companions were fine folk, strong in there own way. It would be interesting to see how they reacted when faced with Dark Beings. It only looked like half of them had fought with the Evil. And of that half, none showed a sign of having fought real Evil. His brother and he had fought demons and wraiths like none could imagine. And if Narku hadn't missed his guess, they would be in for quite a few run ins with quite a few nasties.

As the three reached the gate, they saw Jace was already there waiting. "Hello friend," called out Narku. "I am Narku Blackgem. You can call me Nark if it suits you, and this is my brother Rador Blackgem, he's the uglier one, and you can call him Rad if it suits him for you to do so."

Alexander was shocked and slightly giddy at the dwarf. Nark was rude and loud, but very good natured it seemed. His joy almost made Alexander want to smile and take up a song with him....almost.

"I am Alexander Borton, of His Majesties Royal Guard. It is a pleasure to be traveling with you."

Rador laughed out loud. "Son, you do realize that during this "trip", you will be eating, drinking and pissing with this good man every day. I would say you should relax a bit. We should treat each other as close friends now, that way, when times are tough, we have good and practiced at trusting each other."

After his little speech, Rador walked over to the sitting man and offered him his hand. "Glad to meet you friend."

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Wei Phoenix
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Scarlet Fox
After a bit of time passed Lavitz and Petal made thier way back to the gates. Ironicly enough Lavitz was a Spear weilder too though his looked my official. Lavitz held his staff against his shoulder while he walked, his blue cloak blowing lightly in the genlt breeze to show his armor underneath. Petal used hers as a walking stick. Both had a sword on thier belts though Lavitz sword was much bigger. I must say I was surprised to find you have such a weapon. Perhaps one day when we are camped you can show me your skills. I am always willing to learn how to weild my spear better. I am much more profecient in the sword though. Lavitz chuckled a bit. Well I am the other way around. The spear is my main choice in weaponry. the sword is just incase something happens to the spear. Always be prepared. They both walked back to the main gate. As they approached they saw Jace, Alexander, Narku, and Rador. They stopped when they reached the group and Lavitz waved at Alexander, both of them being with the guard, if not on diffrent posts. Hello again Alexander. Some task huh? Who are your friends? Lavitz looked to the two dwarfs but when he looked to Jace, Petal spoke. Hello everyone... My name is Petal... I look forward to our journey together. Lavitz looked to her. ... By that I hope you mean the time we will spend on the road and not where this little group ends right? Petal smiled her beautiful soft smile. Of course. Fighting is a terrible thing and should be avoided if it can be. Like my sister always told me when we were young. " Strength is nothing if you are unable to control it. Love all and fighting may be avoided. " Petal smiled again.. Lavitz just looked at her like she was crazy. .. you do know there are bandits out there who dont care for being nice.. and there are things out there that even bandits fear. Petal smiled and shrugged. Are we waiting for anyone else? If not then let us be off. We have a long road ahead and time is not on our side.

Wei Phoenix
Jace rose from the ground and welcomed the three, with kindness. He shook hands with them and listened to Narku give the introductions of him and his brother. "It is a pleasure to meet you Narku and Rador." He said with his usual expressionless face, he knew Narku was joking around, but throughout all of his years on this plane of existence, he has never learned nor found the time and room to laugh or play around. He then shook Alexander's hand as well and welcomed him to the group.

"Greetings Alexander, I am also thankful for your aide as well in this journey." Much sooner, Petal and Lavitz arrived to join them, and Jace didn't mind seeing a fellow fairy in the party. It may make explaining magic and his powers a little easier. He bowed to her in order to show that he recognizes her position of authority over him. "Greetings Mrs. Petal, or is it Ms.? I thank you for your contributions to our Queen's will, and do not worry sir, bandits are of no threat to us, I can assure you of that."



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=Izic finally arrived at the main gate where the others were waiting.=

My appologese. I did not mean to take so long. But if we are all here now let us be off.. Those who have not come yet know where we are heading and can catch up.

=He nodded to them all, leaving the introductions for later and walked out of the city through the gate and began down the road. As he walked her adjusted the quiver strap going across his chest and then his belt, which held his duel sword on them. In his left hand he held a bow made of what seemed to be Oak.=



((dude......i cried. Now if only i could get everyone to write like that.....HINT!!! j/k hah, but really, that was good. Got some work to do then i will be posting))



((Sorry, been studying for my last exam of school, EVER. Should be able to post tomorow))

Sorry Xornon, my man, but I really can't find the heart to continue with this RP, seeing as none of the others seem to give a shit about it enough to put some effort in...shame really...'cause I was just starting to warm up here...

Anyway...see ya around sometime champ. Pleasure writing with you again, short as it was. If you ever want to catch up to write anything in future, well, you got my email addy, so give us a shout.

Cheers mate

Wei Phoenix
We did give a shit as you can see he never made that post he said he would the next day. I know I put effort towards it. Xornon just disappeared for whatever reasons.

As is Life...though...although...ALTHOUGH we could always BS something and make our own path through this story...!

Then again, I'm not one to talk considering my internet access has been reduced to 2 hours a day (because anything bad that can happen, WILL happen...and your PC charger will make itself immobile in a foreign country).

But it was interesting while it lasted (as short as that was...).

Take cares,

Wei Phoenix
Later days my new black friend.

holy crapper! you guys were really typing some big'ol RP here! Uber Multi Paragraphs
Shame your are quiting and giving up

Hai...some people are mighty epic. But like all potentially good things, this came to its untimely demise...

Slash I love slacking off in class...

Wei Phoenix
Originally posted by midnite127
Hai...some people are mighty epic. But like all potentially good things, this came to its untimely demise...

Slash I love slacking off in class...

Oh yeah it is day time over there...Have fun! I'll be moving to Germany in a few months with my brother

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