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Attack On Camelot

The kingdom of Camelot was once a happy place but the last few days the kingdom became a sad place as King Arthur the great king had died rumours of his death stretched far and wide.But with the king dead Camelot was in great danger as Mordred and Morgana Le Fay along with their dark army seized there chance to claim Camelot for their own and prepared to attack Camelot with full force Mordred mission was to become the next king as he saw that it was his given birthright considering he was the secret son of Arthur and being as Arthur's other son Rillian was away with the knights of the round table it was easy come easy serve as Camelot was unprotected only Lancelot and Guinevere and a few guards remained at the castle. and without warning they came a fireball blasted through Camelots gates and a vast army came through the gates some marching others on horseback anyone who dared to stand up to them were shown no mercy and were killed without a blink after all who had been standing the army had been killed the other ones were forced to get on their knees and wait as the two riders on horseback wearing long cloaks could be seen one a witch known as Morgana Le Fay and the other bared his custom war mask that was hiding his face form view he signalled to the one half of his army to stay with the people and for the others to follow him and his mother to the castle.
Lancelot who had been watching the scene knew that he and the guards were out numbered and found Guinevere in her room she had already seen the army coming from her near by window there was no escape and Merlin was no where near to be found. As the army invaded the castle with Mordred and Morgana behind them.

(Okay just post your characters in your setting it don't have to be at the castle unless your either Mordred,I'm morgana so i will be there. lancelot and of course guinevere)


Guinevere stood by the window and looked at Lancelot as he walked over to her a bang made Guinevere jump and she rushed at him holding onto him and grasping his shoulders "My goodness what are we to do ?we can't fight them or out run them we are out numbered "she said and her eyes looked into Lancelot with fear in them.

Mordred entered the castle with Morgana by his side he took of his mask and then he glanced around the main hall "Find Merlin and bring him to me I want Excalibur "he said to his minions.

Lancelot held Guinevere's beautiful face "Come we must try and find a way out of here before we are seen "He said and then took her hand and pulled him with her,He opened the door slightly and had a quick look and put a finger to his mouth for her to remain quiet and then they left the bedroom and carefully ran down the hallway with caution.

Guinevere held Lancelot's hand tightly as they were running pacidly through the hallway determination overtook her face as the people were depending on them and she refused to let them down no matter what,Her other hand was grasped tightly against one of her daggers if they wanted a fight she was ready for it.

Lancelot came to a halt at the end of the hallway and leaned back against the wall pulling Guinevere with him as he saw Mordred's minions who were running passed the narrow passage hall obviously a hunting party if they were to catch them then they were done for he glanced at Guinevere not to move as some of them stopped and were looking around in a circular motion but they didn't spot them and so the minion's continued on.Once he was sure they were gone Lancelot gave the okay signal to carry on.

Camelot's crypt, located behind the castle isolated from mostly everything, had rumours about it that it was haunted by something, an anguished spirit, that on the quietest of nights there could be heard the noises of someone crying every once in awhile.

It wasn't hard to figure out those rumours originated from a deathly pale woman that frequently visited that crypt, armoured in strange and dark armour with macabre decorations. But it was all she could do at night, the woman no longer required sleep, or food, or drink, when all was silent she visited the sarcophagus of her late husband.

And so Perish Evangeline opened the stone door of the crypt and stepped out onto the graveyard, something was happening in the castle and some part of her seemed to respond to that, urging her to go find out.
She took steady steps along the path out of the graveyard and turned off to move up the stairs to the castle, opening a door and stepping inside to look around. There were people running about with strange armour, different from the ones that usually roamed the kingdom.
Was this an invasion? Perish wondered what to do, passively watching as she wandered along.

Mordred walked along the hall toward the Throne Room with eager anticipation it was a long time coming for him his patience had finally paid of he thought, Morgana was licking her lips as she walked along side her son she loved the fact that Mordred was so ruthless in his ways.
as they headed through the door a triumphant looking Mordred sniggered a little and walked over to the Throne he stroked the arm of the throne in delight and then sat down upon it "So mother.. what do you think kind of fits me don't it "he said in a deep crispy voice.
Morgana smiled "of course it does my son after all you are the rightful king revenge is sweet isn't it Mordred" she said with a evil glance in Mordred's direction.
Mordred smile faded slightly "But what is taking them so long...How long does it take them to find one aged decrement outdated wizard he remarked and scraped his nails against the arm rest of the throne that he was sitting down upon.

Perish's gaze shifted across to a small group of these strangely armoured people, possible invaders.

"It's one of them knights!" one of the men said to the others with him, before turning to Perish imperiously and aiming an accusing finger.
"You there! Kneel to prove your loyalty to King Mordred or die!" the man said, brandishing a short sword aggressively.

"Mordred...?" Perish said, a little confused, "What about Arthur...?"
She almost seemed detached from the world just by the way she spoke, in truth she kind of was. Being a strange perversion of life had isolated her, losing all incentive to really live a life as she didn't exactly have one, so she was seperated from the living world.

"Arthur is dead, you hesitate? You die," the man said, leading a small charge at Perish.

"Die...?" Perish said, as if still confused by this man, "But I'm already dead..."
A vicious thrust of a short sword slid between the gaps of her torso armour and crashed into the other side of her armour, quite effectively impaling her. It was a small twinge of pain, very uncomfortable but otherwise not bothering Perish.
The man eagerly looked at Perish's helmeted visage for any signs of her imminent death, the slight slumping of the shoulders, the issued groan from the agonising pain...?
Nothing... she just stared at him through the slits in her helmet for a moment, before she reached out with her right hand and caught the man's face in a claw-like grip, her left wrapped around the violating object through her lower torso and slowly withdrew it.

Upon Perish's touch the man's flesh seemed to wither and decay, the effect slowly spreading out to the rest of his body, very gradually the man's life essence leeched from his body in through Perish's arm and he eventually collapsed to the ground dead, Perish's wound fully healed with a bloodied short sword gripped in her left hand.

"You attacked me..." Perish said, staring emotionlessly at the corpse, before looking back at the other two who were paralyzed by something. Fear was it? How strange... With a quick slash and stab, the reversed short sword in her left hand went through the neck of the left one and embedded itself in the chest on the one on the right, exploiting their vulnerable moment of paralysis. They both collapsed and Perish held the bloodied sword up to her visor, shaking a little before dropping the blade.

"Look there they are.." said one of the several guards which made Guinevere look back in horror,She turned to Lancelot "we can't out run them..she said as she looked on as they were gathering closer to them with vicious looks upon their faces. "I don't have time for this" she retorted and charged at one of them and stabbed him with with one of her daggers and saw another one running to her she flipped on of her other daggers and aimed it soared through the air hitting the armed guard right in the throat as it did it spewed out blood making the guard fall down dead instantly she flipped and did a forward roll and pulled the bloodied dagger from his throat and stood up as she could see more guards heading in their direction she saw as Lancelot was welding his sword ready for the onslaught.

Lancelot launched at one kicking the guard in the gut and then he swung his sword around and wieldied his sword at another, The sound of clanging could be heard from the swords which were locked fiercely neither backing down from the fight Lancelot swung his sword around and then elbowed the guard in the face then he stabbed him quickly as it pierced deep in the guards stomach making the guard fall to his knees Lancelot used the fallen guard as a stepping stone and he flung himself at the other guards

Sounds of battle filled Perish's ears, bringing her from her reverie as she looked upon the corpses of her late foes. The ring of metal on metal of a furious sword fight, Perish looked off towards where the sound was coming from, curious also feeling a little compelled by buried emotions.
Any of these men could have easily been that thing that murdered her husband, his horrifying remains still fresh in her memory, the thought of it shot anger through her mind, anger on a level no other person could hope to comprehend.

But alas, whether it be her deadened emotional side or the cold blood running through her veins that cooled her mind, her anger simply subsided as if her mind was plain unwilling to support the effort to sustain it.

Though... who exactly was doing all the fighting? Perish began walking along the hallway and turned a few times, letting the sounds guide her.
There were a lot of those invaders now, they wanted to hurt people, make them scared, her broken mind flickered over the anguish memories once more, that strange man had made such a mess of Elias, as if it had been fun to him, open someone up and see what made them tick.

With an almost careless attitude, Perish reached out and gripped one of the soldiers charging along towards two people that were familiar somehow. Before the soldier could properly respond Perish's devilish sword exploded through his chest, twisting a little before flinging the dead soldier away, tearing a gaping hole through its chest, blood coated the glistening surface of her sword as she proceeded down the hallway after the invaders.
A strange desire to kill, shed blood welled up inside her, she couldn't really explain its origins just yet, but she advanced with this intent regardless.


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Lancelot launched at one kicking the guard in the gut and then he swung his sword around and wieldied his sword at another, The sound of clanging could be heard from the swords which were locked fiercely neither backing down from the fight Lancelot swung his sword around and then elbowed the guard in the face then he stabbed him quickly as it pierced deep in the guards stomach making the guard fall to his knees Lancelot used the fallen guard as a stepping stone and he flung himself at the other guards

Guinevere saw two of the guards that Lancelot didn't see which were coming from behind him she put two arrows in her bow and aimed it at the guards she then released the arrows sending them heading straight for the two guards hitting one arrow for each of the guards straight into the back of them.she didn't know how much longer they could keep fightong like this as more guards were heading in their direction she yeled for Lancelot to come with her and run for it as there were far too many of them.

Morgana could see Mordred getting tense and came behind him and pressed her hands on his shoulders and started to rub them "Relax Mordred. everything is all coming to plan you are the King now and you will have Excalibur " she said with a evil smile.
Mordred eyes rolled as Morgana sunk her hands deeper into his shoulders "I will be a lot easier once Merlin is brought to me I can't have him ruining our plans "he replied and raised his brow how he loathed him with contempt.

Anon E. Mous
Elindil was flying Aroc around the castle, thinking about what he had just seen. He and Aroc had been walking down the road that started at Camelot, when they heard marching footsteps and horses. Aroc took to the sky to figure out where it was coming from. His keen eagle eyes saw a great army marching down the road. He quickly swooped down to meet his partner.

"Elindil! Its an army! They're marching toward Camelot!"

"Calm down, my friend. To whom do their allegiance lie?"

"That's the strange part, I don't know! Their crest is quite unfamiliar."

"We should warn the city!"

"It's too late, they are upon us!"

"Quickly, we must hide among the trees."

Just before the army reached them, they ran into the woods, Elindil climbing a tree, while Aroc flew farther in, to hide his bulk. After what seemed like forever to the pair, the army had passed, and the road was clear. Even though they weren't far from the castle, they didn't get there fast enough to help. The soldiers were already inside, and slaughtering anyone who dared stand up to them.

Still circling the castle, Elindil saw through a window that Guinevere and Lancelot were fighting some soldiers in the hallway. He wished he could help, but they were separated. Instead, he started acting as a sniper, taking out one of the guards on the wall, and leaping off of Aroc to land there. Loading his bow once more, he shot arrow after arrow, all reaching their mark. He was so absorbed in his shooting that he didn't notice one of the other soldiers sneaking up behind.
Just as the man rasied his sword to strike Elindil down, Aroc grabbed his head in his huge claws, and crushed it, killing the man instantly.
Elindil gladly thanked him, and went back to his work, killing soldier after soldier, very slowly weakening Mordred's ranks.

Very calmly Perish continued down the hall, the soldiers assailing those two people she now recognised as Lancelot and Guinevere, their attentions were quite locked on the two they didn't notice Perish at first.
Until a bloodcurdling scream erupted from one of them as the twisted sword hacked through one, catching him off-guard with no ability to defend himself.

"Your body cries out in pain, yet you do not know true agony, what are physical wounds compared to that of the soul?" Perish said as she cast aside the mangled wreck of a soldier, her sword's wicked edge making an unnecessarily large mess from only a single slash.
Many soldiers had spun about to assault her too now, the attack on Lancelot and Guinevere lessened respectively. Swords rained down on Perish's armour leaving only scratches and dints, a few slipped through gaps and drew blood here and there, having no real effect on Perish's drone-like attacks.

More soldiers were coming, Perish wondered whether she should try and kill them all as her blade turned aside a sword and viciously impaled a soldier. They screamed so loudly, pitifully, weak to pain, and they cut her so much, providing more of an irritation than a challenge in a fight, this would only increase with their reinforcements.
The concept of it did not interest Perish, so as if on a whim, she stopped fighting though she was still being fought against, and casually began to walk passed, blood dripping down her armour from the gaps as she pushed through towards Lancelot and Guinevere, flexing her left hand a little as she summoned the forsaken powers she had damned herself for, energy built up around her hand and slowly shifted black, condensing and swirling until it was an oily, ink substance coating her gauntlet.
She raised that hand back at the soldiers as she moved along, the substance leaving her hand and splattering across most of the guards, before it began evaporating into an oily, ink-like smoke that was very thin yet completely opaque and blotted out vision. It was growing reasonably slowly as Perish wasn't concentrating all that much, she was too busy thinking about where to go now if Camelot was being taken over by someone less friendly.

Lancelot ran with Guinevere but he managed to catch a glimpse of a female knight that looked familiar to him but this wasen't the time or the place as more guards came flooding the corridors, Lancelot and Guinevere headed down a side stairway that led down towards the library several guards were waiting and some followed them down the stairs they were trapped and without warning a thud could be heard knocking both he and Guinevere out cold "Take them to Mordred Let him deal with them"said one of the guards.

The Guards along with Mordred's minions entered the throne room carrying the unconcious Lancelot and Guinevere, They then put them down and knelt before their King Mordred smirked as he looked at the two figures "well now what do we have here " he said in a amused tone he clicked his fingers and a guard came carrying a bucket of Ice water and then poured it over Lancelot and Guinevere to wake them up.

Perish tilted her head slightly, confused that Guinevere and Lancelot were running away, she merely followed at a drone-like pace, not a care in the world, not even for the soldiers behind her that were slowly making their way out of the cloud of darkness she'd left behind.

The darkness clung to them strangely, yet they were able to wipe it off themselves like it was just some kind of oil, the cloud quickly dissapated when they all started pulling away and throwing the darkness off them, the spell lost effect from physical dispersion and lack of concentration.
The soldiers looked around and only just saw the black knight approaching a stairwell where several other soldiers had charged down after Guinevere and Lancelot.

There were so many invaders, Perish wasn't entirely sure what to do about it all as she wasn't all that interesting in fighting much right now, the people she was following appeared to have been captured, perhaps she should run too?

"You're extremely outnumbered now, so you're coming with us to see Mordred," a soldier's voice said in a dark triumphant tone, came from behind her as soldiers surrounding her with blades.
It was interesting how their courage came from simple things like weapons and numbers, such fragile things yet so dearly treasured by the weak and the simple-minded.

"Outnumbered for what?" Perish inquired, again seeming to be genuinely confused, "Why must I go see Mordred?"

"What...? There's a load of us, so there's no way you're going to win the fight," the soldier tried to explain, though he sounded rather bewildered, "So you're going to come with us to Mordred, you got no say in the matter unless you feel like being dead."

Perish was so confused, the living acted so strangely and said such strange things, she had trouble understanding them. She couldn't see why she shouldn't go see Mordred, these soldiers would probably keep pestering her otherwise and stabbing her otherwise, as if her existence wasn't already miserable enough.
One soldier reached to pull the sword out of her hand but gasped and retracted when his hand touched hers.

"She's cold like ice!" the soldier exclaimed.
"Just shut up and take her sword," another soldier said irritably.
"You take it," the first said. So the second just growled and gripped Perish's hand, he too jolted back in surprise.
"What are you...?" the second soldier inquired.
"What are you?" Perish returned, which the soldier just growled again.
"Drop your sword," the soldier demanded.
"...Why?" Perish inquired, "I thought we were supposed to be going to Mordred? You're wasting my time again."
With that, Perish moved forwards, pushing through the crowd of soldiers with her left hand, while they all had the intention to block her path they couldn't help but scramble away from her touch, a few tried stabbing her and got no where.

"Attacked again...?" Perish wondered aloud, holding her left hand against the fresh wound, pulling it away covered in blood. She'd lost quite a bit of this red substance, her head felt a little light and she was a little out of energy. She started concentrating, increasingly harder as her dark powers stretched out.
Blood left all over the area began travelling across the floor in steady streams toward her, her own blood on her armour travelled back up into the gaps and cut their way into her flesh to re-enter her blood stream, as most of the blood did as it reached her feet, travelling up along her leg armour and into the gaps, the blood on her dripping sword travelled up the blade, along the hilt and entered through her gauntlet.
Her flesh reknitted over the wounds and she suddenly felt much warmer, the fresh blood pulsating through her veins with residual life energy.

This had quite sufficiently creeped out the crowd of soldiers, and they just stood their motionless as Perish began walking away off to find Mordred. Fortunately though, she spotted Lancelot and Guinevere being carried away and decided to follow them all the way to the throne room, though being a much slower walker she got there a little later.

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Guinevere woke up with a start and sat up she was soaking wet after that Ice cold water had been poured over her and Lancelot,She glanced over at him and shook him a bit and then he too woke up she looked around the throne room and then saw Mordred sitting on her late husband's throne anger filled her seeing him sit there with a victorious look on his face and could only summon up three words to say "How...Dare....You! "she said to Mordred with sheer contempt.

seeing Mordred sitting upon the late Arthur's throne made Lancelot sick to his stomach and felt a burning anger deep inside of him he felt for his sword but it had been taken by the nearby guards who were holding all of their weapons, he put his arm on Guinevere's shoulder and then waited to see what Mordred was going to do next.

Mordred smirked at Guinevere's remark and knew instantly what she was referring to "why Guinevere! don't you think this befits me " he said stroking his hand down the side of the throne "It is almost as though It was made for me...Don't you think ? " he said In a rhetorical sort of way and then glanced up at Morgana who was cackling with laughter.

Meanwhile On A Ship On The English Channel

Rillian and the knights were preparing for a huge storm that had picked up in the last few hours he and the knights was helping out the crew by securing the nets and making sure everying was secure.

Anon E. Mous
Once again outside the castle, Elindil found the windows of the throne room, and peered through them, balancing on Aroc's back. He felt the presence of a rat, hiding out under Arthur's throne, and reached out to it. The cowardly creature tried to run away, but Elindil calmed it and started listening to what each of them were saying. Once he had a good hold on the rat, he signaled Aroc to fly around to the roof, out of sight of the guards.

Guinevere gave Mordred one contemptuous look "You will never be king. and you have no right to come charging in here whilst we are all mourning and you sit there on my husband's throne asking me how It looks upon you? It's revolting It makes me want to vomit " she said seething with every breath.

Lex was tightening the ropes to the side of the deck of the ship and made sure they were securley fastened,He glanced up at the stormy sky and thought to himself that this was going to be a rough ride.

Perish idly strolled into the throne room, apparently in the middle of a discussion between the man on the throne and Guinevere and Lancelot. Soldiers had followed Perish in and surrounded her with weapons that she wasn't paying attention to, as she was busy looking at the man on the throne.
It definitely wasn't Arthur, what had happened to the good king anyway? Perish's track of time was a little broken and distorted because she no longer slept, days melded into one another until there were an indistinguishable blur of events, with only significant occurrences providing some kind of landmark in time for her.
She began to remember hearing Arthur had died, his son had gone off someplace with the knights of the round table, she couldn't recall exactly when it happened mostly because she wasn't really concerned.

Arthur had been a kind man, he hadn't tried to remove her from the kingdom or the crypts where she often dwelt, Perish didn't know why but didn't care either, only that she was allowed to go back there.

"Your majesty, what do you want us to do with this one?" one of the soldiers called out respectfully to Mordred, indicating the nonchalant black knight standing not far from the door mostly surrounded by soldiers.

"Your soldiers told me to come see you," Perish said, not sure of the reasons for anything.

Mordred took his focus of Guinevere for a mere second and glanced over at the Black knight who did look oddly familiar to him "Bring her forward to me so I can get a good look at her "he said Eyeing her with curiosity "oh and while your at it get these two" Pointing at Guinevere and Lancelot "and take them to my castle I don't want them anywhere near Camelot I'm sure they will be comfortable in a venom filled dungeon "he said and then laughed menacingly.

Rillian came over to Lex who seemed busy in his job in tightening the ropes "Good work Lex. This storm is really going to blow in strong "he said and glanced at the storm clouds that were blowing in from the north.


Mordred studied Perish with interest as she was standing in full view in front of his eyes he glanced up and down and then looked into her red eyes as though searching her soul "You look familiar to me... Do I know you ? " he said with an intriguing voice and then glanced over at the guards who were still holding Guinevere and Lancelot "I thought I gave you orders Get them out of my sight at once " he said seething through his teeth.

Perish tilted her head a little, looking at Mordred for any signs of familiarity, it was possible he knew her, but she didn't know exactly how as her memory was a little broken. She wondered how anyone could know her, as she wandered the world like a lost little lamb, always returning to the crypts of Camelot eventually, no matter how long she leaves for.

"I cannot say if you know me, I can recognise you as anyone could, beyond that my mind is too torn to remember," Perish explained blankly, before looking to the ring on her left hand, "I was a simple farmer once, wedded to a knight, I am unaware of how I would have met you."
As she gaze upon the ring, the suppressed emotions in the depths of their mind manifested as a single tear, falling down her cheek and landing on the ring.

Meanwhile, Raijar was trudging along towards the castle gates, finding dozens and dozens of soldiers awaiting him.
"Yes! More o' ye sissy humans to beat!" Raijar cheered before moving into an outright charge, the soldiers jumped to attention and brought their weapons to bear, not entirely sure how to respond to a lone dwarf attempting to assail a small army of soldiers.
Thing being, Raijar had no intention of fighting them just yet...
"This..." Raijar began loudly with a strange fierceness.
"Is..." he continued, his voice increasing in volume as he got ever closer, he sucked in a huge breath prior to his next word.
"RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-!!!" the roar was deafening and it just kept going and going, the furious little dwarf crashed thunderously into the soldiers.
THUTHUTHUDTHUDTHUDTHUTHUTHUD, as the soldiers were thrown flying away from the 3 foot cannonball, recklessly plowing on through, still bellowing that same word at the top of his lungs, head forward, feet pounding against the ground as he crashed through.

"Holy hell, close the gate!!" one soldier said in shock as he saw the dwarf charging, the portcullis quickly fell into place, sealing off Raijar's entrance. Or did it...
The dwarf altered course, still screaming his warcry, and went through the wall like it didn't exist. The soldiers blinked in bewilderment, looking down the wall at where the dwarf had gone.
Raijar had passed right through the stone wall like a ghost, merely shaking the masonry a bit from his passage. The soldiers heard the screaming dwarf behind them, they spun about and saw the little 3 foot warrior charging straight for the walls of the castle keep, disappearing right through them.
"WHAT THE HELL!!??" the soldier shouted, bewildered beyond imagining.

Inside the castle there seemed to be a muffled yell echoing through the halls, its source most likely far away by how quiet it was. Quite randomly it jumped up a few decibels as if the source was suddenly closer, persisting at that volume for a bit until it did it again, and again, jumping up drastically in volume.
Right until a dwarf entered the throne room via a wall, still screaming that same word only now without the walls between him it rang through the room with deafening clarity, before he positively crashed into countless guards as he made a beeline to the other side of the room and disappeared through the wall, his yell dropping a few decibels drastically as he went through a few walls, you could tell where he was at all times just from where his yell was coming from.
Quite suddenly he emerged into the throne room again from a different direction, making a beeline across the room to the opposite wall, stomping on half a dozen guards that were in the way, and disappeared again.

The doors burst open and the dwarf appeared, still screaming at the top of his lungs, charging right for the thrones. Though suddenly it looked as if he had tripped or something a few feet from his target.
"AAAA-ijar...?" Raijar said, rather dumbstruck as he fell through the floor.

There was an incredibly loud crash as a dwarf smashed into the floor of the basement underneath the throne room, followed by many choice curses at human masons.

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"WHAT THE BLOODY HELL WAS THAT !!!! "Mordred said cursing at everyone within the throne room he had he fingers stuck inside his ears as he could still hear the dwarfs warcry which was deafining and now was starting to bug him.
Morgana looked bewildered but walked over to the fallen guards kicking several as they groaned after the dwarf had crashed into them "YOU USELESS LUMPS! GET UP AND FIND THAT DWARF THIS INSTANT AND KINDLY SHUT HIM UP!!! "Morgana cursed menancingly.
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Guinevere and Lancelot were both bound and tied with ropes and was still shocked at the dwarf but coudn't help laughing to themselves as it was funny even just to see Mordred and Morgana in an uproar state and hoped that the dwarf woudn't get caught by the guards. Lex glanced at Rillian and nodded in agreement "aye sire It is a wee wind that Is blowing in from the north It is going to be a rough one I hope your not one to be queazy "he said as he looked down at the sea.

Perish blinked, her ears assailed like never before, she looked around for the source and barely glimpsed a stout figure zip through the wall like a ghost. When he finally crashed into the basement below Perish looked a little intrigued.
"He certainly had a lot of energy," Perish remarked a little vacantly, staring at the floor where the dwarf had disappeared. It was strange seeing something so full of life, the yell still rang in her ears even though the dwarf had stopped because of his fall. Sound an wild outburst of energy, the yell was, the ringing in her ears was like proof he existed, there was not even a shadow of a doubt that there was a very loud dwarf currently occupying the basement.

Curses continued to issue, apparently fairly loudly as they could still be faintly heard in the throne room, heavy thuds signifying the dwarf walking up some sort of staircase, before he met a dozen guards that had gone after him.
"Time fer fightin'!" Raijar crowed, balling up his fists and wound up an incredible punch, knocking a guard out cold immediately upon sinking that fist into his stomach.
Many more thuds and crashes could be heard as fists flew and things broke, eventually a door opened and the dwarf waltzed in whistling a catchy tune like the dwarves played in bar- all the time, positively bouncing on the spot as he looked for more opponents.
More opponents charged him, several met a hard fist and a cold nap on the floor, others tried to strike Raijar but he punched their swords in half.

The soldiers staggered back in bewilderment at their broken blades, looking back at the dwarf who had stone fists all of a sudden, still swinging them around merrily.
He caught the feet of a pair of fleeing guards at some point, and began spinning wildly, around and around and around, the guards attempted to reach down at Raijar but the momentum straightened them out as the dwarf spun swinging them around.
The spinning only increased more and more wildly, until they were little more than blurs. Quite suddenly Raijar fell over with a loud crash, a little confused at what unbalanced him as he sat up and looked around.
He had a pair of boots in his hands, their owners absent from them, one had made an incredible crack in the wall where they had careened away from the dwarf and crashed into the wall, the other had completely annihilated a whole score of guards trying to go attack Raijar.

Raijar tossed the boots aside and jumped to his feet, ready to fight, when he fell through the floor again.
More curses followed, now migrating to the human mason's mothers and such.

two of the guards dragged both he and Guinevere who were both still tied up with rope through the corridor crashing sounds could be heard from the lower floors beneath them and more yelling sounds, he found It quite amusing and hoped that the dwarf would come back near them and distract the guards so that he and Guinevere could seize the oppotunity to escape.

Mordred was getting angry with every second as the noise was beginning to get on his nerves "Incompetent fools can't they do anything right It's just one dwarf for crying out loud....and where's Merlin ?" he said to his minions and he stood up and blasted electricity like energy at his minions who were squealing in pain "DON'T JUST STAND THERE FIND HIM OR ELSE " he threatened waving his hand daring to blast them once more.

The storm began to pick up with sheer force Captain James Silver was grapsing the wheel on the deck "whooooohoooo aye my shipmates the sea is really talking " As the ship began to rock back and forth and up and down upon the rough waves that were getting higher and higher water was pouring in on the deck he glanced a little at Prince Rillian who looked like he was turning the shade of green and he shouted up to him "If your going to be sick sire then be sick to the left " his right eye winked meaning to the left of Rillian's side over deck.

Rillian took a deep breath and signalled to the Captain that It was alright a huge wave came crashing over the side of the deck soaking most of the crew and the knight's, and Rillian ran over by the captain and helped him steer the wheel,A loud noise coming from the dephs of the sea could be heard making the Captain and Rillian both look at each turning their heads around at the same time something began to rise from the sea and that made everyone on the ship gaze up in surprise despite the heavy rain and the crashing over the waves somrthing had been awaken from It's sleep.

Guinevere hoped that the dwarf would come back and distract the guards long enough for them to get their weapons which was in a sack that was being carried by one of the guards.

Lex glanced up as he saw a large serpent rise out from the dephs of the rough sea brushing the rain from out of his eyes he shouted to the knights to get their weapons ready and prepare to fight.

Anon E. Mous
The dwarf's warcry was too much for the poor rat, Elindil tried to keep it alive, but its tiny heart finally gave out. Thinking that this would be as good a time as any to make an entrance, he proceeded as follows.

"Aroc, fly around to the window, we're going inside."

"Inside? How?"

"I have an idea. Anyway, we have to go help the Queen and Lancelot! But we have to be sneaky, we have to get in without any of them noticing us."

"Well, that'll be easy, wont it?"

"Oh, sarcasm, huh? Lets see you come up with anything better."

"All right, I will. Here's what we'll do: I fly high into the air to build momentum in a dive, then smash straight through the window. Its simple. And it doesn't matter if they see us, we're bigger than them."

"Hmm, no. We're gonna do it my way. You fly us around, and I use one of my diamond arrows to cut a large hole for us to fly through."


Aroc did as Elindil said, flying back to the stained glass windows. Very carefully, the elf took a leather case out of his quiver. Inside were three beautiful diamond arrows. He selected the first one, leaving the case on Aroc's back. He stood up with the arrow, and very precisely started cutting a hole in the window. Once the hole was big enough for even Aroc to fly through, he instructed the Griffin to put a claw in the window, and carefully pop it out. Once done, they flew easily through, Elindil putting his gloves back on, getting ready to shoot more guards. This had been happening during Raijar's rampage, so no one noticed the huge bird-lion and his rider slowly floating into the room.

Perish idly watched the shenanigans with the dwarf with only the slightest bit of amusement, her emotions rarely got too extreme if ever. The dwarf didn't even seem to care how dangerous all of this was, there were a lot of soldiers with a lot of swords, quite a strange aspect for a living type.
Morgana and Mordred however seemed quite distressed at this dwarf's actions, or maybe it was the incompetence of their soldiers as Merlin seemed to be missing.
Maybe she should look for Merlin too? Though her thoughts drifted back to Guinevere and Lancelot, they were good, happy people, they reminded her of herself and Elias before the incident.

"Perhaps now is a bad time?" Perish said to Mordred, "I might go with Guinevere and Lancelot."
She began walking off with no real reason in mind other than just to follow others for the moment.

Raijar was back from the basement, ready to take his frustration of the masons and their mothers out on the next guard he saw.
"I coul' use a drink," Raijar grumbled, reaching back for something on his belt, but not finding it, "What happen'd to me no'-so-emergency ale!?"
He blinked a few times in thought as to where he could have dropped it, before he realised it was most likely back in the basement.
"Aw hell," Raijar grumbled, slouching a little as he fell through the floor once more.
CRASH third crater in the basement floor.
"Found it!" Raijar yelled triumphantly with glee as he came back up the stairs taking a long swig, stashing it away before he realised a huge mob of soldiers charging for him.
They looked pretty angry... so the little dwarf ran further up the steps to the second floor, you could hear his footsteps pounding on the roof above as he ran about, a few crashes and thuds.
Quite randomly the dwarf launched from a part of the wall near the roof, axe out and raised above his head as he soared through the air for a heroic moment, roaring loudly as he aimed for the soldiers dragging Guinevere and Lancelot away. It truly was an epic moment as the 3 foot warrior hurtled down through the air towards the guards, axe ready to break the place to pieces.
All of a sudden he stopped mid-air, and started flying backwards, then forwards again.
"Wha...? I can fly?" Raijar remarked, utterly shocked.
He was reminded of something old Torigan had once said:
"The day those sissy humans' ale upstages a dwarf's is when dwarves can fly!"
"That lousy good-for-nothing-bland-tasting-sissy-human-ale-that-tastes-like-bath-water upstages dwarven ale!? It's-it's-" Raijar began to splutter when he suddenly looked up.
He discovered his axe had caught onto the chandelier.

It was one sturdy chandelier but a determined 200 pound dwarf thought otherwise, considering he couldn't actually dislodge his axe. So the little dwarf bounced around in the air above a dozen guards who were waiting for him to fall, spears and swords ready for him with malicious grins on their faces.
Those grins changed to terror pretty quickly when Raijar accidentally tore half the roof down with the chandelier.
"ARG!" Raijar yelled out as he free fell to the ground, though fortunately there was a nice landing cushion of guards waiting for him.
Much crashing and clattering and dust later, Raijar grumbled and dug himself out of the rubble, looking at the two remaining guards that had Lancelot and Guinevere captive.
"Alroight, bring it ye sissies!" Raijar said challengingly, raising his fists ready for brawlin', when he heard a lot of footsteps behind him. He glanced back and saw the angry mob of guards charging for him again, Raijar hurriedly picked up his axe and ran like hell, crashing through the two guards and nearly trampling Lancelot and Guinevere as he ran out the main hall out of the castle, the main door exploding a small dwarf-sized hole at the base since it was made of wood, many, many thuds later as there were guards just outside.

Lancelot quickly grabbed his weapons along with Guinevere and ran for it not stopping till they got outside. Captain Silver took a sneaky swig of beer from his flask as he saw the beast rise above them one of the crew glanced at him as he was having a drink and then shouted up " argh bit of dutch courage never hurt anyone, now approach with caution as with all snakes they tend to bite and we woudn't want any of your pretty heads to roll now would we "he said lifting his eye patch up and gave a cheeky wink.

Rillian who was still helping captain silver with the wheel glanced at him with a bewildered expression as though silver was barking mad, He left the captain to carry on steering he tried to balance himself as steady as he could as more water came flooding over the top deck he grabbed his weapons and
shouted up to the crew " Get out of the way " as he saw the giant serpent came lunging down towards them.


Guinevere raised her bow and aimed the arrows at the guards and her eyes flicked to Raijar as he too was staring at the guards and she looked slightly amused has what he was going to do next and saw him roll and crash into several guards and followed him but before she did she let go of the arrows which hit several guards making a gap for them to have a clear run for escape.

Lex grabbed his sword and climbed up to the crows net which was located on the top part of the ship so he could get a better aim in slaying the beast,The beast kept taking snipes at the crew and knights but kept missing "Distract the beast whilst I try and get a good aim at It" Lex shouted down to the knights.

Rillian nodded "right you heard distract It so that Lex can get a clear shot "he shouted to the knights and with that Rillian and the knights threw what they could to divert the attention away from the serpent It was hard to keep balanced though as the ship was violently tilting from left to right and the waves were pounding against the ship and making the boat go up and down with sheer voice Rillian had a hard time keeping focused as the constant movement of the ship was making him very nauseous.

Lancelot was rather impressed at the dwarfs bumbling spirit but glanced behind and saw a load of guard running like a mob for both he and Guinevere he didn't take any chances and grabbed Guinevere's hand and they bolted through the gate and didn't stop running.

Silver was grasping the wheel as tightly as he could even with all the huge waves that was flooding the deck he glanced up as Lex was preparing himself to stab the beast.


The Blacksmith frowned "Dear lass you don't want to be going anywhere near that castle not with " he looked around to make sure that no guard was overhearing " Mordred and his army took over the castle " he said in a mere whisper.


There were quite a lot of soldiers chasing Guinevere and Lancelot, though amusingly enough they stupidly tried shutting the portcullis again before they got out the gate. The result being Guinevere and Lancelot only just getting out and all the soldiers got locked in.

"Open the damn gate you idiots!" a soldier yelled out.
"What about that one?" one said, pointing back at the black knight steadily approaching.
"Crap, I've seen her before, RUN FOR IT!" a soldier yelled, quickly sprinting away.
The gate was shut, Perish sighed and instead when for the stairs, going up onto the walls slowly, several soldiers riddled her with arrows and threw weapons at her, she didn't entirely respond, but there was now about ten arrows sticking through the gaps in her armour and one dagger near her shoulder blade.
The injuries prickled uncomfortably, but Perish couldn't let herself get distracted yet, Guinevere and Lancelot were moving faster than her, she may lose them.
She idly climbed over the side of the wall as some soldiers approached with spears, a little bewildered as they watched her fall several feet to the ground. There was a sickening crunch as one of her legs broke on impact, but she stood up and flexed it a few times, bones crackled and her leg regenerated as she started walking off again like nothing had happened.

"What the hell is she...?" one soldier muttered, still rather miffed over the dagger sticking out of her back almost where her heart should be, should have at least punctured a lung.

Raijar's Mild-Emergency ale rations were quality dwarven ale, and it soon kicked in as he finished his second tankard of 'bath water'. He more or less fell off his stool, an ancient dwarven technique passed down through the generations ensured his tankard didn't lose a drop of ale in his fall, however clumsy and wild it was.
So the dwarf picked himself off the floor blearily, his right hand clamped around his tankard in a fixed position and level in the air while the rest of him attempted to stand up.
He had a really big grin on his face as he zig-zagged out the door, bursting out in a very loud, old dwarven drinking song. The ancient dwarves had also mastered drinking songs that sounded half-decent even when the vocalist was completely blind drunk, and off-pitch, the lyrics were purposely mixed up so when the singer muddled up his words in his drunken stupor, which was often, it usually sounded pretty good.
Raijar slowly made his way along the street to the main path that led to the castle, still singing incredibly loudly waving his tankard around but not spilling a drop.
He soon enough fell over again flat on his face in the middle of the road, tankard still upright, with him still mindlessly mumbling the drinking song. The stone road was oddly comfortable, so he just rolled onto his back and continued singing loudly, pausing every so often to have a drink.

Guinevere was running with Lancelot but glanced back as she saw that the guards had been cut off from them and didn't pass through the gate "we have to get out of town we are not safe here we must find Merlin and hurry" she said through panting breath.

Rillian left the wheel to Captain Silver to manage and ran over to the knights and crew to help them in distacting the serpent so that Lex who had climbed up to the crows nest could get kll the serpent but It wasn't easy as the serpent was fast in his attacks and seemed to be resilient in both the crew and the knights spear and arrow shots, Rillian grabbed his bow and loaded it with arrows and aimed them for the side of the serpent but It's coat seemed to have a thick mast to it only Lex really could get the best possible shot as the weakest point was in the serpents neck.

Anon E. Mous
Realizing Guinevere and Lancelot were running away, he sighed and jumped back on Aroc.

"Come on, Aroc, were leaving."

"But we just got here!"

"No buts, now fly us out."


Aroc "sighed," clicking his beak, but complied, flapping his wings. Floating out of the window, the Griffin built up speed and got around to the courtyard, landing on the roof to wait for the Queen.

Anon E. Mous
(sorry about double post, hehe)

Seeing Lancelot running with the Queen, Elindil signaled to his partner.

"Okay, you think you can carry all three of us?"

"Not with all that armor, its heavier than it looks."

"Maybe a short way?"

"One mile, tops."

"It'll have to do."

The elf urged Aroc into a dive, knocking through some soldiers and came up beside the knight and the Queen.

"Jump on!"

Lancelot looked at the gryffin but though what the heck "Come on you first " he said and helped Guinevere onto the gryffin and then climbed on himself and sat behing guinevere and placed his hands on her waist.

Some of the village people were pointing up at something. Laveda and Paladin followed the ponting fingers of the people into the sky. Something big had swooped down. Paladin turned his head to the side and looked back at Laveda with one brown eye. Laveda shrugged and dropped his reins. "If you want to investigate then be my guest. I've done my work already and still have yet to get paid for it." Paladin shook his head and started forward. Laveda took up the reins and moved easily along with Palidin's long and gracefull strides. Swiftly they made their way closer to the castle, waiting for the thing to rise and take off again.

Anon E. Mous
(Aroc's back isn't that big, so we're all slightly smushed together)

Elindil, sitting in front of the Queen, looked back to make sure they were on.

"Hold on back there, we're going up!"

With a slow swoop of his powerful wings, Aroc rose above the ground, with another, he was half as high as the walls, one more, and, really struggling, he and his passengers got just barely over them. Relaxing a lot, he let himself glide, flapping slowly once or twice to stay up. It was obvious he was getting tired, and didn't get too far before having to stop. He glided down to the ground, landing in a trot, then slowing to a stop in front of a large horse and rider.

"You did good, got us even farther than I thought."

"Yeah, I did, didn't I? I just wish Knights wore less armor, that stuff must weigh 200 extra pounds!"

"Don't be such a crybaby."

"I am not!"

"Just shut up, I'm trying to listen to what everyone else is saying."

"I'll talk if I want to."

"I heard that!"

Perish was growing a little irritated with the arrows in her and started to pull some out, when she noticed Lancelot and Guinevere had mounted up on a strange creature with an elf, her notion of following them slowly died down as she couldn't fly, slowly reverting back to her motionless self.

She pulled out a few arrows and pulled the blood off them to put it back in herself, casting the arrows aside carelessly.
Perish looked up again and saw the creature had landed, her will to follow rose at that and she started walking off again, still with several arrows embedded in her as well as the dagger. She decided to move into more of a jog, feeling a little better with less arrows in her, so her pace sped up respectively until she neared where the strange creature had landed with Guinevere and Lancelot, facing another mounted person on quite a large horse.
Perish remembered she used to have a horse once on the farm, she couldn't remember what happened to it though...

Raijar's tankard ran out and the dwarf sat up with a disgruntled sigh, staring down into the empty tankard before stashing it away onto his belt. At the very least, the dwarven ale was still in his system working, like true, quality ale should, so he was still rather merry, getting to his feet and bursting out in song as he wandered along the road, a very loud song.
"Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr, the golden brew fer me an' yoo,
Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr, with amber hue the ale is true,
Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr, day's always new with a dwarven brew!"
"SHUT UP!!!"
Clearly someone didn't appreciate his singing, Raijar wasn't really in the state to care, he blinked a few times with a expression of serious thought, but try as he might, he completely forgot where he was in the song.
So he started again...
"Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr, the golden brew fer me an' yoo-"
"SHUT UP DAMN IT!" the same person yelled in frustration, causing Raijar to lose his place again.
"Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr, the golden brew with amber hue-"
Great, now he was forgetting the words, but like all good dwarven drinking songs, it still sounded like it was supposed to be regardless of how muddled up the singer was.
"SHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUP!!!!!" a man came running out with a crude club and hit Raijar over the head, breaking the club in half.
"Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr, with amber hue fer me an' yoo-"
The man tried kicking the dwarf but broke his toe, collapsing on the ground moaning in pain, interrupting the dwarf yet again.
"Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr, the day's always new with a golden brew!" Raijar continued on his way, leaving the crippled man behind moaning on the ground holding his foot.


Guinevere turned her head towards Laveda and her horse "Well....sort of we have to get as far away from the castle as we can.We must find Merlin the lady in the lake should help us locate him I remember Arthurs stories about her " she said in a slightly saddened tone.


Perish walked over to the riders a little silently at first, listening to what they were saying. Get away from the castle? But Elias was here... Maybe it was time for her to move on? Move on to what?
She just felt drawn to Guinevere and Lancelot, it made her long for her old life before her fall, they reminded her of her old self, and she wanted to remember, she wanted to have a purpose in... undeath...?

"Can I... come with you?" Perish asked them a little vacantly, "Perhaps... I could help? Somehow..."
Mordred had wanted her to find Merlin too, so perhaps this was the best choice of action? It seemed logical enough, and she wanted to follow them anyway, if only to keep remembering.

Raijar had forgotten all other words now, but he still found it fun to just shout out that one word as if it were a song in itself. He was thinking of finishing the rest of his not-so-emergency rations when he thought he saw something odd.
A giant bird with legs...?
He blinked blearily a few times, swaying on the spot for a moment before he decided to get closer to see, moving up to about two feet away from the beast before he could properly see it.
After a bit of thought he discovered it was a Griffin, so he just shook the matter off and went to walk off again, sucking in a deeeep breath.
"BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! Tha gold'n broo fe me 'n yoo!"
Well at least he figured out some of the words again... Didn't help that he was still screaming it at the top of his lungs.

Guinevere nodded and climbed off the gryffin she walked a little to the horse Paladin and glanced at him and was weary about him as he didn't seem too happy to be giving her a ride she hesitated for a moment and looked at laveda " are you sure It's alright? your horse don't seem too pleased to give me a ride " she said and then glnced once more at the horse.

Laveda smiled sweetly and gave Paladin a good kick in the ribs. (On the opposite side that Guinevere was standing on of course, just so she wouldnt see) "Oh dont mind him. He's just a grumpy old man. Come on then." She reached out her hand to help Guinevere up. Paladin sighed heavily, but his mood seemed to brighten a bit after that swift kick to the ribs. He'd get Laveda back later.

Anon E. Mous
Elindil looked back at his remaining passenger and jumped off himself.

*ahem* "Lancelot, is it? I hope you fancy a jog. Aroc's plum tired, and won't be able to fly us anywhere, especially not with all of your armor. So, we go on foot."

"Actually, I'm fine. I could probably carry both of you quite far."

"That's OK, have your rest. I think I'll see how far Mr. Macho can get without anything to ride on. Ha, he'll probably pass out before we've gone ten miles!"

Laughing to himself, he laid down on the green grass of Camelot's surrounding countryside, and waited.

It appeared that they hadn't heard Perish, not even registering her existence. It was not unknown to her for that to happen, some people didn't want her to exist, hoping if they ignored her she'd go away. Maybe these people were the same? But they seemed to happy and good to be frightened of her or disgusted of her, she didn't understand what was going on.
Then again, they completely ignored the screaming dwarf walking right by them, what kind of people were they? Did they even exist? Did she even exist?
Perhaps she was just a ghost, but if so, what was the dwarf?

Raijar was still walking along in a zigzag pattern, trying to remember the words of another drinking song as he'd gotten bored with the other one. Quite suddenly a black gauntleted hand clamped over his shoulder, he stopped in surprise and turned about, looking up and blinking blearily a few times as he peered at the person.
A human black knight? Looked female from the armour modifications, the smith of the armour was a bit strange, it almost seemed half decent to a dwarf's standards, though it had flimsy bones attached to it.
"What ye be wantin lass?" Raijar inquired, not bothering to guess why a strange knight was interrupting him.

"What are you?" Perish asked in sincere curiousity, but Raijar burst out laughing.
"Yer funny lass, I like yoo, I'd buy ye a drink but I forgot where the alehouse was," Raijar said, looking around, before moving over to the group once more and waved his hands about.
"Oi yoo lot! Where's de alehouse!?" Raijar asked, blinking a few times before he realised he was talking to a huge horse, he leaned slightly to one side to see who was mounted on it, but fell over from being unbalanced.
From what he could see there was a pansy elf in the saddle and a sissy human standing beside, both were women, though he couldn't see anything else yet, the dwarven ale was still going strong.

Guinevere was very grateful to Laveda and smiled at her " thank you for your assistance " she said with a smile, she turned
her head towards Lancelot and gave a little nod meaning to say all was well as she saw Lancelot's slightly worried face.
Meanwhile in the crows nest at the top of the ship Lex was still preparing to attack the beast as it continued to lunge at the crew and the knights aimed a spear to target It's neck and waited for the right moment to strike it.

Rillian baited for the serpent to come near them and he told his men to keep firing at it,he watched in horror as the serpents eyes caught sight of Lex and leered It's tongue out and went towards him " LEX WATCH OUT " Rillian shouted " Take it down " he called to the knights and signalled for Lex to strike it.

Raijar waved a bit more before shrugging the matter off, they probably didn't know where the tavern was anyways, so the dwarf headed off in a random direction, trusting his dwarven senses to guide him.
"Iss okay, I'm sher I can find it," Raijar said, nodding vigorously as he marched off.
Perish wasn't entirely sure what to do, but the dwarf seemed to want to buy her a drink, she gave one last look at Guinevere and Lancelot before following the stout warrior mindlessly.
The townsfolk gave the pair quite an array of strange stares, a merry little drunk dwarf swaying along the street with a very macabre and black knight following silently behind.

Somehow the dwarf managed to find the tavern, Perish was a little impressed but didn't really show it, content with just following the dwarf. She felt at peace following someone, as if it made her feel like she had a purpose in life/undeath, even if it was just a friendly dwarf.
Perish followed Raijar inside the Jousting Kegs and looked around a little strangely at the mess, the drunks hanging around and the many people sitting about laughing and talking over a tankard of ale.
The atmosphere was quite enjoyable, if a little unorthodox, at least people found happiness somewhere, perhaps Perish may find happiness here too?

Raijar climbed up onto a stool and banged the bar once more, more coins scattered out across the bar.
"More o' ye sissy ale! An' one fer me friend 'ere too!" Raijar demanded, the barkeep came over looking rather unimpressed.
"I wish you would run out of money so you would stop coming here!" the barkeep said in exasperation, to which Raijar just laughed.
"Ya durned fool, dwarves don' run out of drinkin' money!" Raijar said, laughing as he pulled out his trusty tankard.
The barkeep just sighed and started filling tankards, sliding them over to the pair, Perish looked at the over-sized cup with the frothing amber liquid within, she merely took her helmet off and rested it on the bar.

"Cheers lass!" Raijar said merrily, raising his tankard, Perish looked at the dwarf strangely, raising the tankard given to her in attempt to mimic Raijar. The dwarf clinked their tankards together before taking a long swig out of his, Perish again looked at the tankard awkwardly before going for a sip. She jumped a little at the bitter taste as it struck her tongue, not entirely understanding the hype about such a bland substance, though the fact she didn't need to actually drink added to that.

"Why are you so happy about such a liquid?" Perish queried the dwarf, still eyeing the ale in confusion, Raijar seemed to find this also ridiculously funny, perhaps he had already drunk far too much?
"Lass, I like you," Raijar said, nearly falling off his stool as he laughed, "This brew is barely better than bathwater! How could I be happy about it?"
"Then why drink it?" Perish asked, watching the foam slide down the side of the tankard and leak over her gauntleted hands, though she didn't do anything to respond to it.
"Why do anything?" Raijar returned, taking another long drain from the tankard. Perish couldn't really find an answer to that, so she looked at the ale once more and took another sip. Still bitter and bland, but a strange light burning sensation to the back of her throat, she could drink it, so she figured she might as well.
Perish tipped the tankard up as she took a longer and longer drain from it, not even pausing to breathe, emptying the tankard in seconds and wiping the foam from her mouth as she set it back down.
Raijar simply watched her in awe, swaying about on his stool, blinking in surprise.
"Lass, yer my new best friend! ... What'd ya say ye name was?" Raijar asked.
"Perish," Perish replied, though she couldn't recall telling him earlier.
"I'm Raijar!" Raijar said, holding out a hand, Perish took it and looked at the dwarf curiously, "Wow lass, yer a mite cold, barkeep! Get this lass another drink! Somethin' to warm her toes."
More coins hit the bar, dwarves truly didn't run out...


Captain Silver was still grasping the wheel to the ship and was taking all his effort to steer it what with the weight of the beast and It's attacks were pressing down too hard against the deck silver wasn't sure how much more the vessel could take " Argh me shipmates hurry and take that thing down, the ship can't stand the weight of the wretched beast she will go down a cropper if you don't hurry " he shouted and quickly took a swig of whisky from his flask and steered on.

Lancelot looked over Laveda " we are running from Mordreds army and they won't give up easily look this Isn't the time for explanations not meaning to be rude or ungrateful " he answered and glanced back as he could see the army gaining on them and quickly.


Lancelot gave an approving nod " Are you sure you will be able to keep with us?" Lancelot asked gazing at paladin who was staring at him with dangerous eyes as he most probably found it an insult to ask such a question " Right ok onward " he called out to the gryffin and it started to take off.

Paladin was indeed glairing at the man and gave a dissaproving snort as he followed. Laveda, on the other hand, had turned around after Paladin had started forward. She was now facing the oncoming army. She drew back, and let her first arrow fly. It flew far before glinting off of a soldiers helmat. That was a warning shot."He has a long gait, My Lady. So the ride shouldnt be too bumpy. Forgive me for not having a side saddle for you."

Lex clenched his spear tight in his fists and grasped it tight whilst sliding his finger to make sure the pointed was has sharp as it needed to be seizing his chance the beast slither and charge head on for him he wanted the beast as close to him as possible he had one chance to get it right, as it got close enough a arrow shot made the beast turn It's head slightly he heard one of the knights shout out " Now Lex "
With that he lunged the spear sinking it deep in It's neck.

Guinevere smiled in a appreciate way for all her help and glanced back " That is alright I can manage without it , you have a magnificent horse " she said clenching the reigns in her hand but not tightly has she didn't want to pull tightly to cause discomfort to paladin.

Perish looked at the next brew in her tankard a little nonchalantly, she really had no motivation of her own to actually drink it, but Raijar was merrily drinking away beside her so she felt inclined to follow suit, again not even pausing to breathe as she up-ended the tankard and fluidly drank the entire contents in one go.
Raijar clapped his hands and laughed, this Perish seemed to be a pretty damn good drinker.
"Alroight, alroight, I'm gonna race ye this time, barkeep! Fill her up again!" Raijar said loudly as he turned, but the barkeep was already there with another tankard frothing with ale, sliding it over to Perish looking rather unimpressed, even though he was making a small fortune.

"Race...?" Perish asked, taking the new tankard within her hands and looking at the dwarf curiously.
"Drink all ye ale as fast as ye can! Go!" Raijar said quickly before lifting his tankard to his lips, Perish jumped a little and did the same, draining this tankard like the last two. Though of course Raijar had some ancient dwarven drinking techniques, he wasn't technically drinking the ale as much as letting it pour directly down his throat, even then he only just beat Perish.
Raijar burped loudly and turned to Perish, laughing again.
"That was fun, another round!" Raijar said with a silly grin on his face.

After about four more rounds Raijar was buying Perish more and more drinks more out of curiousity than anything else, she seemed to be able to drink copious amounts of ale with little to no effect, utterly amazing in the dwarf's opinion, she had the fortitude of some of the toughest dwarves out there.

So after about the fourteen ale, Raijar just had to ask:
"Lass, yer almost a better drinker than I am, I'm ashamed to say, how can ye do it?" Raijar asked in awe of this woman.
"I don't know," Perish said with a shrug, "You buy me a drink, so I drink it, is that wrong?"
Raijar just laughed at her again, her strange behaviour was rather amusing to the dwarf, he just pat her on the back like a good buddy.
"Damn ye still cold, barkeep-"
Another slammed on the bar before Raijar could finish, surprising the dwarf a little as he blinked a few times at the tankard as it was slid over to Perish once more, who held it in her hands again but was remaining rather motionless, just sitting there staring at the tankard.

Something was happening in her head, it was creeping up on her very slowly but surely, working its way into her mind and disorientating her. Perish shook her head a little to try and clear it, and nearly fell off the bar stool in response.
"What's happening...?" Perish mumbled as she took her hands away from the tankard and to her head, swaying a little on the bar stool.
Now Raijar was shocked.
"Ye never been drunk afore!?" Raijar said in shock, fortitude of the sturdiest dwarf and this was the first time she'd touched the ale, he was nearly speechless.
It was such a strange feeling, the world decided to slowly tip, until she slid backwards off the barstool and landed flat on her back on the floor with a pretty loud crash, Raijar jumped down to help her sit up.
"Damn, lass, ye sure picked a tidy amount of ale for ye first try," Raijar said with a grin.

A man smacked open the bar doors and walked over to the bar, sitting down grumpily. The barkeep instantly moved over to him, grateful to get away from that damn dwarf.
"What's bothering you?" the barkeep inquired as he filling another tankard for the man.
"That damned army Mordred brought with him, just destroyed my damn house looking for some idiots who'd ruffled his feathers," the man said grumpily.
"Hmm..." Raijar muttered after hearing that, it didn't bode well for him or Perish, he needed to get out of here, "Ye up for some runnin' lass?"
"If the ground stops moving around I might," Perish said, "This is so strange..."
"Bah, we gatta go," Raijar said, looping Perish's arms over his shoulders and started trudging off, half dragging half carrying the lady knight outside, looking around and seeing hundreds of soldiers all over the place, "How the hell am I supposed to get outta here...?"
He then remembered how he got back to the Jousting Kegs the second time, so he started running full pelt for the castle, Perish's legs dragging on the ground until the dwarf built up enough momentum.

with horror as lex struck the serpent It's tail end clapsed tight around the ship pulling It along with it has it went down in agony " Lex get down from there.. Get the tail off the ship knights The serpent is pulling us down here with it...Captain Silver do not stop steering the ship " Rillian shouted and ran to help the knights with getting the tail off.

Lex started to climb down from the crows nest whilst trying to keep his balance with the rocking of the ship the waves were still coming in on the vessel, Lex glanced down as he watched the knights all work together trying in trying to get the tail of the ship. which wasn't easy has it sounds then without warning a huge wave came knocking Lex off.

Captain Silver looked up and gasped as he saw Lex fall, thinking upon instinct he let go of the wheel in the hope to catch Lex from falling too hard on the deck the last thing that was needed right now was a knight down he rolled on and landed on his back and caught Lex just in time "Argh...Got you ha ha " he said and got up " O oh " he glanced as he realised the ship was going out of control thanks to him for letting go of the wheel and he quickly grabbed the wheel and fiercely tried to steer it but It was no good the inevitable was going to happen they would certainly most crash.


"IT'S THAT DAMN DWARF AGAIN!" a soldier yelled out from a lookout post on the walls, waving vigorously to his comrades. A whole score of archers piled up around the wall and quickly strung their bows, firing a small barrage of arrows before the dwarf disappeared through the wall again, his magic enveloping Perish and bringing her along.

Raijar madly pumped his legs as he trampled through a group of soldiers, plowing onwards for the catapults, dumping Perish beside one as he wound it up madly, his iron-cord-like muscles bunched up as he over-strung the catapult, roughly managing to dump Perish in the basket before the catapult nearly exploded from the tension.
Perish entered the heavens, Raijar quickly wound the catapult back as a dozen soldiers charged ever closer, jumping in the basket and tossing a rock at the lever.
Raijar entered the heavens.
He straightened up with his arms at his sides and legs together to be more slipstream, letting him soar through the air and catching up to Perish.

"I hope yer tough as a dwarf, lass!" Raijar yelled through the wind as he caught up to her.
"Why am I suddenly able to fly? My head hurts," Perish mumbled incoherently, the ale's effects kept building up on her, as she'd drank a copious amount.

They both soared down and crashed into a forest at the kingdom's border, Raijar made a solid thud as he slammed into the dirt with a crater, Perish landed similarly but with more cracks of bone than Raijar cared to count.
The dwarf grimaced a little as he pulled himself out of the dirt and walked over to the broken form of Perish.
"Ah hell, I'm sorry lass," Raijar said with sad frown.
"Sorry? What did I trip on?" Perish asked, still blind drunk and more confused then ever. Her bones started cracking again as they repaired themselves, her body jerked back into shape and she slowly stood up, swaying on the spot.
Man was Raijar surprised...
"Yer a squishy human yet ye fix yerself quick smart? Yer certainly one o' a kind," Raijar remarked, giving Perish an experimental poke.
"What are we doing out here anyway?" Perish asked, blinking a little as she looked around.
"That durned Mordred fella just had us booted from the kingdom, le'ss get movin', can't waste time when ye donno where the next town is," Raijar suggested, heading off in a random direction, Perish had a little trouble but she managed to swagger in his general direction, holding her head a little.

Rillian and the knights along with the crew were sent rolling to the other end of the ship as the ship began to spiral out of control, The storm was blowing the vessel of the course they were meant to be heading sending them in the opposite direction.

Lex who was already on the floor got up and glanced in horror " were going to CRASH! Everyone hang on! to something " He roared and helped the captain with trying to steer the ship but It was no use.

Captain Silver again took another swig from his flask and looked at Lex "Argh brace yourself lad It's going to be a rough one " he shouted whilst continuing to steer the best that he could.

Rillian held on as tight as he could and prepared himself for the ship crashing.

Perish bumped into a few trees in her drunken stupor, still utterly confused with what was going on, her mind felt like it was swimming, and from what? The ale? She didn't even know what the ale was supposed to do, if this was normal or not.
Raijar didn't seem as bad as her though... Maybe something was happening to her? Then again she could remember dwarves were natural drinkers, perhaps they were tougher against the effects.

She could sense something, the life force of the trees around her was a soft breeze, but there was a fierce pulse of energy somewhere nearby belonging to something very big, an animal of some kind? She did intend on warning Raijar but her mind was in too much of a mess to really concentrate on the subject.

"I think I remember this part o' the forest, where was it...?" Raijar said, pausing a moment in his tracks to think as he looked at the trees and plantlife around.
Perish nearly ran into the dwarf, but she managed to stop, giving her time to look around to maybe see where the life force was emanating from. The alcohol was completely messing with her head though, it felt like the creature was in several places.
"Tha's roight! I was tryin' Torigan's new ale, it knocked me out... I think I was hunting down some treasure at the time... I think I remember stumbling upon those pansy elfs, should be this way," Raijar said, about to head off when suddenly a giant creature launched from the bushes, narrowly missing Raijar and totally missing Perish as she tripped over in her drunken state.
It tore up the dirt as it spun about, it was like a giant tiger bear or something, both Raijar and Perish were too drunk to see it properly. The dwarf pulled out his axe and got ready for the next attack, getting tackled into and through a tree from the creature as it gnawed away at Raijar's arm, teeth grinding on stone as the angry dwarf punched it off him.
The creature didn't seem happy about finding prey that was a walking rock, though the other one seemed fleshy enough...
"Perish!" Raijar called out, trying to get her to react as she stood up groggily.

A monstrously strong paw swiped at Perish's stomach, the claws bit into the armour and roughly tore it apart, hurling Perish flying into a tree, bouncing off a little as the creature followed up the attack, Raijar madly charged over in attempt to rescue Perish, he was a little slow though.
The first swipe had nearly ripped Perish's unprepared body in half, now exposed, the second swipe almost entirely tore Perish in two, right before an incredibly angry dwarf landed an amazing blow on the creature's neck, the axe sinking half way through and instantly killing the creature.
In shock, Raijar ran over to Perish's mangled form, anger and sorrow was building up on him as he felt he'd just lost another friend.
Except she was still moving like normal...

"Ow..." Perish mumbled, opening her eyes and trying to look around, "What happened? I can't feel my legs."
Raijar blinked incredulously, completely dumbstruck, he wondered if the ale was making him delusional or Perish really was still alive with half of her body basically missing.
When the shock faded Raijar finally realised what Perish had said, sniggering a little at first before bursting out laughing so hard fell over.
He had absolutely no idea what the hell was going on, half drunk, half consumed with battle rage and still rather concussed from the catapult flight.
"Lass, I dunno what in god's name ye are but yer damn funny!" Raijar managed to say in between laughing, couldn't feel her legs... she didn't bloody well have any!

Perish's massive wound slowly reconstructed and repaired itself, blood that had smeared half way across the small battlezone was travelling back into her, her armour also somehow flexed and shifted back into place, until it looked as though nothing had actually happened to her.

((Sorry if I'm getting too macabre, must be my emo side showing through or something))

The ship spiralled out of control as the waves fiercely drifted them in the easterly direction towards the Elf Lands and then it crashed with a thud that shook the ship causing a big hole in the the barrier decks below.

Anon E. Mous
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Lancelot gave an approving nod " Are you sure you will be able to keep with us?" Lancelot asked gazing at paladin who was staring at him with dangerous eyes as he most probably found it an insult to ask such a question " Right ok onward " he called out to the gryffin and it started to take off.

"OK, for one thing, no one, especially not a human, commands a Griffin to do anything. He will take off when he wants to take off, not when you tell him to. And, as I already said, you are going to have to take off some of that armor, or we aren't going anywhere fast."

The now indignant elf leaped gracefully onto Aroc's back. Aroc started to laboriously flap his wings, slowly rising into the air. Taking off Guinevere didn't do much good, and the great creature wasn't used to this kind of weight. He was strong-willed, though, and fought his way up into the air. Once high enough, he could use natural air flows to soar effortlessly, heading toward Elven country.


Raijar roughly helped Perish to her feet as much as a dwarf could help a human, and continued on his way with Perish in tow, who was looking a lot less drunk after losing most of her blood and regaining it, like some obscure filtering.
"Pity I can't remember any other place from here, forests are so silly to navigate," Raijar said, looking around at the trees, "Dunno how those durned elves navigate em so well, put me in a tunnel underground an' I'll take ye anywhere."
"Couldn't we just go back to Camelot and find a different way from there?" Perish asked.
"Do ye remember where Camelot is?" Raijar asked, to which Perish looked a little lost for answers.
"I was intoxicated by that amber substance, I can't remember much," Perish said, to which Raijar laughed.
"Now ye kno' 'ow I feel," Raijar said, pulling out his not-so-emergency ale rations and taking a swig, before offering the flask to Perish. Naturally Perish didn't know how to respond, so she took the flask and mimicked Raijar, taking a mouthful and handing it back.
It tasted quite a lot better, more energising and frothy, it burned quite a lot more on the way down and the bubbles made her eyes water a little. And then the effects kicked in and she was bumbling around again as if she'd drank another 14 tankards from the Jousting Kegs.

Perish wasn't exactly sure how long she followed that dwarf for, at some point she felt like she had fallen over and was being half-dragged again, the dwarf didn't even appear to recognise the extra weight or the ale he'd just taken a swig of, unlike Perish.
Her ears were also assaulted at some point, she could have sworn she saw one of the flasks hanging on Raijar's belt disappear for a moment first, so he must have become a bit more drunk than before and now he was singing a drinking song.
The song was alright but it was so bloody loud! It echoed through the forest and scared away a lot of the smaller creatures, some others followed the drunken pair from the shadows but didn't make much of a move.

Eventually Perish managed to find the balance to stand again, following Raijar once more as her head slowly cleared again. It seemed like the entire forest was quiet except for Raijar's singing, he must have frightened everything off.

There were a dozen short, sharp rushes of air, closely followed by the squeal of metal and a meaty thud, a few at first, and then a whole plethora as if in response to what happened to the first.
The sounds had interrupted Raijar's train of thought, he paused in his tracks thinking hard about where he was in his song.

"Um..." Perish said a little quietly, trying to get Raijar's attention but also trying not to disturb him ironically enough. There were about 20 or so arrows embedded in her from varying angles, about four in her legs and one in the arm, the rest all quite remarkable shots and were located in her chest and some near her heart, one arrow had gone through her heart but it was still beating stubbornly, her body functioning like normal.
It appeared the dwarf hadn't heard her, as he began singing again and continuing onwards, Perish tapped her fingertips together, trying to figure out what to do as she looked around at the surrounding trees, sensing multiple masses of life forces but Raijar was oblivious, she quickly ran along to make sure she didn't get left behind.

Almost as an incredulous afterthought an arrow whizzed by and thunked into Perish's back.
"Ow..." Perish whispered a little sadly, trying to pull some of the arrows out.

Jo-aun saw an arrow whiz by hitting someone in the back. "Well ain't that disrespectful." She saw the target was a woman as the woman tried to take the arrow out. -BLOOD!!- Her inner voice said as she crushed it. She ran over and said, "Let me help, this might hurt..." She bit around the arrow and dug it out without a drop of blood on her.

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