Arkham Asylum sequel ideas...anyone?

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I know that when I post this that I am in the majority when I say that I enjoyed Arkham Asylum and can't wait to see how a sequel will turn out but I wanted to take this time and see if anyone besides me had any ideas for the games continuation even though it was released not too long ago. For a sequel I'd like to see something that draws upon the better Batman stories and creates something familiar yet new. My outline follows along some paralells of No Man's Land.

-An elaborate scheme to steal a series of prototype antimatter bombs from Cadmus labs located in Metropolis is underway in the game's opening. As the criminals escape they are pursued by Superman. They initially fire rifles and explosives that simply ricochet off the man of steel. However, they pull out what seems to be more standard nilitary rifles but unknown to Superman, they conceal a deadly secret, Kryptonite tipped bullets. Superman is nearly killed and sent careening from the skies and crashes through a skyscrapper and unto the streets below as the criminals escape. Batman deduces that the perpatrator had to be someone resourceful and of great wealth to not only find kryptonite but also have it weaponized. The highly publicized event sends the world into a state of paranoia until months later Ra's Al Ghul emerges from the shadows and broadcasts a threat nationwide. He claims that he and the League of Shadows are in possession of the weapons and threatens that if any military personnel or metahumans journey beyond the borders of Gotham that he will detonate the bombs that are not only hidden in Gotham but other large cities the country over. The military orders the immediate evacuation of Gotham as ground troops move in. Batman and Comissoner Gordon attempt to convince the military that it's not a bluff and that Ra's has no problem "cleansing" Gotham. At that moment a great light erupts in Gotham that spans many miles and kills thousands. An immediate retreat is ordered and acting commander General Adams prays that the two can avert the crisis. Gotham's exits and entrances are all sealed off with metahuman involvement considered a criminal offense. After the bombs detonation, Gotham falls into chaos with criminals running free onto the streets. Joker himself overtakes Arkham Asylum and performs his own special kind of treatment on the psychiatrists and officers there. With Harley Quinn and Scarecrow acting as his leading doctors. The streets of Gotham are warzones as the GCPD, Black Mask, Two Face, Penguin all battle for territory as gangs would and use hired guns like Deathstroke and Deadshot for further territory gain. The people of Gotham are dying with food being scarce and the occassional dropped food being stolen by Killer Moth and Firefly. Meanwhile Zsaz is carving tallies onto his flesh among the rampant lawlessness. Killer Croc, Clayface and Solomon Grundy are all on crime and killing sprees sparring no innocents. Scarface and Mad Hatter have joined forces to stake out their own piece of Gotham and Posion Ivy has ensnared part of the city and turned it into a sentient jungle. Mr. Freeze keeps the growth at bay with his own frozen part of Gotham that acts as a paradise for him and his deceased wife. Batman soon learns that the stealing of the bombs was all orchestrated by Ra's, Bane and Hush. While having to apprehend the criminals once again, Batman must also engage in tests of mental prowess against the Riddler who has learned the locations of the bombs rigged throughout Gotham and Batman must solve his puzzles to be given the disarming codes before they blow. Though the Trinity claim to be responsible, Batman can't help but feel that there is someone higher pulling the strings of everyone else. To help combat the massive amount of villians running free Batman enlists the help of Nightwing(Tim Drake), Robin(Damian Wayne), Red Robin(Tim Drake), Red Hood, Oracle, Batgirl, Huntress, Catwoman and Michael Lane, the new Azrael. At the games climax, Batman discovers that it has been Prometheus manipulating Gotham and it's villians. The two have a final face off atop the precinct in the pouring rain and crackling lightning.

This would be an open world Batman game, where the player can latch unto any ledge and scale nearly any wall and descend to the streets below. The more crime you defeat the more you'll see Gotham progress towards it's normal self as citizens begin to rebuild it. I think the closet thing that I'm describing would be Infamous and I don't think thats bad at all. Hopefully something likes this comes along

Remember the riddle pertaining to Ra's al Ghul? Some have already noted that his body (that was in the bag) mysteriously disappears if you go back to it after beating Titan Joker. That may be a hint that he's going to be in the sequel, as he got resurrected around the time of the fight with Joker.

And of course, there's the 3 alternate endings with Bane, Croc, or Scarecrow coming out of the water, as well as Two-Face being mentioned at the end (I hope there's more to Dent than just robbing a bank though).

Hopefully those won't be a spoiler for anyone since anyone in their right mind who has not completed the game yet would not click on this thread.

I actually love this Idea, but I would only involve Robin, if anybody else at all, as playable characters. This kinda reminds me of Zelda: Ocarnia of Time, where one hero went to very different areas and defeated all of them. Also, try to add in a Batmobile, Batglider, and all the other vehicles. It might be that the villain behind all this madness is actually not in Gotham, but on an island or something(like in Batman: Subzero.)

The setting of Arkham Asylum was what really made it such a great game. It reminded my a lot of Bioshock artistically for some reason, and I'm not sure the game could have the same flare if it took place else where, and re-uping Arkham Asylum for a sequel would be kind of boring.

I haven't even touch my 360 in a month. sad

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A.A. 2 - 3D / Natal Edition

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A.A. 2 - 3D / Natal Edition


I would love to be able to drive the Batmobile GTA style around Gotham. It'd also be a nice addition to have some race against time missions where you have to use that Batmobile to get across town before some building blows up or something ridiculous.

Free Roam Gotham with vehicles. thats it really.

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Free Roam Gotham with vehicles. thats it really.

Well, obviously new Batman gadgets too. Hopefully this time they wont all be variations of a batarang. One of my biggest gripes with AA was the fact that Triple Batarang was a seperate item than single batarang. Why would you even use the single Batarang after you've upgraded to triple batarang? Remote control batarang is pretty useless too. Its only good for unlocking Achievements/Trophies. Either way, there are a ridiculous amount of Bat Gadgets Batman uses, and only a few were in this game. It would be nice to see more, and less wasted space.

Hopefully better AI too, though it would significantly increase the difficulty of the game, I could'nt help but be a little bothered when I would use the grapple gun and fly up to a gargoyle right in front of some thug and he doesnt see me.

I remember people saying that a No Man's Land-esque atmosphere would make for a good setting; there being a quarantined section of Gotham so as to give off a city-like overworld yet not make the area TOO large to the point of being a sandbox game (no disrespect). I don't remember the full jist of what the person said, but I was overall intrigued by it.

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