King of the Iron fist, Heihachi Mishima

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Snafu the Great
Once again, I am reviving a thread that no one hardly posted on. Let's see if I can do better this time.

So here we go...

I just noticed something. Both Heihachi and Jill Valentine have one thing in common. They both were declared dead, but were later found alive. Another thing is that he fathered a second son, ala Fame Douglas from Dead or Alive.

Heihachi's Bio

Full Name: Heihachi Mishima (his first name means 'Flat Eight' in English)
Nationality: Japanese, later denied by the Japanese government due to his antics.
Age: 52 (Tekken); 54 (Tekken 2) 73 (Tekken 3); 75 (Tekken 4 and 5, Soulcalibur 2)
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 180 pounds
Hair: originally black, now gray
Blood Type: B
Eyes: Brown
Family: Jinpachi Mishima, father; Kazume Mishima, wife (deceased); Kazuya Mishima, elder son; Lee Chaolan, adopted son (disowned); Lars Alexandersson, illegitimate son (unknown to Heihachi himself); Jin Kazama, grandson Kuma Sr, pet bear (deceased); Kuma Jr., pet bear
Likes: Collecting wooden sandals (Tekken 2); World conquest (Tekken 3); Power and destruction (as of Tekken 6), playing with Kuma (both Sr. and Jr.)
Dislikes: Explosions, JACK robots, his family (and you thought Kasumi's family was dysfunctional)
Fighting Style: Mishima School of Fighting Karate
Occupation: As of Tekken 6, none. He was the former head of the Mishima Financial Empire (Zaibatsu) before it was taken from by Jinpachi and later, Jin Kazama
Voice: Banjou Ginga, Daisuke Gori, Victor Stone
Portrayed By: Cary Hiroyuki-Tagawa

Heihachi was born as the heir to the rich, powerful, and well-respected Jinpachi Mishima, the owner of the powerful Mishima Zaibatsu and a world-famous martial arts master. During this time, Heihachi married and eventually had a son of his own Kazuya. It is believed that Heihachi's wife Kazume died either while giving birth or not long afterwards. Heihachi raised Kazuya harshly; in his mind, he was forging a strong heir to eventually pass the Mishima Zaibatsu to. Much to his chagrin, Kazuya grew up kind and frail, perhaps due to the more loving treatment he received from his grandfather, Jinpachi (see Kazuya's Tekken 5 ending). At some point, Heihachi betrayed Jinpachi and stole the Zaibatsu from his father. His motives for this act are as-of-yet unknown, but it can be speculated that he disagreed of Jinpachi's lack of ruthless aggression and his "soft" treatment of Kazuya. After assuming control, Heihachi began to steer the Zaibatsu into the military industry while his father vanished. After some time, Jinpachi attempted to launch a coup to retake the Zaibatsu from his son, but failed and was ultimately imprisoned underneath Hon-Maru, where he would remain for 40-45 years until the events of Tekken 5.

Finally fed up with Kazuya's "weakness", Heihachi tossed his son down a deep ravine, claiming that if he were truly his son, he'd be able to survive the fall and climb back up. Kazuya actually managed to do so, but only because he'd made a deal with the Devil in order to survive. To further motivate Kazuya, Heihachi adopted a Chinese orphan named Lee Chaolan, and he raised him as a rival to his true son. It's assumed that Heihachi never really cared about Lee at all, and only used him to irritate Kazuya. Over the years, Kazuya traveled abroad and competed in martial arts championships, becoming an undefeated champion (the only blemish on his record being a draw against Paul Phoenix). Eventually, Heihachi decided it was time to test his son's strength, so he announced the Rave War/King of Iron First Tournament.

Much to Heihachi's surprise, he is beaten by Kazuya, who then tosses Heihachi off a cliff, like Heihachi did to him when he was younger. However, being the man that he is, Heihachi manages to survive, and he returns two years later as a competitor in The King of Iron Fist Tournament 2, which was being hosted by Kazuya. After winning the contest, he has a showdown with Kazuya, and defeats him. Afterwards, he tosses Kazuya, who had proven to be much too dangerous, into a volcano, killing him.

Sometime later, he created the Tekken Force (Tekkenshu in the Japanese version), and used them as a quick-response group to appease the nations of the world. One day, 15 years after the end of The King of Iron Fist Tournament 2, the Tekken Force find ruins in Central Mexico and discover Ogre, the God of Fighting, who destroys them all. Later, Heihachi is approached by a young man, who claims to be his grandson, Jin Kazama. Heihachi takes in Jin and teaches him Mishima Style Karate for his own selfish purposes of using him as bait for Ogre. At the same time, Heihachi notices that Jin Kazama possesses the same "dangerous power" as his father, and resolves to eliminate him when he's served his purpose. At the conclusion of the tournament, Jin succeeds and defeats Ogre, but Heihachi betrays him and shoots him in the forehead. Surprisingly, Jin survives, transforms into Devil Jin, and strikes Heihachi down before flying away.

Afterwards, Heihachi intends to combine his own DNA with that of Ogre, but discovers that he would need the Devil Gene that Kazuya and Jin both possess in order to do so. Heihachi searches desperately for Jin over the next two years, but cannot locate him anywhere. Fortunately, for Heihachi, Jin was not the only one with a compatible Devil Gene. Heihachi discovers evidence that Kazuya's body was taken by G Corporation (a rival company) and used for research. Heihachi's Tekken Forces raid the G Corporation's facilities to discover that Kazuya has been resurrected by the corporation. Heihachi decides to hold the fourth Tekken Tournament (with his very company's ownership as the grand prize) in an attempt to lure Kazuya so that he may extract the Devil Gene. At the same time, he expects Jin Kazama to become involved, so he sets a trap. His plan is to send the Tekken Force to capture Jin, make the two Devil hosts fight one another, and then defeat the winner while he's hopelessly weakened. Everything goes as planned, except that Jin is able to defeat both his father and Heihachi. Luckily, Heihachi is spared Jin's wrath when a vision of Jin's mother, Jun Kazama, stops him in his tracks.

Right after Jin's departure, an army of Jack-4 units, sent by the G Corporation, invade Hon-Maru. Heihachi and Kazuya fight together, managing to destroy several Jacks, but Kazuya throws Heihachi to the Jacks and uses the opportunity to escape. One of the Jacks activates a self-destruct sequence, detonating and completely destroying Hon-Maru, leading everyone to believe Heihachi is dead. In reality, Heihachi was thrown miles from the site, landing in a graveyard and remaining unconscious for weeks. But Heihachi, no ordinary man, survives the near-impossible odds to take part in The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5.

Snafu the Great

Heihachi is considered by most fans to be somewhat of an "anti-hero"; not as evil as Kazuya, and not as noble as Jin. At times, his actions are cold-hearted (he used his own grandson as bait for a murderous monster) and sometimes, they are inspirational (he has survived every attempt on his life thus far from pure willpower). But, in general, Heihachi is not above betrayal, deceit, or committing small crimes in pursuit of what he perceives as a "greater good". Blood relation means nothing to him, once he believes that you are a threat, he will eliminate you without any hesitation.

Heihachi is basically the epitome of a self-made man. Heihachi believes in complete self-reliance and in being the best in every endeavour. The only charity he will give or alliance he will accept is in a case where it can be beneficial to himself. Thus, Heihachi treated his own son cruelly in an attempt to instill him with the same toughness. When Kazuya proved too stubborn, he resorted to drastic measures; an action that has come back to bite him on several instances. Occasionally, Heihachi will reward people that he deems as extraordinary. For example, he adopted Lee Chaolan after witnessing the orphan fighting, he took in Jin Kazama (and many believe he actually came to respect the boy's determination to defeat Ogre before he sensed the Devil Gene and decided to eliminate him), and admitted Ling Xiaoyu into his school (complete with Panda, a giant panda bodyguard) after she aggressively attacked one of his yachts. Of course, he also had ulterior motives to each of these actions, which fits into his personal code of mutual gain.

It's not yet known why Heihachi has become so interested in creating an "ultimate lifeform" by combining the DNA of himself, Ogre, and the Devil Gene, but it can be assumed that because he no longer wishes to succeed his company to either of his hereditary heirs (Kazuya and Jin), that the best he could do now would be to clone an heir and ensure that it would be worthy. Another theory is that he wants to find a way to use Ogre and Devil / Devil Jin's blood to make himself an immortal, thus making an heir unnecessary. A third theory is that his interest may simply have something to do with his desire to take over the world using these lifeforms. The answer to this will likely come in future Tekken installments.

# Heihachi Mishima is one of the four Tekken characters that have appeared in all of the Tekken games (the others are Nina Williams, Paul Phoenix, and Yoshimitsu).
# Heihachi's closest friend was Kuma I, his bear bodyguard. After Kuma's death, Heihachi raised Kuma's son, Kuma II, who left Heihachi to train in the wild after he lost to Paul Phoenix in Tekken 3.
# Heihachi has been voiced by Daisuke Gouri since Tekken 3, but he was voiced by Banjou Ginga in Tekken and Tekken 2.
# Heihachi is a playable character in the PS2 version of Soul Calibur II, and his "destined battle" is against Raphael.
# In Tekken 3, when Ogre is defeated, he seems to absorb Heihachi to transform into True Ogre. However, if you defeat Ogre with Heihachi, Jin Kazama will be absorbed instead.
# In Tekken 5, Heihachi actually forgot that he had left Jinpachi imprisoned under Hon-Maru, according to both his and Kazuya Mishima's Story Mode dialogue.
# In Tekken 3, Heihachi is unlocked after beating the game seven times.
# Heihachi Mishima's bosses in the Tekken Force side game in Tekken 3 are (in order of appearance) Eddy Gordo, Julia Chang, Jin Kazama, and then himself.
# Heihachi rivals in Tekken Card Challenge are Julia Chang, Jin Kazama and Ling Xiaoyu.
# Heihachi is a playable character in Tekken 4 after beating the game 8 times.
# In Tekken 4, Heihachi noticably wore hand and foot wraps when Jin defeated him, as seen in his, Jin's and Kazuya's endings. However, he only wore wrist and ankle bands in the Tekken 5 opening when the Jack-4s attacked.
# Heihachi is the final boss in the Tekken 4 mini-game "Tekken Force." His stage is "Hon-Maru."
# In the Devil Within side game, it is revealed that Heihachi has been cloned by G Corporation. Apparently, they cloned him four times. They are the final bosses of Level 2. It is unknown if Devil Within is canonical or not.
# Heihachi's sub-bosses in Tekken 5 and Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection are Lee Chaolan, Jack-5 and Kazuya Mishima.
# Heihachi makes a cameo appearance in Death by Degrees. He is shown on a screen talking to Enrique Ortega about the terms of which Enrique can use the Tekken Force.
# Heihachi Mishima's new win animation in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection features Heihachi laughing, followed by Heihachi saying, "That felt good. Next!" This is similar to a scene in Heihachi's Tekken 5 / Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Story mode, where, after defeating Jack-5, followed by headbutting it four times, Heihachi laughs. Then, Heihachi will say, "I feel much better now! Next!" Heihachi's movements, as well as the sounds of his words, are similar, as well.
# In Tekken Tag Tournament, if teamed with Kuma or Panda, they will be able to use Heihachi's "Demon's Boar (b+2)" move.
# In the PlayStation 2 version of Soul Calibur II the player can choose to make Heihachi speak English or Japanese. If Japanese is chosen, he will have his Tekken 4 voice actor, Daisuke Gori. If English (the default language) is chosen, he will have his English-speaking voice actor, Kevin Michael Richardson.
# In Death by Degrees, after you complete Anna mode, Heihachi will become a fightable boss at the end of the game rather than Anna.
# In the new console / NOVO trailer for Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion, Heihachi is shown in a few gameplay clips, and he is also heard saying, "I'll crush this wretched tournament!". Whether or not this is a new pre-fight or win animation for Heihachi is currently unknown

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King of the Iron Fist...

I always thought it was this guy-

Hachi's one badass muthaphucka.

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