Next Transformers movie

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Omnislash Kid
I think that the live action movies didn't add some of the cooler character

There was no:
-Blitzwing (who I think was badass but didn't hardly get any time in the series)
-Grimlock (cant deny his badassery)
-Hot Rod
-Omega Supreme (Oh yeah!)
-Rodimus Prime
-Skyfire (how was there no Skyfire? Honestly)
-Sunstorm (major badass)
-Ultra Magnus (Sweet Jesus!)
-Wing Saber
-Red Alert
-Vector Prime
-Giant Deception Warrior (not sure if that's his name or if he doesn't really have one)
-Deep Dive

Of course I realize they cant add all of these guys in one movie but I would have liked to see some of them from this list and most if not all of them in the next live action Transformers movie

Mr. Rhythmic
Reboot with a new director.

They can add all those characters, the 86 movie had more than 70 bots and it was great.

Omnislash Kid
This is also a live action movie
I dont think they're nudget would be able to handle it on top of all the other expenses
It would be nice to have all of them but I doubt it's gonna happen

With all the money they're raking in, I think it'll be possible at some point. I would like to see a different director's take on TFs.

Omnislash Kid
Likewise. I think Bay did a better job directing the first live action movie than he did with RoTF. I mean I personally thought both were good but I think with how RoTF was I think Bay is done making them. I think his luck just ran out with making them (if he plans on making the next one that is.)

Sadako of Girth
Ive come to agree with that statement more, Omnislash.

Certainly when it came to the humans side of it.

Omnislash Kid
Death is after Bay's next possible Transformers movie. I suppose he could always write the scripts and just fantasize how the movie would play out while he's in the movie theaters watching some other directors take on the next Transformers movie lol
Poor Michael Bay

Sadako of Girth
I hope that ginger Cat that sits on my old shed roof gets a chance to direct, for it will almost certainly do a more believeble job.....and then would be good enough to bury that work in the littertray where it belongs.

Bay is Back

Omnislash Kid

Sadako of Girth
*Shoots self*

Megan Fox comparing Bay to Hitler.

Omnislash Kid
It's time for war against movies about to go down hill

Ugh , either Let's reboot and get a real director and a functional story or just let this motha die. For the love of all that is decent. I will defintley not be seeing number 3 from Mr. Bay . Number 2 was bad enough.

Omnislash Kid
#3 will fail. I already know it's going to be irrelevant (like the first two movies) and not accurate making it fail. God, I fear Bay has run out of ideas. He already took the job T_T

Omnislash Kid
Also, where hell was Ultra-Magnus?

Originally posted by Omnislash Kid
Also, where hell was Ultra-Magnus?

I've pretty much stopped ultra- caring.

I have watched the movie and the action part is really dramitically good... I also like the graphics the way they use... Thanks for sharing the post...

Your Banned!

I really don't think you can incorporate so many characters in movies. I mean, incorporate them and make it mean anything. Look at the superhero movies. They are cluster****s of cameos. Do you really want to see just passing glimpses of these characters or see them fire their gun or transform then are never seen again?

You my mind i cant even think of Bay directing another Transformers movie...the first one i watched but was not thrilled with....the second...was the movies do that well?...i am guessing yes...but i just dont see it!

Sadako of Girth
Its not just you.

If it looks like shit, sounds like shit, smells like shit, then its not gonna be a great sandwich filling.

And lots of flies buzz around Bay's TF output.

The Nuul
The more I watch GI JOE the more I like it. Way more than any TF movie, I am looking forward to the next GI JOE a lot more than a shitty plotted, silly gags, and over the top sex jokes with big robots fighting each other in another TF movie.

Mr. Rhythmic
Originally posted by Sadako of Girth
*Shoots self*
Megan Fox comparing Bay to Hitler.

Man, it's a shame. She's such a *****.

I'd much prefer Spielberg or Reichman to work on the TF movies. Or me, at least then the Decepticons would win and box office ratings would go through the roof with a penalty of death to any down putting critic.

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