The Deathclaw

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Snafu the Great

I've seen one of these big bastards maul a Yao Guai, two Giant Radscorpions and a Mister Gutsy before turning onto the Lone Wanderer.

These suckas don't fvck around. Ten feet tall, mean, and vicious, the Deathclaws have been around since Fallout 1, the equivalent to Resident Evil's Hunters, only much more vicious.

Here's the background on these mofos from Fallout Wiki:

Deathclaws are an enormously large, agile, and strong species of mutant creatures created through genetic engineering. They are substantially larger than a human, and have large and dangerous claws.

Deathclaws stand roughly 10 feet tall, and are very easy to spot in the distance, often before they can spot you. They are incredibly fast, and can easily cover a few hundred feet to their target in mere seconds.

Although they do not have vocal cords, the deathclaws seem to be able to mimic human speech much the same as a parrot does. However, normal deathclaws aren't intelligent enough to be capable of real speech. Deathclaws can be slowed down greatly by shooting them with a dart gun.

The deathclaws were originally created before the Great War by the United States Military in order to replace humans during high-risk close-combat search-and-destroy missions. They were Jackson's Chameleons genetically modified with the DNA of various other species.

The Master also experimented on the deathclaws early on, but his experiments were not very successful, and eventually they were not used in his army. However, some of the modifications he made to their genome refined them into even more dangerous beasts.

Around 2161, deathclaws were still a mystery, a legendary creature, to many inhabitants of Southern California. In Fallout, a deathclaw first appeared in a mission to find missing caravans: while the deathclaw was not responsible for the caravan disappearances, as some had believed, evidence in its lair did lead to the correct solution. Deathclaws had also established a nest in the abandoned warehouse district of the Boneyard, obstructing traffic between the Gun Runners and potential trading partners and making any scavenging in the area very hazardous. As the deathclaw population grew, the deathclaws stopped being perceived as legendary beasts, and started to be seen as simply yet another dangerous animal.

Respect the Deathclaw...or your insides will be on the outside.

Win thread is win.

Zack Fair
I hate these ****ers.

I do too, they're faster n' sh*t.

Zac, did you check out the Halo Legends vid I put up?

Zack Fair
Hell Yeah I did.

Can't wait to see more Brutes getting the shit beat out of them. 131


I fist-fight Deathclaws for the hell of doing it.

no expression

I fist fight in Oblivion all the time, do you know how funny it is to hit a wolf in the face so hard it dies and goes limp???

It's a bit harder in Fallout, but I do it sometimes.

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