Just come spit

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Started this thread just cz I love poetry so anyone who wants to can just spit something ...well write something and I will start

i dont sleep cause the gift dont sleep
if i wasnt ish outta people's mouth i wouldnt hear a peep
maybe im arrogant,people call me arrogant
but they would think of themselves highly if they come from where i been
went from standing counts,ramen noodles, and writing poems in my cell.
now i piss people off cause im the best in the genre and THE CONFESSIONAL all it does is sell
all i do is support people but the theorist theorize theories of conspiracy and do their best to see me fail
like the woman with the killer lipstick said at the end of part five, "oh well."
you dont know that i grew being called tar baby,ink,blacky,spook, and a black spasm
now the same women love my rhymes and experience ear orgasms.
lot of people say eff GPA,so i send it back at em!
want me to be humble now but i come from humble beginnings.
was alright with my position when Marc wasnt winning.
tell her didnt mean to hurt you but ure paycheck dont help my grind.
just trying to stay ahead and ever again be behind
truth be told, hope the happiness you deserve you soon find.
told the truthful truth that THE CONFESSIONAL HEART OF A MAN is the book cause people who dont know me to hate me
my body of work speaks for itself my confidence makes it easy for even so called friends to berate
all i want is my book reviewed,my book read, my gift acknowledged because that just what's deserved not what's owed me.
was told that i was heartless and selfish, so i guess like yall, she don't know me!!

Nice, i get your point, but hun try to spell better.

Here's a poem i just wrote, not going to spit it lol.
Black or white
Does it matter
Streets or house
Doesnt even matter.
The pride you have will carry through.
Being a hood rat isnt really "cool".
No matter where you are people will be watching.
Waiting for you to fall,
Waiting to hurt you.
If you cant stand on your own to feet.
Dont stand at all.
Make something of your self, make it worth the fall.
So open your eyes.
And open your ears.
No matter what, have your pride.

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