Liberty Prime, the Communist Hating Robot

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Nemesis X

Liberty Prime is a 40 foot giant robot that only appears in the Fallout 3 DLC Broken Steel.

Long ago before the world became a wasteland, the U.S. Army created Liberty Prime to aid American forces in Alaska to liberate it from Communist China but because of it not being finished on schedule, the project was scrapped and the army had to fight a long bloody battle against the communists using Power Armor.

In the year 2277, The Brotherhood of Steel managed to finish Liberty Prime and it aided the Lone Wanderer in an assault on an Enclave Stronghold. Liberty Prime fought Enclave troops because it mistook them for communists since they're in red. Prime was finished off by an Orbital Strike and the Brotherhood took some of the parts back to the Citadel (where Liberty Prime was found) and they said it could take months to years to rebuild Liberty Prime.

Liberty Prime can toss mini nukes at nearby enemies. It has a laser installed in its head that can take out anything in one hit. It can walk into shields and drain the energy from them. The robot even shouts humorous anti-communist sentences.

He appeared in the original game bro.



Nemesis X
Originally posted by NemeBro
He appeared in the original game bro.


Really? I never did get far in the game but I will be as soon as I get the Game of the Year Edition for Fallout 3.

Yes, that is one bad ass robot.

Yeah he appears in the final mission of the original game.

Nemesis X

One of his best lines ever.

Nemesis X
In the next half hour, those who don't post in here is a communist and Liberty Prime will come and hunt you down.

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Dude, do you know where I can get one of these? I want one before Christmas.

Here's some more detailed info on Liberty Prime.

Liberty Prime is a U.S. Army pacification robot. He is put back into service by the Capital Wasteland Brotherhood of Steel after they find him in the basement of The Citadel. (This is, presumably, the "technological marvel" mentioned in the Brotherhood's faction profile, and the unknown super weapon referenced in one of the newspaper cuttings that appears in the game.) He was originally designed to aid American troops in the liberation of Alaska from communist China. However, he was not completed on schedule and America was forced to fight a long bloody battle using their other secret weapon, the more successful and reasonably-scaled Power Armor. Liberty Prime would finally be completed by the Brotherhood of Steel in 2277, upon which the massive robot led a Brotherhood attack against the Enclave based at the Jefferson Memorial, humorously mistaking the Enclave troops for a Chinese invasion army and spouting anti-Communist propaganda statements throughout the battle.

He requires a massive amount of power to operate, as the Brotherhood of Steel was long unable to power him properly even with the advanced tech discovered inside the Pentagon until Madison Li assists the Brotherhood's efforts. His large backpack holds a seemingly inexhaustible supply of Mini Nukes, which he can remove and hurl at enemies like a quarterback throwing a pass. He is also equipped with twin head-mounted lasers. His massive size and strength count as weapons too: he is endowed with strength befitting a forty foot tall robot, and can rip anything in his path to shreds... if he doesn't step on it first. He also appears to have an Energy Shield, as he can sustain massive amounts of damage and short out energy barrier fields by forcefully walking into them. Finally, to inspire his allies and demoralize foes, he constantly spouts anti-Communist phrases (like most of the servitor/combat robots in the game, he seems unaware that any time has passed between 2077 and the present).

Through the computer terminal at the foot of the Liberty Prime, it is revealed that the project was commissioned by General Constantine Chase, and is a joint effort between the U.S. Army, General Atomics, and RobCo.

It would be a difficult proposition, at best, for the player character to get through the gauntlet of Enclave troops, Power Armors, and (armed) VTOL aircraft without the fire support of the giant robot, and it is impossible for the player to proceed further towards the Jefferson Memorial after the Enclave secures it (without exploiting glitches in the program), as the area is closed off by several sets of otherwise impenetrable force-fields that only Liberty Prime can neutralize.

Liberty Prime is a massive, forty foot tall robot stored in the basement below the Citadel. It is humanoid in shape, and somewhat resembles the title character of the movie The Iron Giant, but possesses the head (and laser vision) of Gort from the 1951 version of The Day The Earth Stood Still.

Along with his laser weaponry, which appears to be able to kill anything in the game with a single hit, he is armed with portable nuclear bombs and an energy drainer to deactivate energy barriers.

Liberty Prime appears only in Fallout 3.

He is first seen in the lab underneath the Citadel in his inactive state. The player can learn information about Liberty Prime as well as hear some of his dialogue by using a nearby computer terminal to initiate a dialogue test.

During the events of Take it Back!, the Brotherhood of Steel (with the cooperation of Dr. Madison Li) manages to reactivate the robot, who then proceeds to clear the way for the Lyons' Pride to the Jefferson Memorial, where he remains until the end of the game. Despite the sense of urgency imparted to the player to protect him in this mission, Liberty Prime appears to be indestructible and entirely capable of defeating the Enclave all by himself with little or no help from the player.

During Broken Steel, Liberty Prime joins the player in the battle against the Enclave during Death From Above. After the Enclave initiates an Orbital Strike, Liberty Prime is destroyed. His head, both feet and what appears to be a forearm is later taken back to the Citadel. Similar to Deputy Weld, his head can be activated and he will say some of his anti-communist phrases, albeit scrambled and garbled. At the conclusion of the main questline, Scribe Rothchild states that the brotherhood will rebuild Prime, but it might take months to years.


* The lasers that are fired by Liberty Prime have the same appearance and firing sound as the Tesla Cannon. This may be intentional.

The nukes that Liberty Prime throws have roughly the same explosion size as a regular Mini-Nuke, but is about two thirds the size of the bomb in Megaton. This may indicate that Liberty Prime was largely scaled up in the past. The nukes have the same model as the Mini-Nuke.

* The American Soldiers in the Operation: Anchorage DLC use some of the propaganda slogans Liberty Prime recites continuously.
* Liberty Prime was thought to be a possible reference to Optimus Prime, of Transformers fame, as their voices sound remarkably similar, and Optimus Prime's most common motto is "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings", similar to Liberty's patriotic battle cries of pro-Democracy. However, according to an interview in 1UP Emil Pagliarulo denied any intentional relation between Liberty Prime and Optimus Prime; it's a completely made up name, created long before the 2007 movie made Optimus Prime a 'famous' name again. Pagliarulo admitted he could have made the reference subconsciously, as he sometimes is known to do.
* Liberty Prime is not the first giant robot that Bethesda Softworks has created as a major plot element: The brass golem Numidium has featured prominently in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall, and its successor Akulakhan was also featured prominently in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Similarly, the ending to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion also has a giant humanoid (Mehrunes Dagon). Liberty Prime marks the first time in a Bethesda game that one of these giant entities fought alongside the player; Numidium only appeared in endgame cutscenes, Akulakhan was destroyed before completion, and Mehrunes Dagon was the primary antagonist in Oblivion.

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For you, Nemesis. Liberty Prime takes on New Vegas.


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