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Yes - this is the ninth contest held on KMC!

(I went and counted, since the last few were not numbered)


There will be two separate themes for this contest. Your signature must fit one of the themes to be eligible. If you manage to combine the two...more power to you, but it will not get you extra points!

1. Halloween

2. Nature


As this worked well last time, there will be two categories. Beginner is for those who are new to signature making, new to Photoshop, or those who simply don't think they'd be able to compete with more advanced sig makers. Advanced is for those who have been at this for a while and are confident in their skills.

You must state which category you are entering under when you post your signature!


The signature must fit KMC size restrictions - that is, the maximum size allowed is 540x150 pixels. The file size must be under 100kb. If it is larger than this, then it will be disqualified. Check your file sizes before uploading and posting!


The contest will run for four weeks, ending at 6pm CST Monday October 26th.


Myself - Peach queen
General Kaliero

Other Rules

Do not post ANYTHING but an entry in this thread! No chatter, discussion, or questions are allowed here. That goes in the Discussion Thread.

Your signature must be a brand new one, made specifically for this contest. It must be made by you, as should be obvious.

You are not allowed to wear the signature you have made for the contest until the contest has ended.

Breaking any of these rules will disqualify you from the contest.

Any questions?

Just ask in the Discussion Thread!

Good luck, and have fun!


Entry for: "beginner"

Went for nature witha viney thing but tried to make it slightly spooky with a blue hue and stuff. dunno if i succeeded in capturing halloweeen though.
Category: Beginner
Stuff in it: A mix of nature (the woods) and halloween (the "fairy's" a girl in a costume, just played with her and her wings). Played around with brushes and whatever else. And yeah, it's blue too... well, because I like blue. It's not much but... meh, giving it a shot.


avvy's not super important, but it's attached. photobucket isn't working for me.

Gave it a quicky, entering in the beginner, since I'm oh so new at this photoshop stuff.

Let's party.

Major Valerian
Category - Beginner.

Something I managed with Gimp. Too lazy to figure out how PS works.

Advanced (changed by request)

Rogue Jedi
Category: Beginner, Theme: Halloween.

I guess i shall enter in advanced

The Nuul
I am in advanced.

Applying for advanced!
(wrong file uploaded, fixing, reposting asap)

Demonic Phoenix


(Jack O' Lantern Render is from an image by an acquaintance of mine at DA, GENZOMAN)

Originally posted by MonoKid
Applying for advanced!
(wrong file uploaded, fixing, reposting asap)

Nice sig. Like the font and the glassy Jack 'O Lantern.


And for the record, I'm past the original deadline, so I understand if my entry can't be counted. It was made more for fun than anything, and I won't mind either way. Good entries to all who participated.

The winners!

First Place
Demonic Phoenix

Second Place

Third Place
Major Valerian

Honorable Mentions
One Free Man

Congrats, and thanks to all that entered!

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