The Forsaken Guardians RP ;_;

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a great powerful evil Known as Shinu along with his followers are trying to take control of the emince power that lies hidden on a planet known as Bume most creatures on Bume have strong abilities and some of them are Guardians who are very powerful and Shinu wants to control this power so he can control the universe each village has there own Guardian with great power The many villages worshiped the Guardians their savoirs one day each of the Guardians hide away because the people of the villages depended on the Guardians too much now many years have passed most of the villagers have stopped believing in the Guardians while others believe they all have died they only way to stop Shinu and his followers is to find a power strong enough to destroy them the same power that Shinu is after waiting for The Guardians are waiting for a true being that still believes in them and that would not only need them for a selfish reason they will be the ones to help protect the world from Shinu and his Followers some of Shinu's Followers are already on Bume searching to try to gain or destroy the Guardians powers for Shinu

7 Years Ago

Regelion was sitting with his brother Deathstar Regelion looked up at the sky to admire its greatness when a shooting star shot across his eye sight Regelion closed his eyes and made a wish "I wish to help all the villages one day" Then another Shooting star flew by but this one was different instead of going past Bume the star changed direction and began heading towards Regelion and Deathstar over their heads and into the Forest behind them crashing into the ground off a loud BANG!

Deathstar: Regelion stay here ill go check it out

Regelion: But i want to come with you

Deathstar: No stay here and watch the house

Regelion stayed behind like his brother said as Deathstar raced off to check out the falling star Regelion waited and waited for his brother return but 5 hours had passed and his brother didn't come back Regelion was worried but stayed waiting for his parents to come back from their trip to the wolf village when they got back Regelion told them what happened his father Demon raced off to look for Deathstar but only found a crater he looked for Deathstar for weeks on end and finally gave up but Regelion trained and trained for years so he can one day go look for him each day after training his mother Yuki would Tell him the story of when the Guardians used to watch over all the villages and how wise and powerful they are and also how they all disappeared or some say have all died

Present Day

Regelion stepped out of his house with his gear and sword yelling to his mother

Regelion: Alright mother I'm off on my awesome adventure tell dad ill be back soon and hopefully with a surprise

Yuki: okay but most likely he will say he hopes its a wife for you

Regelion then took a deep breath as he raced off towards the forest with great excitement he ran towards the crater where the shooting star landed he got low to the ground and placed his hand over the crater his body began to chill from the darkness he felt Regelion stood up and looked ahead to see a small old man

Old man: Do you sense it too young man the Darkness that is

Regelion: I guess that's what I'm sensing its like the feel of death it's not a good feeling

Old man: ha ha your special young man the names Yuroko Nuharu and yours is

Regelion: The names Regelion the best things to happen to the Ryu Tsume village and I'm on a mission to find my brother but i don't think i might be strong enough to find him

Yuroko: so have you heard of The Guardians

Regelion: Yeah i have my mother used to tell me that story every night what about them

Yuroko: Did you know they really do exist hey can you do me a favor

Regelion: I knew it wait What is the favor

Yuroko: well there is a Bad man named Shinu hiding out on Bume and he is trying to destroy the Guardians can you help save them

Regelion: right old man I thought the Guardians where so powerful how could they be defeated

Yuroko: You would think so can you do that for me it will help all the villages

Regelions eyes then lit up with awesomeness

Regelion: of course i would

Yuroko: Why not head north

Regelion then began to walk off deep into the Forest north

Kazekage Gaara
Kagu woke suddenly as a local boy ran into his hut. "kagu-san!" he began. Kagu leaned up, "What is it Rai-chan?" He asked the boy. Rai looked down at his feet, "A-are you really leaving the village today?" he asked. Kagu ruffled the boys hair. "if your brother doesn't mind you may come along with me." Rai jumped up, "yay!" he exclaimed as he ran out. Kagu sighed deeply as he got up and got dressed. By the time Kagu had finished his breakfast, Rai ran back into Kagu's hut. "he said yes Kagu-san!" he exclaimed. Kagu smiled at Rai, "great help me pack..." about an hour later Kagu set on with Rai.

Timachi was in the forest practicing his heart out. He had always wanted to be a guardian since his brother, Riyuko killed his family and left the village. He wanted to kill Riyuko even though that was his flesh and blood. Every day he would go to the forest and pick up a largge enough stick and pretend it was a sword. Hw would practice from when the sun rose till it went down. He swore on everything he would defeat his brother, not knowing why Riyuko did it. The next day Timachi set out telling the village elders hell be back in a few days. He was going deep into the forest for more vigorous training. His father always told him to work hard and everything will work out as you plan. Timachi deeply beleived that and did as his father says. He hoped someday he would be a legendary guardian, and maybe his wish woulod come true. He thought about all of this as he set out on his adventure. He was then stopped by a strange figure.
Strange person: Yo, kid.

Timachi put his hand on his pocket knife.
Timachi: Yea what is it?

Strange Person: So I hear ya want to be a guardian?

Timachi: Yea and?

Strange Person: First off you can do anything with that. Here. Take this.
THe man threw a regular curved edge sword. Timachi picked it up.

Timachi: Who are you?

Strange Person: Thats none of your concern, Im here to help.

Timachi: Yea, how!

Strange person: Head east. Thats all.

In a blink of an eye he was gone. Timachi hesitated at first then headed north wondering what he would find.

Blue Gothic
Leyah was all set. today she was leaving her village she had always dreamed about being a guardian and now it was going to be realised she made sure everything was all ready she would become a legend amongst her village she hoped that she would not let them down in some way but she had to let the doubts not suface in her heart she would do her best to make a difference in whatever was coming.
she said a tearful goodbye to her vilage and then set out on the path that was set before her... she glanced once more behind and then sighed and walked into the new steps ever closer to being a guardian.

The sky around Bume soon turned blood red and the clouds became black as coal all the small animals ran to hide as even the big animals were scared but due to being an alpha male they had to show their toughness Regelion looked up at the sky to and a fear went into his body but he didn't let it stop him from finding the Guardians in the distance he could see a figure of a girl he began to approach with caution towards the girl

Hitosu Moriko
Hitosu was in the Mountains throwing boulders in a pile he then crossed his hands and then jumped from the cliff in the boulder pile "HAAAAAAAAAAAAH" he crushed them in to pebbles he then noticed a strange old woman "My your strong one are'nt i can tell your a guardian just by your strength" Hitosu glanced at the elder woman "Yea i am training to be a guardian but why are you concerned for me and pay any attention to what i do" The woman went to hitosu "You want to get stronger then head east it will release your full potential" Hitosu glared "And how do i know this to be true?" The woman jumped on the stone pedestal "Do you want to get stronger young one" "Yes i do" "Then trust this old woman" "Fine i have no reason to doubt someone so wise" Hitosu followed the trail to the east

Aurora Kyo was ready to do this. To find the Guardians. The Elders from her village told her to seek the Guardians... as well as herself. This was chosen for her, and only for her. People were always asking questions of her looks. Mainly about how she was born with pointed ears. She wanted to seek herself and the Guardians desperately.

Aurora was ready. After she said goodbye to her friends, she wrapped her bag around her arms, and set off into her new journey.

A few hours later, Aurora spotted someone. A young man, by the looks of it. She began to walk towards him, keeping her eyes open.

Regelion seen as the girl began to move closer to him Regelion acted in caution as he moved towards her from side to side in quick motion so fast that it looked like clones where trying to follow him but right when he got close to her a rock got in his way as he tripped over it and tumbled into a tree face first

Regelion: Ow that hurt

Regelion pulled himself from the tree to see the sight of the beautiful pointy eared girl Regelion stood and with excitement

Regelion: Hi my name is Regelion nice to meet a pretty girl like you around these parts

Originally posted by Demonking1
Regelion: Hi my name is Regelion nice to meet a pretty girl like you around these parts

After Aurora stopped in front of the young man, she smiled. Then she replied, "Hello. My name's Aurora Kyo. It's nice to meet you too. Say... are you all right? I saw you hit that tree after you tripped."

The young girl smiled up at him warmly, patiently waiting for his response.

Regelion: That's a beautiful name and Yeah I'm alright it happenes to me a lot

Regelion stood up to see girl at eye level as he looked at her ears and began wondering whats with them

Regelion: You know it gets dangerous around here so where you headed

"Yeah, I know. I'm eally not suppose to tell, but... it's only you here. I'm headed to find the Guardians." Aurora replied. She noticed that he was looking at her ears. The young girl looked down nervously and rubbed her neck.

"And to find myself..."

Hitosu Moriko
Hitosu 's journey made hime past both aurora and regelion he did'nt respond and walked away like nothing and continued his path

Regelion still looking at Auroras ears with excitement

Regelion: You are... so em I wait are you from a nearby village

Regelion then stepped back a little just encase the girl tried to attack her

Regelion: Are you one of the people working for Shinu

Regelion was ready to draw his sword but waited for her response at that moment Regelion Noticed some guy walk past them he paid him little mind because the guy paid the little mind

Before the young girl could answer, another guy walked pass. She stared at him curiously, wondering who he was.

She then turned back to Regelion and smiled. "No, no, no. My people despise the Shinu. Actually... my Elders have sent me to find the Guardians to work with them."

Aurora could feel that Regelion was cautious of her, and smiled warmly. "Do not worry, Regelion . You don't have to be nervous around me. I'd never work with the Shinu. That's the last thing on my mind..."

Regelion eased up as he heard what she said he moved his hand from near his sword Regelion was relieved to hear that she wasn't with Shinu he then said

Regelion: Well do you mind if I come with you on your Journey

at that's Moment Three ninja looking guys jumped down from the trees one grabbed Aurora from behind by the arm while then two other ninjas dropped down next to the guy that started walking past Regelion and Aurora... Regelion acted quickly as he did a double kick to scissor kick to one ninja after doing that he back elbowed to the stomach the other ninja as the ninja bent down from the pain Regelions foot came up and kicked him in the face knocking him out Regelion turned to the other ninja behind Aurora as the ninja pulled out a kunai and placed it to Auroras neck

Regelion: Let her go!!

while next to them the Guy was busy with two other ninja

Hitosu Moriko
Hitosu then sighed "phew can't do you see you dumb ninja that girl is not in any trouble especially when im here" he then took a heavy pebble and threw it at the ninja's hand which caused him to drop the kunai he then slammed his foot to the ground which made the ground bulk under the ninja's foot and made him fall "Are you ok girl"

Originally posted by Hitosu Moriko
Hitosu then sighed "phew can't do you see you dumb ninja that girl is not in any trouble especially when im here" he then took a heavy pebble and threw it at the ninja's hand which caused him to drop the kunai he then slammed his foot to the ground which made the ground bulk under the ninja's foot and made him fall "Are you ok girl"

Aurora was at firt scared. She then turned to the stranger and smiled. "Now I am. Thank you..."

She looked up at Regelion. "Are you okay too?"

Blue Gothic
Leyah glanced up at the sky and noticed how it changed she was about a mile away from her village now and felt she should stop for a rest. She climbed a near by tree and once in it she took out her flask and had a swig from it and admired the view ahead.

Regelion was relieved that Aurora was okay

Regelion: Those guys where nothing i couldn't handle

But over by the strange guy there where still too ninjas one without warning attacked the other pulled out a strange black stone Regelions body then felt evil coming from the stone the ninjas body then began to glow black as he rushed towards the strange guy and with out warning blew up a cloud of smoke along with wind filled the air not knowing if the ninja was alive mean while 4 ninjas ran through a different side of the forest when one ninja spotted a girl drinking from a flask in a tree the ninjas stopped and began to the shuriken at the girl but each shuriken only hit near her the ninjas then attacked the girl with speed

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