Episode 24 - Cargo of Doom

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I have to say this was an episode I was waiting for for a long time, since previews were leaked in Season 1. I really think it lived up to expectations.


Right from the start, space combat is much improved. Ships actually intersect at weird angles, the sounds are more diverse, the camera shots more complex, and the details more visible. The series continues to make strides on animation. Zero-G fighting was choreographed well...especially Anakin's moves, kicking Bane backwards. Great shots of Bane and Ahsoka running down the hallway. Anakin lifting off the derbis...lots of cool technical feats that add a lot of depth. Smashing the SBD out the vacuum at the end was an excellent touch too that I didn't notice the first time.

"Rodger Rodgeeeerrrrr"...Sorry but I love droid babble. Its even better when the droid is falling away from the viewer. Droid babble was good this episode. "I hate this job" lol.

The clone communication was a nice touch. Glad to see more of it this season...but can a droid really crush a clones head? Probably not. Just in general there were some better clone shots with a lot more body language. The battle vs the Dwarf Spider Droids (they finally made it!) at the end was nice too. Even Rex who was been seen a lot has been shown new angles, depth, and intensity.

Magna guard talk!

Its nice to see that the Admiral is getting a bit of his Imperial bitchyness. SKYWALKER! Dude needs to be force choked a few times...

Is Ropal's tounge hanging out when they find him in the cell? LMAO.

NIGHT VISION YAY! Now clones just need to figure out to turn it on when its dark out...

Torture is cool.


I really didn't like that the capture of Bolla Ropal was just glossed over. It would have been a great way to start the episode. It also would have been only the second time in the series we saw a new Jedi in combat.

Ropal sure doesn't put up a fight...until hes being tortured.

How can Bane just so quickly kill a prisoner? He just doesn't seem that dumb. Its nice that we actually see a good guy die though, even though we never got to see him fight.

If all ship functions can be put on a wrist com...why does the ship need to be so big? Certainly the bridge could just be a wall computer...

Ahoka hasn't figured out that running into force fields 1. hurts and 2. doesn't let you through. Didn't she learn this in Episode 9?

Anakin. For the first time really he is confronted with the death problem. Its nice to see they are starting to address his failings (which later compound).


How can you be on a ship and not have boarding craft...? Isn't that kind of the POINT of taking a naval ship as opposed to a transport?

Once again, battles turn one sided rather quickly...This seems to be an endemic problem.

Fabric does not protect you against SPACE. Try a spacesuit next time, not a head bubble....

The Jedi can jump around the surface of the frigate but not inside when the gravity is off? Not even that, even with it off Ashoka kept jumping in parabolic paths. Houston...we have a continuity crisis.


The AT-TE attack on the frigate was probably the best executed battle sequence I've seen yet in this series. Unique terrain, well choreographed, excellent cinematography, diversity of enemies and combat styles. Now if only we could actually make the physics realistic...


Bane in clone armor...interesting....

The question is...how are they going to tie the kids in.

I agree with Ropal; they didn't do much with him other than kill him.

That's also not at all how holocrons are supposed to work. messed

And yeah, Ahsoka and Anakin wearing less than spacesuits bothered me. I was like '...what the hell, they should be dead.'

Did like Anakin having to confront loss once more. He freaks out when that happens.

General Kaliero
For the record, watching it again, I think I figured out the holocron/crystal confusion. Holocrons are like computers with ultra-capacity hard drives, and the Kyber Crystal is essentially a thumbdrive. It can be accessed on any compatible computer... which would be any holocron (giving a reason why Bane simply snagged one at random out of the Archives).

then why not store the list directly in the temple?

General Kaliero
Why not store anything in the Temple? The Crystal was said to be a list. Ropal was said to be the keeper. Apparently he keeps the Crystal with him.

Bespin Bart
Maybe in being its Keeper he was tasked with approaching these families to retrieve their children?

As I said before, it would be stupid to keep such valuable information with someone that's not even on the councel. They just needed a character they could kill off, just like Nahdar in Lair of Grievous.

If you need something that's only found in the Temple to read the crystal and it contains such sensitive information, it makes sense to keep the Crystal as separate as possible.

Same with the fact that it makes sense to keep it with a Jedi who isn't a part of the Council and isn't at the Temple.

Nemesis X
I thought it was funny when one droid pointed at another shouting "he's the commander not me!" and so the clone shoots the droid that was pointed at. The other droid said "I guess now I'm the commander" and the clone shoots him.

lol at Rex having his head bumped into a pipe.

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