Dead Mans Chest Questions

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When the Kraken spits all over Jack what was that stuff made out of? Meaning what did they use to make the Kraken spit or slime? And if Will did kill Jones(Jones would be dead Will be the captain) If that happened couldn't Will stop the Kraken?

Tramps Lady
Where your talking about Will and him becoming captain... are you talking about the 3rd movie (i no it says dmc... but yeah :P )? or are you saying that will could have killed the kraken in DMC if he had killed jones?

I think I get what you mean. Cause in DMC Will wants to stab the heart to free his father, but Jack won't let him, cause then there's nobody to control the terrible beastie.
Will would be captain, but I don't think the kraken would obey him. I think it was Jones' pet sorta.. And Jack had the black spot, so it would come after him if Jones didn't stop it. And he couldn't if he was dead. I don't think it obeys the captain of the Dutchman, only Davy Jones himself.

And about the gooey stuff the kraken spit all over jack, I don't have the recipe, sorry :P They talk about it on the special features, but I don't remember if they say anything about what it's made of..

i'm pretty sure that the kraken spits all over jack. for one thing, it's all clear and goopy, for another, jack's hat comes out with it, and for a third reason, it looks exactly like fluffy's drool from harry potter and the sorcerer's stone. smile

also, i'm pretty sure that the kraken is davy jones' 'pet-like' creature. maybe only because davy jones has been the captain of the dutch for so long that he was the only one who had the time to 'tame' the kraken, or at least get it to obey him every once in a while. that's why i think it was very clever for t and t to get rid of the kraken in awe by having beckett make jones kill it. that's like, the ultimate show of power, if you can MAKE someone immortal kill basically their entire attack on other ships.

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Fluffy's drool!

haha nice comparison sirius...I think she means what it's made of though

oh, like the recipe for kraken drool?

... sorry, i'm full out.
maybe it's the same one that nickelodeon uses xD

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XD Probably.

From the movie extras, it is a corn syrup mixture.

Johnny does freak out and shakes his body for real. It was one of those chills we all get out of nowhere. So it made the scene so much more fabulous!

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I have a love/hate relationship with those chills.

After you get them, you feel more relaxed, but they're just.... *chill*

Haha totally get what you mean!

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big grin

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