Respect The Huntress (Helena Bertinelli)

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This is a thread dedicated to the somewhat "over-zealous" vigilante The Huntress......I may include Helena Wayne too, i'm not sure.

anyway, Here's Huntress's origin as told in her first appearance in Huntress V1 #1 (1989):

Huntress V1 #2 (1989):

Here's Helena on one of her first nights out. She takes on a room full of armed men, and nails one to the wall using small throwing knifes, showing accuracy......more men come to their rescue, and she is shot, but she still evades further harm and makes her escape.

Huntress takes on more armed men, taking out all their guns with one boomerang toss, and taking them down with a simultaneously attack of 3 chairs at 3 targets, all hitting their mark.

(note: this is the same night she's been shot, and she has not sought professional medical attention)

Huntress V1 #4 (1989) :

Huntress comes face to face with her family's killer. she shows accuracy, shooting two arrows into two small bearings holding up a fire escape ladder, causing it to hit his gun hand. Just as it seems he has her dead to rights, she uses a distraction to make a clever escape

Huntress V1 #5 (1989):

Huntress shows agility evading unfire by jumping out of a 2nd story window

Huntress V1 #10 (1989):

Huntress disables an armed man with a hostage with the toss of a boomerang

Huntress V1 #11 (1989):

Evades tripwires, then lures a foe to his death with the image of his apparently abusive mother

Huntress V1 #12 (1989):

Evades automatic gunfire from multiple would be assailants

Huntress V1 #13 (1989):

Nails a man to a wall with 4 simultaneously thrown knives

Huntress V1 #17 (1989):

Huntress sneaks up on, and momentarily subdues batman with grappling rope

Huntress V1 #18:

captures batman's foot in the midst of him grappling, and is able to hold his weight

Ties up Bats once again, momentairly.......then they talk, and agree to work together

Huntress V1 #19 (1989):

Protects "defenseless hobo"(aka Batman) from an armed gang by kicking a section of a stair rail and engaging them

Huntress V2 #1 (1994):

Kills a room full of armed assailants with her crossbow

Huntress V2 #2 (1994):

evades gunfire

Huntress V2 #3 (1994):

Faces, "Redzone", a super-armored foe. shoots his eye out. He knocks her out of a window, but she manages to get inside a ledge somehow. she continues on with, according to her, perhaps a "concussion", and "blood in brain"

Evades redzone's chainsaw like weapon

Huntress V2 #4 (1994):

evades gunfire

Huntress V2 #4 (1994):

Helena comes face to face with the mobster who abducted and raped her as a well as Redzone. She defeats him after evading, then sustaining his automatic gunfire. Her pedophilic abuser is killed in the process

Helena finally works up the courage to visit her family's grave

Detective Comics #652:

armed guys....not too much

Detective Comics #662:

simultaneously disarms 3 men...not much still

Detective Comics #721:

Why Huntress has problems with Bats and the rest of the bat-gang

Detective Comics #741:

Huntress is shot by the joker, but gains Batman's approval and respect

Robin V3 #2 :

saves Roin from Lynn and her dragon clan

Robin V3 #3

Bank Shot

Robin V3 #4:

Takes a shot from KGBeast and returns the favor

Batman - Huntress: Cry For Blood #1:

Huntress's slightly altered origin.

namorsubby........words escape me right now......
except maybe........... BEAUTIUFL THREAD!!!

Don't forget to include her many "conquests" that def deserves respect too wink

Batman - Huntress: Cry For Blood #2:

Huntress evades Batman and Nightwing, accidentally injuring bruce in the Process.......she defends well against a enraged Grayson and makes her escape

Batman - Huntress: Cry For Blood #3:

Huntress learns to control some of her rage

Namorsubby. I know we argue in practically every thread, but I must say you really do put in the effort in making your respect threads. Well done. thumb up

Originally posted by Warrior18
Namorsubby. I know we argue in practically every thread, but I must say you really do put in the effort in making your respect threads. Well done. thumb up thank you

Batman - Huntress: Cry For Blood #4:

More on Helena's altered origin. Her time in Sicily, How and Who on training, and Batman's early influence on her


Batman - Huntress: Cry For Blood #5

More origin. Boarding School, then College, her first headquarters, and more of Bat's influence

Batman and Huntress talk.....He sees the good in her and decides to trust her and let her clear her name without pursuit......also, her romance with Question Begins

Batman - Huntress: Cry For Blood #6:

more origin stuff......Helena finds out who her real father is

Birds of Prey #69/70:

Huntress Vs. Vixen

Birds of Prey #73:

takes on group of heroes called "acolytes", bumblebee, flamebird, and someone else

Birds of Prey #5:

nalis man to wall w/ crossbow........i'm guessing this is kinda like her signature move.

Birds of Prey #8:

Mob goons....beat down, interrogation

Birds of Prey #86 :

evades point blank machine gun fire

Birds of Prey #92:

Huntress Vs. small Batman rogue gallery

evades ventriliquist's machine gun fire

Birds of Prey #95:

HUntress Vs. Prometheus. Deflects his staff with arrows, and subdues him with a cheap shot.....her partner finishes him off

Destroys Yasemin

Birds of Prey #106:

Huntress Vs. Catman. She beats him the easy way, with seductive

Birds of Prey #110:

Huntress saves a school bus full of children. she hops off her cycle right in front of the speeding bus, and onto the top so fast, that everyone thinks she's been hit......wrong

keep em coming man, respect earned and delivered!!

how about some huntress from the "hush" storyline in batman?
That jim lee suit kicks ass....despite the impracticality of it laughing

Batman: No Man's Land #0:

Helena's first escaped as Batgirl, and she likes the results

Batgirl(Helena) outreacts an armed man while temporarily blinded.......more importantly, she's learning to think before she reacts

Helena's contribution to the batgirl look.......she was actually the first to do the sown up facial area thing

Shadow of The Bat #83:

Batgirl starts the rumor that she is actually the original batman

Shadow of The Bat #87:

outreacts a man armed with a spear, from a distance, with a batarang/rope, then shoots penguin

Batman: No Man's Land #0:

Huntress Vs. Ferak......she loses, but puts up a fight. she withstands a blow and survives an landscape changing outburst. Ferak is evidently extremely can tell by how the semi and several cars going flying as the ground

Batman himself doesn't have much more luck

Batman #533:

knocks two guns out of two assailants hands with two small razor like objects

Batman #574:

shot multiple times by joker

Batman #609:

Saves Batman

kudos on a marvelous respect thread for Ms. Bertenelli she is as deadly as she is beautiful, Respect her for this (and her many feats) if nothin else!

Batman: Streets of Gotham #5:

Huntress Vs. Manbat


Azrael: Agent of The bat #64:

round one, not so well.....fight never really finished though

Round 2...better....she lands the only blow

Azrael: Agent of The Bat #65:

round 3......azrael doesn't want to fight......doesn't stop huntress from hittin the pansy

Huntress: Year One #1:

kills a deer with one arrow

armed guys, no biggie

Kills a wild boar with one shot from a knife

Huntress: Year One #4

catches thrown knife, beats armed men

Huntress: Year One #5:

Beats up Batgirl(misfit)

Huntress: Year One #5:

Huntress Vs. Batman.....this is when she is just starting out.she gets advice from catwoman and decides to flee, but she does fine

Huntress: Year One #6:

Fights the master assasin who killed her family, and is interrupted by batman...who suckers her and is cracked right back. By the end, the assasin ends up on the floor, with no tongue...yeah

Man that tongue slice was brutal....

Huntress: Year One #6:

Stiif arms and hi-jacks Batgirl.......who may be Barbara Gordon(I assumed it was misfit, but I forgot this is a recollection of Huntress's 1st year)

Justice League of America #26(1989):

Huntress Vs. Blue Beetle. Stops him from murdering Maxwell Lord, defeats him by knocking her stolen crossbow out of his hand and making it fire, apparently purposely......and then putting him down with One shot

Batman Intercepts her......he doesn't believe beetle was trying to kill lord. She kicks him into a brick wall hard enough to damage it....then he catches her and they tussle until he realizes his mistake

Justice League of America #30 (1989):

Faces a man who possesses the Mega-rod, Big Burda's Apokolips orginated weapon of mass destruction......she endures a blast from it and eventually defeats the man

Is invited to be in The Justice League International

Justice League of America #35 (1989):

Saves a teammate from a giant jellyfish

Justice League of America V3 #17:

Intercepts a mini-rocket in mid-air with one of her arrows, saving Catwoman....impressive

Justice League of America V3 #18:

Disarms a bomb with arrow

Justice League of America V3 #26:

Huntress battles The Unstoppable General with Batman and Plastic Man. She evades his gunfire, but not unexpectedly, she doesn't do much else

Justice League of America V3 #32:

Huntress dispatches a large score of men in mere moments

Justice league of America V3 #39:

Huntress if fired from the league by Batman for trying to kill Prometheus

Birds of Prey: Manhunt #2:

Gets the cops off her back by shooting a telephone pole cable with an arrow

evades gunfire

Birds of Prey: Manhunt #4:

takes out 3 men with one kick

Huntress Vs. Braun......according to Oracle he has strong meta-human, psychic abilities that make him at least equal to Lady Shiva, maybe even her superior....Huntress beats him, and leaves him to die

This is how shiva did against him

This is how Black Canary did

Saves Catwoman once again, this time by deflecting incoming gunfire, just as it's fired

Birds of Prey #115:

Kills electric eels

Birds of Prey #119:

shoots a cigarette out of the mouth of some clown named "Car-face", then quickly subdues him despite his super-human strength and durability

Birds of Prey #120:

shoots into the inside of a gun while crashing threw a window

Batman: 80-Page Giant #2:

Nails a subdued Riddler to the wall as he is falling

Countdown to Mystery #6:

Takes on a possessed team of Creeper,Dove,Plastic Man, and armed soldiers single-handily

Joker: Last Laugh #5:

Shows accuracy with more than just an arrow and some speed getting under a rapidly shutting door

Beats the crap outta Killer Croc in his own element.....after having thought to have come to the realization that he killed robin....she also breaks through his underwater bindings

Gotham City Secret Files:


Namorsubby, i must say i am very impressed with this thread, i knew Helana was a consummate bad ass but now i can easily say she deserves every ounce of respect from now on. cool

Strafe Prower
Great Job smile

Martian Manhunter #6:

temperarily stuns MM(actually his brother Malefic), with an arrow to the neck

Takes a shot from Malefic(MM's brother), and still staggers back to her feet

Takes yet another shot from Malefic, and provides her team with the

Green Arrow V2 #83:

Green Arrow fails to take down a helicopter.....and scurries away from gunfire........meanwhile, Huntress shows up and takes it crashes in the last scan

Batman: Family V2 #4:

Huntress Vs. Suicide King......nothing much, short stalemate

JLA: Foreign Bodies:

Gets the hang of combat in an alien atmoshpere before none other than Wonderwoman

Destroys some soldiers....Steel disapproves of her methods, Huntress tells him what's what

Batman: Family V2 #8:

Huntress Vs. Suicide King, Round 2.......Helena takes the upper hand, SK decides to cut his losses and go with plan B

Round 3...very short.....Helena ends up saving him

Batman Chronicles #1:

Helena evades gunfire and takes down armed men with Gordon

Helana's costume is pretty least the parts that are

The real, underlying reason why batman doesn't approve of huntress

Batman Chronicles #18:

Huntress has a little scrimmage with the legendary Cassandra Cain......she even manages to get ahold of her.......they stop shortly after

Batman Vs Predator V2 #2:

Saves bats from predator with an accurate shot

stuns predator with a kick.......impressive, due to the fact that bats mentions in their earlier fight(which he lost), that they had both exchanged about 10 blows, and he was feelin it, while predator wasn't even stunned

Batman Vs Predator V2 #3:

Huntres Vs. Song Sung....

evades predators staff

hurts predator to gives bats the upper hand(they still lose the fight....dark horse predator is pretty formmidable)

Huntress #1:

Disarms a would be assailant by using her arrows to deflect a gun

Huntress #2:

Dodges point blank gunfire, and dispatches her opponent, showing agility.

Timed explosive arrow

Tracking device arrow

Huntress #3:

Helena takes down mob hands and "The lion of Kufra", who seemingly possessess superhuman strength. He crushes part of a large stone ledge with a blow. She subdues him with a nerve strive and a swift kick to the face.

Huntress #4:

Evades gunfire from multiple guards

Huntress #5:

Helena vs goons and "the lion of kufra", again. She throws him across the room, then electrocutes him while he is attempting to suffocate her.

World's Finest #2:

Saves Power Girl by shooting an arrow into the "ear" of a radioactive being from earth 2(I assume it's red sun radiation). He retreats.

World's Finest #3 :

Fights the same radioactive being. Is able to save power girl get him to retreat again.

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