The Cabal Vs The Modern Defenders

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The Cabal

* Iron Patroit (Norman Osborn) Like a Tony Stark is a powerful human an entrepreneur who works with the government.

* Baron Zemo, Has learned how to use the power of the moonstones, that grant Zemo a massive array of superhuman powers such as energy/gravity/light manipulation, molecular phasing, strength/durability augmentation, flight and the ability to transporting himself and others through space, and dimensions. He attemptes to take over the world again this time with the belief that he could save the world by taking it over. Zemo now seems to be motivated by a twisted altruism rather than his original selfish desires.

* Magneto, Serves as the mutant representative, like Professor X before him. Unlike the rest of the Cabal, Magneto's motives for joining the Cabal are rather just, due to his desire to forge an alliance with Osborn that will protect mutantkind from governmental tyranny.

*The Hood, Mirrors Black Bolt, a hero-king in charge of a group of powerful outsiders. He also represents the criminal element of society. His link to Dormammu also places him in the mirror side of Dr. Strange. The Hood is now shown to be superior to Strange, as said by Strange himself when the two struggled.

* Loki, Mastery of sorcery mirrors Dr. Strange's and the connection to the superhuman Asgardian race vaguely resembles the Inhumans. Loki is a prominent member of a superhuman community outside of society, the Asgardians.

* Doctor Doom, Represents the science side of the Marvel Universe, like his longtime rival Mister Fantastic.


The Modern Defenders

* Black Panther (King T'Challa) Now fully recovered from his injuries, is now more than ever fixed on the help this world will need as The Cabal gains stregnth each passing day. The King of Wakanda knows he cant do it alone and forms a modern day Defenders team in its defense.

* Firelord (Pyreus Kril) Unable to make any contact with the Silver Surfer, who is maybe somewhere far away on feeding Galactus duty, as is Stardust and Terrax being evil and all the other heralds are pretty much dead. Blk Pather ask the Firelord if he is willing to join with him and to take the mantle of the Silver Surfer on this team, Firelord answers the call and is now the new morden day herald-representative.

* Doctor Voodoo (Jericho Drumm) Since replacing Doctor Strange as Sorcerer Supreme, As the new sorcerer supreme he stands in for Stephen Strange in the modern Defenders.

* Moonstar (Danielle Moonstar) after making a deal with the reborn Hela, Moonstar's restored Valkyrie powers come directly from Hela herself, they are much greater than they were previously, referring to her as a "Valkyrie Plus". It's been mentioned that she was specifically designed to take down a god. Moonstar has since regained her former abilitys of Telepathy, Illusion generation,Telepathic rapport with animals, Ability to create solid objects out of psionic energy, making her the perfect replacment for the original Valkyie and Moondragon in the morden Defenders.

* Skaar With the Hulk currently unavailable and this young creature being the least evil of the jerk Hulk-creatures running around, Skaar takes the mantle in his father's place.

* Storm (Queen Ororo) wishs to fight along side her husband.

* Namor (King Namor McKenzie) The King is still an on-again off-again hero/anti-hero/villain. Still a douchebag. Still ***-kicking. Claims to be reformed.

So which team wins?

Fight 1. No prep.

Fight 2. With prep, each team has 1 month.

Team 1. Hard.
With combined magic firepower of Hood, Loki and Dr. Doom, not to mention magneto and Zemo, they dominate.

No. Just no.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.