Grey Hulk vs Captain Planet

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Omnislash Kid

-CP has no time limit
-Hulk doesn't revert to being Bruce
-Bruce cant kill Planeteers
-Fight is on Earth
-Hulk's gamma radiation doesn't affect CP
-Hulk cant win just from throwing his dirty socks or w/e at CP
-CP is 90% more resistant to toxins and the closest oil rig is 100 miles away

Who wins?

well of course captian planet but my opinion is bias

Eternal Idol
Grey Hulk ftw.

Omnislash Kid
Any reasons as to why?

Eternal Idol
Joe Fixit, though weaker than other Hulk incarnations, is pretty damned tough and is the one most likely to go for the kill. Captain Planet has an impressive power set, but I don't think he'd be able to go toe-to-toe with Fixit for long.

Omnislash Kid
Turn into any element, has thrown large and very heavy objects over 1 ton to Jupiter from Earth, has complete control over the elements, is seemingly invulnerable, can fly, his brain is an encyclopedia (so he's obviously smart), and can teleport (seen in Epi.1 when escaping getting crushed by Hog Grimmley or whatever the f*** his name is after regaining his powers). Those are all pretty impressive

Omnislash Kid
Also, I meant to edit him changing back to Bruce when I meant Joe. Honest mistake on my part due to not paying attention to what I was saying

Wei Phoenix
Ms. Marvel was able to handle Joe strictly H2H, don't see why CP can't either or use his other powers.

Eternal Idol
The mullet shall be his undoing.

Omnislash Kid
If anything, the mullet probably gives him more power as well as confidence for looking so good even in the heat of battle. It's like Enzyte for CP

Couldn't CP just BFR him? Another pointless thread.

Master Court
BFR aside - for f*cks sake, imagine if every comic fight was one page long with just the flying guy BFR'ing the non-flier - Captain Planet probably wins.

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