Left 4 Dead

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The scenario is the same as in the game Left 4 Dead. And if you don't know about it, its because you are a noob. For the noobs, just imagine apocalyptic Zombie scenario - Its you and your 3 buddies vs the world.

Instead of those stooges, you get to pick your 3 team mates.

* Pick 3 Team mates.

* Must be human characters with no super powers.

* Also state which weapons (from list) they would be armed with. One weapon per person (incl yourself).

Ammo magazines are magically infinite (You still have to swap magazines, ammo will magically appear in your pocket/storage. No weight issues).

* Weapons weight (not incl ammo) still dictate movement speed and maneuverability.

Weapons List


- G36 Suppressed
- M4 Scoped AR
- M16 AR
- AK-47 AR
- Barrett M95 (.50 BMG, Bolt Action) Sniper
- Walther WA 2000 (7.62x51mm NATO, Semi-automatic) Sniper

SMG/Machine Pistol

- MP5 Suppressed with Laser sight (Noise/flash attracts Zombies)
- 2x MAC-10


- Benelli M4 Super 90 (12-gauge, Semi-automatic)


- 2x Glock 17 with Laser Sight (9mm)
- 2x USP Suppressed (.45 ACP)


- Bazooka
- High Explosive Concussion Grenade
- Fragmentation Grenade
- Incendiary Grenade
- Gas Canisters
- Time Delayed C4
- Proximity Mines
- Laser Trip Mines

- Remote Mines - Can only lay up to 20 at any single time. Remote Range: Anywhere

- TNT 30KG Remote Detonated - Only 10 at a time. Range of Remote: 500m

- Brief Case Nuke - Time Delayed - Only one at a time.

Misc and Primitive Weapons

- Adamantium Katana
- Adamantium Spear
- Bow and Arrow with Explosive tips
- Cross Bow with Adamantium arrows.
- Predator's Disc with Homing function
- Predator's Net Gun
- Flame Thrower
- Chain Saw
- Mr Freeze's Ice Gun
- Goblin's Razor Bats

John Preston - with 2 Mac-10s
Beatrix Kiddo - Adamantium Katana
I have a shotgun.

The fourth is just some nameless hollywood hottie for me to wail on.

Ok just to set the example, meaning I haven't given it much thought, I would go with:

Me: G36 Suppressed

I just feel safer with an assault rifle. It's got decent range and its suppressed so it won't attract hordes of zombies.

Agent 47: Walther WA 2000 Sniper

Quick headshots and reloads is the game. Need some long range capabilities, plus he won't miss.

Dutch: Mr Freeze's Ice Gun (oh the irony)

Probably one of the rare dudes strong enough to carry this big ass gun. I see this being very effective at close range. Can also make big ass walls that they won't get over.

Bruce Wayne: Adamantium Katana

Well he was a ninja dude, so. One broad swipe will clear your immediate surroundings quickly, easily and silently.

Rogue Jedi
Wait, is there a limit on what we can carry? Like a points system, like you use in your other threads?

Rogue Jedi
Never mind, I missed the one weapon rule.....

Me: Benelli M4 Super 90
John Preston: 2x Glock 17 with Laser Sight
Smith (Shoot 'Em up): MP5 Suppressed with Laser sight
Fox (Wanted): 2x Glock 17 with Laser Sight

Darth Martin
Me: G36 (Supressed)
Snake-Eyes: Adamantium Katana
Bob Lee Swagger: Walther WA 2000 Sniper
John Preston: 2x Mac-10

No one going for the explosives? I can think of some applications:

- Place them strategically and lure out hordes to the right spot (I dunno, with a radio or something) and kablooomey.

- Place them strategically behind you so you won't get flanked.

- Make emergency escape path. If there are hordes surrounding you, normal firearms just won't do.

- Bazooka would just be plain effective. But probably needs someone with military background that is proficient with it and can carry the weight easily.

- In the long term you probably want to be a zombie hunter/killer, the large bombs would be handy to wipe out masses.

- Also, if you didn't already know picking something like the grenade means you can just keep throwing them.

Rogue Jedi
Well, there was a guy in Black Hawk Down, one of the Delta guys, he was pretty precise when throwing grenades.

Team Mates:

1. Reed (before he gets powers)
2. Transporter dude (forgot name) OR James Bond
3. Bruce Lee from any of his movies

Weapons: Adamantium Katana, Remote Mines and M16


First, RUN!!!!

Get into a well protected building and place mines in strategic chokepoints. Have Transporter Dude stand up on higher level window and waste any zombies that try and attack.

Meanwhile, Bruce Lee stands near the doorway with the katana and starts beating up any zombies that come near.

I can also shoot them and stuff...

Reed then quickly runs upstairs, finds a bunch of random materials and uses it to create a giant anti zombie spray that changes the zombies into humans. He then makes a gun to put it into and then we simply spray the zombies with it, who turn into humans. So yeah...

Or, if it's allowed, can you add in God from Bruce/Even Almighty only without his omnipotence? Cause given that he's infinite years old and created everything/knows everything, he'd know how to create some thing that destroys all zombies instantly or something like that.

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