Haunted Boarding School: RP

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Blue Gothic
Katie glanced out the window has she saw Eton boarding school in view, she sighed to herself she never been away from her parents and now she would be staying at this school where she would have to make friends she loved her old school and hoped she would fit in here. As the car pulled up the long drive her heart started beating faster,

She felt quite nervous and before she knew it the car had pulled up and parked. The limousine driver got out and opened her door " Miss welcome to Eton " He said and held his hand out for her to take it in which she did.

She got out and glanced up at the huge school in anticipation and watched as several other cars and school buses were pulling up also " Well I guess this is it then " As the driver handed her bag and told her he would take her suitcase inside for her. " here goes nothing then "

Blue Gothic
Paington was happily chatting to her friends just outside the main entrance listening to tunes on her phone and discussing what all young girls chat about ....Boys, clothes, and other stuff. " so check it out did you hear about that girl going missing last term, all hush, hush of course but still do you reckon the rumours are true " you know I swear there is something weird about this school, Gilly cooper told me that the west wing girls toilets, well she went to do her business and something in a big scary voice told her to GET OUT! but I think she is totally making it up she such a liar..so anyway shall we sneak to the secret room tonight and tell some ghost stories and light candles and all that "

" sounds good to me paignton, I shall sneak us some food from the kitchens and even get us some liquer from one of the guys who has connections " Emzie whispered the last part eagerly

"Bloody Mary." Karrin said to her friend Susan. "We could try it sometime in the girl's toilets in the west wing - NOTHING'S GOING TO HAPPEN." Susan looked at her skeptically. "Oh come on. You heard the stories!"

"Everything in this school is explainable by anything." Karrin replied, and headed towards the bathroom. "Besides, ghosts? spirits?" She laughed. "It's just not plausible, dude." She stepped into the cubicle. "They're not real, never will be." She went on about her business.

Karrin stepped out, and looked around for Susan. "Uh, Susan?" She checked every cubicle but saw no one. She saw Susan's bag on the counter, and wrinkled her forehead. "Susan never leaves anywhere without this. Where could she have gone?" She stepped outside, and started looking around for her friend.

Blue Wiccan
Katie walked up to the school entrance trying not to make eye contact with any of the students who were standing around in groups and chatting. As she headed into the main entrance her jaw dropped..The place was huge with long corridors and staircases how would she fit in here? she thought, Katie then saw the school office nearby a good place to start she needed to get a key to her dorm and hopefully to get a map aswell. There was a queue waiting so she walked over and joined the line and waited patiently.

Sitting down on a nearby wall smoking a cigarette Gemma glanced at the school as though it were a prison most of the students all looked stuck up and full of themselves...she loathed her parents at this precise moment, What were they thinking sending her here? She didn't belong in a posh,Preppy school full of pretencious snobs. Gemma turned away and doubted her cig end and picked up her guitar case and bag placing over her shoulder and thought to herself she may as well get it over with.

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