William Birkin

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Nemesis X

William was one of the Umbrella Corporation's top virologists and was the one who discovered the infamous G-Virus. He was the husband of Annette and father of Sherry. With him behind the G-Virus project, he served as the main antagonist in Resident Evil 2, and was a supporting character in Resident Evil 0.

Birkin joined Umbrella in 1977 at the age of 15. He was placed at the Umbrella Corporation Management Training Facility under James Marcus. There, he was a fellow rival of Albert Wesker, as they were both Marcus' top apprentices. After the tyrant project (that they were involved in) was closed down in 1978, they were transferred to the Arklay Research Facility on July 31st, where they continued their T research and became chief researchers of the facility. William was proud of being the youngest researcher until Alexia Ashford was assigned chief researcher of Umbrella's Antarctic facility at the age of 10 in 1981. This led Birkin to be jealous of her even though they worked in two different facilities. Birkin was "promoted" to lead the T project after assisting Wesker with the assassination of James Marcus. By the time Birkin was given credit for the project, he was married with Annette at the time and they had a child in 1986. Birkin sticked the NE-a parasite in Lisa Trevor and began using her as a guinea pig for his and Wesker's experiments. When Birkin examined Lisa's body, he noticed that the variation of the Progenitor Virus that was injected into her had absorbed all the mutagenic organisms that she had been implanted with since then and mutated into a new virus, which Birkin named the G-Virus. He got approval from Ozwell E. Spencer, the president of Umbrella, to initiate the G-Virus Project. Wesker didn't approve of the project because he believes that random and uncontrolled mutations wouldn't work on a B.O.W.. In 1991, William and his family were moved to an underground research facility in Raccoon City and bribed the Chief of the Raccoon City Police Department to cover up the G-Virus Project and using his wife as the middle man.

During the T-Virus outbreaks in the Arklay Research Facility, Birkin and Wesker were shocked when they discovered that it was James Marcus who caused it. Worried about important intel being leaked from Marcus, Birkin activated the self-destruct system destroying all the evidence of his involvement in the decade old conspiracy. He feared that if anyone else knew about the conspiracy, Birkin would be fired from his job.

In September 1998, Birkin finally finished the G-Virus Project and planned on using his final research to be promoted into Umbrella's executive board. However, he disagreed with his superiors and planned on keeping his research to himself and sell it to the U.S. Government. He requested the military to retrieve him but the team never came and the Umbrella Security Service Unit (led by HUNK) reached the lab to steal his work. After a tense standoff, a loud noise made an over excited soldier to shoot Birkin down with machine gun fire. They took William's research and the researcher was left to die. Before he died, Birkin injected himself with a sample of the G-Virus and survived which mutated him rapidly into a monster only known as G.

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Nemesis X

After his mutation, Birkin went after HUNK and his unit that stole the G samples and chased them into the sewers. The team was taken by surprise at the sight of the reborn Birkin and were all slaughtered (all except HUNK who escaped). During the carnage, vials containing the T-Virus were accidentally smashed and was ingested by rats, serving as the main cause of the zombie outbreak in Raccoon City.

Around the 26th, Birkin attacked all the survivors in the underground research facility and infected some of them. A woman named Monica found a G sample and planned to escape to the surface with it but that plan was foiled when G caught her and implanted a G Embryo inside of her but only those who match William's DNA structure can accept the embryos. Those who who don't have the same DNA will have the embryo bursting out of their chest (sorta like those bursters from Aliens).

Several days later on the 29th, Birkin wandered the Raccoon City Police Department and encountered some surviving citizens with his daughter among them. Looking for a host to propagate his embryos, William implanted his embryos into Brian Irons (the chief of police) but this only killed Brian because his DNA didn't match William's. He was however, successful of planting an embryo into his daughter Sherry.

During all of his mutations, he chased after Ada Wong, Leon Kennedy, and Claire Redfield from the sewers to the underground research facility. He was defeated by Leon and Claire while struggling to revive himself. Shortly after, the train William was on was destroyed which killed him.

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