Respect Sephiroth (Kingdom Hearts)

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Different Sephiroth.
Different universe.
Different thread.

"An unsurpassed swordsman who was once revered as a hero.

For a long time Sephiroth's whereabouts were unknown, and no one can say for sure why he has returned.

He seems to have some connection to Cloud's past. "

As the embodiment of Cloud's darkness, only Cloud can eliminate him. Just like Pyramid Head...only fluffier.

Kingdom Hearts

* Horizontal Slash: Sephiroth's basic sword slash. Covers a long reach and has a wide arc, but can easily be deflected or jumped over.
* Teleport Slash: The second Sora delivers the finishing combo, Sephiroth will vanish and flashes behind Sora to deliver a sword slash. (Teleport period approximately about 1~2 seconds.)
* Stigma: Sephiroth conjures three flame pillars around him. Using a special move like Ars Arcanum or Strike Raid will make Sora invincible to this attack, so it is recommended to use such techniques if you get caught in it. Sephiroth in turn is highly vulnerable while performing this move.
* Heartless Angel: Sephiroth's trademark attack, used when around 70% of his first HP meter is shaved away. Drains Sora's HP to 1 and MP to 0. It can't be dodged, but it can be interrupted if Sephiroth is hit while casting this attack. Sephiroth will say "Descend, Heartless Angel!" before using this attack, so listen carefully for it. It is best to strike him before the halo around him completes, as this will interrupt the casting. If Sora happens to be too far away from Sephiroth while he is performing the Heartless Angel attack, use Superglide to get close to him pronto. If damaged while performing this move, Sephiroth will immediately use Stigma.
* Omnislash: Sephiroth does a frenzy of standing and leaping blows, then leaps up and does a finisher. Be wary of the last blow, because it does a great deal of damage. However, the blows are not entirely consecutive, so Sora can avoid many of them with properly timed guards and dodge rolls.
* Shadow Flare: Sephiroth will conjure dozens of dark orbs to surround him. The orbs serves as his shield and a distraction for a spinning sword slash. He often uses this move many times in succession.
* Super Nova: Sephiroth's ultimate attack, his body emits a glowing white aura and he summons several meteors, which surround and orbit around him. A black hole later appears above his head and absorbs all the rocks, which later releases a meteor homing Sora. The initial meteors can be avoided by running around them, and the last attack requires quite a bit of timing to dodge.

Kingdom Hearts II

* Flash (フラッシュ, Furasshu?): the screen darkens, and Sephiroth says "That's enough." before dashing past you. Sora then is hit multiple times. It can be avoided quite easily by using the Reaction Command; otherwise it is virtually impossible to avoid except with deft jumping, or using Reflect. Sephiroth always opens the battle with this. It should be noted that you have a very short window of opportunity to activate the Reaction Command before Sephiroth executes the attack.
* Ground Omnislash (地面超究武神覇斬, Jimen Choukyūbushinhazan?): Sephiroth charges forward, unleashing several quick damaging slash attacks. These can be avoided simply by keeping your distance, leaping over them, using Guard, or simply flying around with Glide (although you might get hit sometimes). Later in the battle, Sephiroth dashes behind Sora before starting the series of slashes. Counterguard can be used to reverse this assault.
* Aerial Omnislash (空中超究武神覇斬, Kūchū Choukyūbushinhazan?): Sephiroth only uses this move when Sora is in the air and attacks him multiple times, after which he teleports. Sephiroth often uses this attack three or more times in a row. They can be avoided by using Aerial Dodge and counter-attacking when Sephiroth re-appears. If this follows his teleport slash, it can also be countered with retaliating slash to prevent the combo and start your own if timed correctly.
* Teleport Slash (テレポート, Terepōto?): Sephiroth teleports behind Sora and attacks, knocking him high into the air. This is usually followed up with Aerial Omnislash. This move is difficult to detect and avoid, but can be blocked with Guard and fast reflexes. Even if Sora is hit, the follow-up Omnislash, as told above, can be countered easily.
* Shadow Flare (影フレア, Kage Furea?): Sephiroth summons several dark orbs around Sora that follow him around briefly before hitting him. They can be deflected back at Sephiroth using the Keyblade or Reflega.
* Heartless Angel (無情天使, Mujou Tenshi?): Sephiroth flies into the air, glows and calls out "Descend, Heartless Angel!". A halo appears over Sora's head, which after a delay, cuts Sora's HP to 1 and depletes all his MP, even if he is using a limit. This can be stopped by attacking Sephiroth before the halo appears, or by timing Curaga to heal Sora just after the attack finishes casting. At any rate, if it's successful Sephiroth will immediately follow this with Flash. This attack often ends up as an instant death attack for most players since they're unable to heal themselves in time.
* Firaga Wall (ファイガ壁, Faiga Kabe?): Sephiroth draws Sora towards him and summons many flame pillars around himself. These can be avoided by running away from Sephiroth, using Quick Run, or using Reflega if Sora is caught in them.
* Meteor (流星, Ryūsei?): Sephiroth floats into the air in front of the chasm and summons many meteors to hit Sora. These can be avoided with a combination of Aerial Dodge, Reflega and deft moving.

I don't respect bishonen.

Then you don't count.

hes still the same character even if hes in a different game.

Not really. He's not trying to become a god in KH.
He's also not an alien hybrid.

And a lot more differences.

we dont really know what he is in KH.
different motives doesnt mean hes a different person.

he does however have the same nemesis same weapon same appearence almost down to the letter and same name even. its like saying SSMB mario is different from regular mario or mario tennis mario isnt mario...

the fact that you have to put "Kingdom hearts" before sephiroth in the title is proof that hes the same person with just a different incarnation. no expression

In Kh he is just Clouds darkside or heartless.

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Originally posted by Ms.Marvel
we dont really know what he is in KH.He is Cloud's darkside and this is the only one capable of beating Sephiroth. This is clearly detailed by both Cloud and Sephiroth. It's not much of a physical battle as it is one dealing with the KH version of "the heart". Anyone could "beat" Sephiroth but he would come back since he's a manifestiation of Cloud's dark side of the "heart", so this is not putting Sephiroth down.

FF7 Sephiroth is the son of Hojo and another human being, and was injected with Jenova cells, cells from an alien God.

The only similarities between the two are similar abilities, looks and name, and voice.

He's the same character, and even if he is not, what makes him warrant having his own respect thread?

Absolutely nothing.

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