You Love To Read...but Don't Have What To Do???

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I know this discussion is a simple one wink much thoughts required...but if you are a real reader, then you sometimes feel bad of not having enough time to read your favourite authors.... confused

How do you take out time from your busy schedule???

Are you among those who take time out anyhow and walk into your nearest bookstore to browse books???

Have you ever tried buying books online to save your precious time?

If yes, then which online site do you prefer???

replies awaited!!! roll eyes (sarcastic)

That ACDC Chick
ive taken a year off from school to focus on my writing so i read a lot
every other week i got to the library cause of Book Club

and ive used online buying once
i got a few graphic novels and a couple of regular books

If you try hard enough you can always find time to sit down and read. Even if it is only for half an hour a day.
I am one of these people who cannot walk past a bookstore without going in and having a good look around.
I have also spent quite a lot of money on books through Amazon online.

I buy most books online(Amazon mostly, and because there is more choice and of course it's much cheaper with free delivery. The number of times I've gone into Borders with a list of books and can't find one book. Borders is closing down near me unfortunately, always like going into browse. Fortunately a different named book shop has just opened only 2 miles away, but it's smaller than the main branch.

I always find time to read, unfortunately I can't read while travelling by car or bus because it makes me ill... so it's music for me travelling on those.

Read online while you are on there or make time!I cut my tv time to make time reading my favorite books. cool

lil bitchiness

I spend a lot of time reading. I order used books off of amazon and Better World, I have a Borders across the street from my college so I go there often during breaks, and I generally have a book in my purse.

It's one of those things that I try and make time for.

Due to rampant composition courses I've turned to audiobooks recently. I listened to Joe Hills 20th Century Ghosts and A Feast for Crows. It takes longer than if you read it yourself, but there are more ways to squeeze it in.

Make time and cut off whatever you may not need to do like watch tv or movies.

don't have time to read?

do audiobooks.

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