Jason Voorhees

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Snafu the Great
Jason is probably my No.1 pick for being the top slasher in horror films. The reboot of the series finally have him running after his victims. Needless to say, he's badass.

Jason's Bio

Nationality: American
Date of Birth: June 13, 1946
Hometown: Crystal Lake
Height: at least under 7 feet
Weight: over 200 pounds
Hair: damn near bald, has some dark strands
Eyes: Brown
Family: Pamela Voorhees, mother (deceased); Elias Voorhees, father (whereabouts unknown); Dianah Kimble, sister (deceased); Jessica Kimble, niece, Stephanie Kimble, great niece
Signature Weapon: Machete
Portrayed By: Ari Lehman (child); Warrington Gillette & Steve Daskewisz, Richard Brooker, Ted White, Tom Morga, C.J. Graham & Dan Bradley, Kane Hodder, Ken Kirzinger, Derek Mears

Jason Voorhees is a victim of cruelty and neglect. As a boy, he drowned at Camp Crystal Lake. He has returned to his land and has slain hundreds of victims in his never-ending quest for revenge. He is one of the most feared killers of all time. Being unstoppable and near indestructible, few can match his legacy of terror.

Jason Voorhees was born to Pamela Sue Voorhees in 1946, June 13. His father was Elias Voorhees, not much of him is known. He has red hair and is silent, but very intimidating. Soon after Jason was born, Elias abandons the family. It is believed for this reason Jason's mother became severely overprotective of her only child. Jason was deformed physically,which lead to problems. He never went to school, so he never had any friends. But he never got sick and he never expressed the feeling of physical pain. Jason, as a child, was naturally shy due to his overbearing mother. With no other choice but to work for money, Pamela becomes employed at the near-by summer camp as the cook and Jason is, for the first time, exposed to others. Because of the nature of children and his own physical deformities, Jason becomes the target of many cruel exploits growing ever-worse.

One summer day in 1957, the ultimate cruelty is performed. Jason Voorhees is somehow ( whether accidentally or on-purpose isn't known) thrust into Crystal lake. Despite his screams, nobody comes to help. The on-duty counselors are otherwise occupied. Jason drowns in the lake, but despite searches for his body, it is never found. The belief persists that Jason is dead. His death would turn into somewhat of an urban legend. Some people used the story as a warning that Jason would pull people down under the water if they could not swim. It was a ghost story, and few actually ever really believed it was anything more than just a morality story to keep kids in line.

After Jason's disappearance, his mother, Pamela Voorhees, went insane with grief and, a year later in 1958, murdered two counselors in a cabin while they were having sex, presumably the same two not paying attention to her son when he drowned in Crystal Lake. This gave the nickname to the place as "Camp Blood". Pamela then haunted the camp and sabotaged the attempts to reopen it. These attempts are unsuccessful due to "bad" water, fires, and other mishaps. The camp remains closed for twenty-one years, and the murders remain unsolved. Eventually Steve Christy gains the money and the staff to reopen the camp. Despite the warnings the locals give of the "Death Curse", the plans go ahead anyway. Pamela returns to the camp and kills the counselors one at a time without mercy. The lone survivor of her attacks, Alice Hardy, confronts Pamela and tries to escape her insane pursuit, left with no other choice but to resort to violence. Alice then obtains a machete and beheads the insane woman. After this, she gets into a boat and moves off into the lake. Alice then has a nightmare of Jason Voorhees emerging from the water as a child, seeking revenge for the death of his mother. She awakens in a hospital room and learns that they never found any boy in the lake, indicating that the encounter was nothing more than a nightmare inspired by the trauma of the collective events of the previous night's horror.

Snafu the Great
Pamela Voorhees was killed by a violent beheading from Alice. The most brutal murders in the local history would soon become something of a legend and spread like wildfire. The survivor of that night, however, would suffer some lasting nightmares and be institutionalized for a short time. Unbeknownst to all, Jason had not died all those years ago, instead he had chosen to live off the land and become just as beastly as his surroundings. It is unknown why he chose not to reveal himself over this time, but even he knew that it was a world he did not belong in. Jason spent his time living off the land and stealing what he needed to survive. He was basically harmless until that fateful night. Attracted by the commotion, Jason had arrived just in time to witness the only one who had ever truly loved him killed. Jason never forgot that horrible night and his rage consumed him completely. Two months after this night, Jason crept into Alice's home. As an act of revenge, he kills her with an icepick, but not before Alice is treated to a frightening appearance by the severed head of the killer from her nightmares. Her body is not found. Five years later, Paul Holt opened up a camp counselor training ground near the camp. Paul tells the story of the night the others died, then he speaks of Jason and how he kills anybody who goes onto the now-abandoned campground. Despite believing that Jason is still dead, he warns them not to go over there anyway. However, Sandra and Jeff decide to go anyway. They are found by a police officer and brought back home. But this is more than enough to incite Jason's inhuman rage. Later that night the majority of the trainees escape into town for the night, leaving six behind. Jason dispatches them through the course of the night one at a time.

Ginny Field and Paul return from town and quickly discover the horrible carnage. Jason appears and gives chase, Paul engages Jason in conflict as Ginny runs screaming into the woods alone. Ginny eventually finds an old shack, and when she enters it, becomes immediately aware that no normal person lives here. She finds rotting corpses, including the decomposed remains of Alice and a shrine to a severed head. Remembering the story of his mother, she makes a last ditch effort to live and finds the sweater Jason's mother was wearing so many years ago hoping for a chance to trick Jason. The killer enters and for a few minutes, and at first Ginny's ploy works. Jason sees through the illusion just before Ginny has the chance to strike. She is saved by Paul, who breaks in at the last minute, and once again tries to fight Jason. Ginny then drives a machete into his left shoulder, seemingly killing Jason. She and Paul then returned to the training camp, and they locked themselves in a cabin. Minutes later Jason rammed through one of the windows and attacked one of the two remaining counselors. Ginny awakens the next morning while being carried on a stretcher to an ambulance, and there is no sign of Paul or Jason anywhere. The ambulance takes her away from the property.

The next day, however it would seem that Jason is not as dead as he appeared to be in the first place. The grievous wound he had taken was already beginning to heal. Jason, knowing that the police are swarming the area, retreats from his land and moves to a near-by place called Higgins Haven. At the same time, more teenagers are going up to the camp for the weekend. Jason is quickly aware of the new intruders. The vacationing teens were warned by Abel, when he found some body parts and showed them. His warnings went unheeded. That night brought more blood and horror for everybody involved. One by one Jason begins to slaughter any who get in his way. One thing of mention. Shelly, the prankster is killed, however Jason takes his Hockey Mask and dons it for the first time. The look would become a thing of legend. Nothing seems to be able to stop Jason, and nobody is immune. From shop owners to gang members. At the end of this horrible night, only one remains. Her name is Chris. Two years earlier, Jason attacked Chris, but she luckily managed to escape the maniac. Chris never forgot his horrible face, and seeing it again sends her into a panic. She is nearly killed by the monster, but she succeeds where others have failed. With a swing of an axe to the head, Jason is felled once again. Mimicking Alice she gets a boat and moves into the lake. Her mind finally snaps with a nightmare in the morning. She sees an unmasked Jason coming for her from the house, moments later a decaying Mrs. Voorhees emerges from the lake, and takes her down into it. Chris awakens and is clearly mentally disturbed at this point, she is taken away by the police who were hot on Jason's trail, and Jason's body remains at the scene this time. After these two days, Jason has killed 20 people over the course of a single weekend, not counting Alice who was killed some time before all of this. Jason Voorhees appeared to finally be killed once and for all. But legends never stay down for long.

Chris Higgins has defeated the force of evil, and Jason's rampage was seemingly brought to an end that night in the barn. The police had finally caught up with Jason and secured his fallen form as it lay there. Chris is brought away and the terrible nightmare finally comes to an end. Jason is carefully removed by officers and transported to Wessex County Morgue. Jason is put there next to some of his earlier found victims, or what is left of them anyway. The morticians, along with everybody else is a bit spooked they are in the presence of such a vicious killer, but the dead are harmless so their concern focused else where. Impossibly as it may seem, Jason somehow managed to live through the axe to the skull. His unique physical trait of regeneration has saved his life once more. Rising from the jaws of death once more, Jason proceeds to kill once more, his so called keepers are the first to witness his rage and become the newest members to an ever increasing body count. Jason knows where he belongs, and he intends to return to his land, nothing will stop him.

Despite the murder spree, they still come to the lake. Teenagers either oblivious or just foolish enough to not pay attention to the events around them looking for a escape from their lives. Murder isn't their problem, nothing bad or horrible could ever happen to them, and they come to his woods without fear. It does not take long for the murderous Jason to return to his woods, and the night begins to creep around the edges of reality once more.

There are some though, who have lived here their whole lives and just recently learned of their relief knowing that the monster of the woods had finally been stopped. One such family is the Jarvis Family. They are a trio of your average American family with out a father figure however. Trish Jarvis is the sister of Tommy Jarvis, this kid has a special gift for making masks and is a little on the weird side, but extremely intelligent.

Jason Voorhees makes his way back to the lake and kills any who he meets along the way, but somebody else has come to the lake as well. Somebody looking for revenge against the killer, for a victim taken not more then two days ago. His name is Rob and his sister was Sandra. The night slowly comes down upon them all and the blood begins to flow. Trish's car breaks down and it is then that Rob meets with Trish and helps her and Tommy fix the car. Upon getting home, Their mother is missing and nowhere to be found. In the summer house near by Jason is doing what he does best, spilling blood of anybody he sees. Not knowing what to do Trish decides that Rob knows more then he is telling and goes out to find him. She does and it is only then that Rob tells her of his real purpose in the woods. Alarmed at the story, she immediately fears the worse about her mother, and quickly returns home to warn her brother Tommy of the danger, but she is too late.

Rob searches the basement of the house, and despite all of his bravado and iron will, Jason kills him like any other victim. Trish and Tommy run through out the house and attempt to get away. All attempts fail, Trish tries to save Tommy by distracting Jason long enough for him to get away. She manages to make him drop his favored weapon somehow in the process. Tommy, determined to not let his sister die uses references from Rob's researched newspaper clippings to make himself look like Jason did as a child. This distracts the killer long enough for Trish to attack Jason, but she misses and only knocks of his hockey mask, revealing his deformed face. Jason attempts to kill Trish for this exposure, and in his blinding rage came his down fall.

Tommy took up the killer's weapon and thrust it deep into his skull, into his brain. Jason drops to the floor the blade does not move and makes the wound deeper as his head slides into it. The crisis seems over, but Tommy sees Jason's hand twitch and he loses control. Taking the blade up once again he loses his mind and several times over hacks away at the fallen body. Not even Jason's special healing ability could save him from such a big, serious wound. Tommy had done the seemingly impossible, he killed Jason Voorhees. The bloody week was finally over and the last one to die would be the killer.

Tommy would never see his home again, or his mother. The bodies were found and were hoped to be the last. In all Jason is known to be responsible to have killed at least thirty four people over the course of a single week. Tommy would spend the next many years in and out of various hospitals and institutions, but destiny would have other plans for the young and now tortured soul.

Snafu the Great
Jason Voorhees is dead, killed by Tommy Jarvis when he was 12 years old in a brutal self defense action. Despite it was the normal reaction, the event leaves the boy scarred for many years. Treatments are tried and eventually the damage is somewhat repaired. Jason still haunts his nightmares and sometimes the waking world, but Tommy now knows the difference between reality and his dreams. Tommy would have possibly recovered from this, and was well enough to go to a halfway house preparing people to re-enter society when he is 18 years old. It is based on the Honor system and there are no guards. In a fit of rage, Victor ends up murdering Joey, an annoying, yet harmless and kind kid who talks too much and provokes Victor. Joey is killed with an Axe and Victor is taken away.

Paramedics arrive to take the poor kid away. And this does no good for Tommy's mental health over all. Soon after this, the killings start once again, and they have an eerie feel to them. Violent and horribly brutal is Jason's old method. The authorities are convinced Jason is still alive and has returned for what ever reason. This time though, Jason seems to be much more active then usual and his killing rate is much increased.

Tommy, Pam, and Reggie are not present due to the fact they went to see Reggie's brother, on the way back from the visit Jason kills the brother and his girlfriend. The three of them eventually get back to the Pinehurst halfway house and find out the bloody fate that they had avoided. But then Jason appears and pursues them. Eventually the final showdown takes place in the barn. Tommy faces his fear and attacks Jason again. The trio eventually send Jason out the Loft door and he lands on the steel spikes of a tractor harrow.

During the cleanup, it is revealed that this Jason was not the legend after all. In fact, it is Roy Burns, the paramedic who removed Joey's body. Turns out Joey was his son, in secret. He used the legend of Jason Voorhees and killed all those people responsible for causing his son pain and torment, and anybody who got in his way. In all, seventeen people met their end at his hands.

Later, Tommy seems to have a relapse and moves into Jason's personality. Pam is threatened by a Hockey mask wearing Tommy, but it is never known if he really killed her of not. Anyway, Tommy's involvement with Jason isn't quite over.

The memory of the monster refuses to fade. Tommy Jarvis has had little rest from the maniac from when he killed him and since there was that impostor Roy Burns that made all these memories come rushing back to the surface. Learning that Jason's body had not been destroyed but simply buried is simply unacceptable. Tommy and his friend Hawes make their way to Eternal Peace Cemetery and plan to destroy the body once and for all. Tommy and Hawes dig up the decaying killer from the ground and find Jason, very much dead. Tommy loses his temper at the very sight of the monster and attacks the corpse with a metal pole several times, leaving it in the body as he exits the hole. Seemingly on Que, the sky opens up and the power of electricity comes down and strikes the fallen monster, not once but twice.

To Tommy's horror, his worst nightmares come true, Jason rises from the grave. Hawes hits Jason in the head with a shovel only to become the first victim of Jason's new found power, Jason runs his fist through Hawes's body. Jason's first victim also becomes his newest grave dweller. Tommy then runs from the scene and goes straight to Forest Green Police Department. The Sheriff knows who Tommy is, but does not want to believe him, and wishes for the legend of Jason to remain only that. A legend. Jason quickly picks up the pace once more and the murder spree continues, this time there is a catch though. Camp Crystal Lake is reopened.

The counselors are dispatched easily enough, along with anybody who gets in his way. Tommy is locked up by the police force, but set free by the Sheriff's daughter Megan. It is too late though, the majority of the police force has been killed and all the counselors are dead. The sheriff is killed last after Tommy and Megan arrive trying to save his daughter from him, he is broken in half. Jason is about to go after the children when Tommy finally is able to confront his nemesis for the last time. In a grand display of fire in the middle of the lake, Tommy is able to finally wrap a chain around Jason's neck and send him and the rock he is attached to, to the bottom of the lake once and for all. Saving the children from certain doom. Tommy believes that Jason is finally finished and never returns. Forest Green reels from the horrible scene uncovered the following day. The FBI is called in to assess the massacre and decide that it is a copycat band of killers. Despite the reports from the last remaining Officer, Tommy and Megan are never seen again. The mess is cleaned up and the Camp is abandoned for good this time. Forest Green changes its name back to Crystal Lake and soon decide that murder is good for business. Thrill seekers from all over then come to see if they can get a glimpse of Jason wandering the woods or rising from the cursed lake.

Snafu the Great
Jason Voorhees, chained to the bottom of the cursed lake and destined to remain there for the rest of time by Tommy Jarvis. The undead body was filled with so much evil, that even the animals of the lake knew well enough to stay away from it. Its supernatural status kept the ravages of time and decomposing from him and there he remained. It is unknown when, but a young girl named Tina Shepard has a fit of rage as a response to her father abusing her mother. This rage results in Tina escaping into Crystal lake in a boat. As she screams her hate to her father, the telekinesis in her blood shows itself for the first time. Tina is directly responsible for her father's death as the dock he is standing on quickly is destroyed. The horror and the condition of her daughter causes them both to leave the area.

Many years later, Tina and her mother return at the request of the slightly demented Dr. Crews. Figuring that returning to the first time her powers came out would help her get over her grief. In reality however the so called doctor is hoping for increased activity and showings of power. Tina and the doctor increasingly feud over the direction of progress and the situation only gets worse. Eventually Tina, over come with grief, goes to the direct spot where her Father had died so many years ago. In desperation and anger she tries to bring her father back from the watery grave. The only one who remains there at the bottom of the lake, is none other then Jason. Her powers sever the chains holding him down with ease, and the monster emerges from the lake once again.

Once thought done and over with is no longer. Jason begins to kill any and all with in his woods. Most of the bodies are never found due to nobody knowing who was supposed to be on their way, and any who does discover a body, quickly becomes part of the ever growing rampage. Tina's powers allow her to see events in the future, but nobody believes Tina about the figure she is seeing, and her doctor claims they are delusions of her father, but he knows more then he is telling. The teens up there for the weekend slowly vanish one by one, but nobody suspects anything is wrong even when people never show up. Eventually Nick believes Tina when she guides him to the body of his cousin in the trees nearby. Jason eventually kills everybody in the area, fifteen people die. Tina uses her powers to battle Jason, from trying to kill him with a power line, to hanging him, to shooting hammer nails at him, and to setting him on fire, nothing works to much effect other then to just slow Jason down. The main house explodes, and Jason is finally thought to be destroyed.

It is not to be. The last show down occurs when Tina causes Jason's chains to rise from the lake, and once again capture him. Tina swears that her Father brought Jason back to the bottom of the lake, her sanity is questioned highly however. The whole event is only known for the Gas explosion of the house, the only proof Jason was ever there that was found was the destroyed hockey mask in the debris of the aftermath. Jason's involvement was completely written off and the two survivors were charged with the destruction. A search for Jason's supposed body came up empty as well, and the bodies were never found in the forest, or looked for. The explosion covered up everything. Nick and Tina would never return to Crystal Lake again.

Still Chained, and forgotten at the bottom of Crystal lake, Jason waits there in stasis. Be it fate or by design an exposed electrical cable is struck by an anchor from a passing ship. Jason is jolted back to life, wasting no time in picking up where he left off he immediatly kills the two aboard the ship that set him loose upon the world once more. The monster is filled with rage. His lake has been infested with the people he can not stand, and they dared to use it for their own purpose, they would pay dearly for this. The graduating class has plans to go to the New York City. The ship known as Lazarus is chosen for this purpose. Angered at so many things, he bides his time and waits for his chance to strike. The class boards the ship and decides that it is as good as time as any to get started. So they do, but Jason comes aboard the ship as well. All goes well, but the night comes for all of us eventually. One by one Jason begins his trademark fashion of killing people one at a time.

A freak storm appears from nowhere in the process of this murder spree making the situation even worse. One of Jason's victims ends up being thrown into the main electrical panel, starting an enormous fire. The boat begins to sink and only a handful of people manage to escape the drowning, and the wrath of Jason in a lifeboat. After an undeterimed amount of time, they make it Finally to New York City. The final surivors do their best to avoid Jason, but one by one he get them and any who gets in his way suffer their fate as well. Nobody is safe from this rampage through the city. Eventually the last two surivors escape into the underground sewers. The trio battle Jason in the sewers to a stand still. Not standing a realistic chance to win, they use a toxic mixture of chemicals. The offical story is that the sewers flushed themselves out every night at midnight. Regardless of what happened, Jason disappeared. It is a direct result of this rampage and massive death count that the FBI was requested for assistance. The entire graduation class was killed off, a policeman. The final straw had been drawn and the greatest mass murderer of all time, would be brought to justice once and for all.

Snafu the Great
Jason Voorhees's file at the FBI was never officialy closed, but it was considered a cold case for many years. The killings in the Crystal Lake area came and went like the storms that came with them were as mysterious as they were brutal. The case was given to agents who were generally burnt out. The best were put on cases that were actually able to be solved. But the FBI were not the only ones on Jason's trail. Countless bounty hunters tried to make a name for themselves by finding, and capturing the legend. Alot of these poor and misguided people ventured into the area, most of them never came out. It is unknown if they left after knowing they could not find Jason and did not want to face the icy reception from the public, or they were just added to an ever growing body count. Nobody want to go and make sure, and nobody asked. One among them, however, had better luck.

Creighton Duke was his name a bounty hunter unlike anyother of his kind. The man knew that Jason was no normal being, he had listened and done his research on reports made by others who had seen him lived to tell. People who swore he was dead, and returned to life against all odds. Now, maybe they were insane, or perhaps there was something too it after all. Mr. Duke never revealed his sources though but he knew more about Jason then anybody else seemingly did, some people say he tracked down Tommy and learned the information from him. It may never be known. Being a smart bounty hunter, he bidded his time and waited to make his move. The FBI was about to make a move of their own, Jason had always been a thorn in the side of the law keepers, but now he ventured into their turf and they had no choice but to respond in a manner never before attempted.

The plan was daring as it was simple. Crystal lake was turned into a death trap as the FBI moved in to the woods. A female agent was to go and "Live" in what they considered to the center of activity. Needless to say Jason came running not long after this took place. The woman was lucky to survive the very first encounter, most people never did. In to the woods she ran and led Jason like a fish on a string directly into the trap of the FBI. There was only a moment of silence as the blinding lights switched on and not more then a moment later, the violence erupted in a full scale wave of hot lead and destruction. Jason was finally, and literally blown into pieces by an explosion. Body parts everywhere and a victory well earned masked the fact of the still black and beating heart filled with unnatural energies.

Jason's remains were gathered up and shipped back to a federal morgue to be examined. The examination was not a long one though, the black and beating heart used what ever powers it had to possess the coroner, and it was consumed with it the immortal spirit of Jason, he lived once more but not in his own body. Human bodies were weak, and his reflection would reveal to him and everybody else his true form.

"Through a Voorhees was he born, and only through one may he die." Knowledge only Mr. Duke seemed to know, through unknown means and untold fortunes he obtained not only the information, but the weapon to do it with. Jason had family members that remained unknown even to their true heritage and purpose. Mr. Duke tries to inform them, but he is not believed. Meanwhile a string of new murders from the morgue heading directly back to Crystal lake become known. Despite the media reports of the death of Jason, nobody is convinced of anything anymore. Jason kills, and proceeds to switch bodies a few times after the current one becomes too damaged or weak.

Despite the best attempts to stop him, Jason is eventually reborn through a dead relative and proceeds to kill once more. Mr. Duke, however, had again saved the day. He had somehow obtained the mystical dagger that would supposedly be the weapon to finally kill Jason. While trying to hold him back, Mr. Duke is crushed in Jason's bare arms. After some violence and stress Jason finally becomes the recipient of the magic dagger to the chest. Jason does not die, instead the heavens open up with light and power and the hands of demons and spirits burst from the ground, after a struggle Jason is finally dragged beneath the earth, and disappears leaving only his mask behind. But a familiar clawed glove emerges from the ground and drags the mask into the unknown. Jason has finally left the realm of the living and has gone straight into hell, and it is here he is destined to remain for the rest of time. But not everyone agrees with that fate.

Snafu the Great
They say there is no rest for the wicked. Not even in Hell. After the apparent destruction and banishing the killer into the depths of Hell the area around Crystal Lake slowly faded from the public eye. The stories and legends of its horrible murder sprees finally coming to an end. Developers and progress return to the lake in hopes to finally change the lake's evil legacy for the better, forever. It would have remained this way for the foreseeable future if not for another, equally horrible legend of murder to show his burned face once more.

Freddy Krueger The dream stalker of Springwood Ohio had finally been defeated by his own daughter in battle. Freddy, being more of a spiritual being was also sent to hell, and there here remained. Despite all of his powers he could not escape the boundaries of Hell. Freddy is forgotten in his home town completely due to effective anti-dreaming medication called Hypnocil. Even if he could return, nobody would remember him and his power would remain weak due to the lack of fear and remembering of who he even was. In the desperate end of his search, and knowing he could not return with out some help he came across the personal realm of Jason.The killer was seemingly trapped in a less then tormented state of killing imaginary victims. So his rage could be controlled and therefore his soul trapped in hell. Freddy decided that the only way to release himself was to release this killer upon the world again. Using his shape shifting powers to transform into Jason's mother, the only person he would listen to, and convinced Jason that he was indeed trapped in a world of unreality, and to essentially wake up from this constant dream and go to Elm Street to punish the bad people there. Jason did indeed wake up and his physical body did do what it was meant to, it regenerated. It was not long before the monster walked once again.

Elm Street was nothing like it used to be, just a normal street now not unlike any other. Somehow Jason was guided back to Fred's old house and showed up right in the middle of a gathering of teenagers who brought and represented all of the elements of what Jason was used to killing off in his past. It was not long until the masked one struck. His first victim was so brutally murder by the way of being stabbed several times, then folded in his bed. Panic ensued quickly afterward. The police were in shock, only one such thing to them was capable of such brutality and they dare not say his name, or at least they tried. One of the officers accidentally said his name in earshot of one of the teens. His name began to spread, slowly at first.

At Westin Hills Sanitarium, a clip of the murder was shown on the news. This is where the people who wouldn't stop dreaming were placed to keep the situation in check. Two of these teenagers escape and it isn't long before they unknowingly spread fear and forbidden information through the town. Jason continues his killing spree and somehow remains completely undetected. The police order a curfew in an attempt to curtail the deaths. Meanwhile Freddy keeps attempting to scare people enough to get his full power, but his name and fear isn't spreading fast enough for his tastes so he decides to let Jason to continue killing.

At a Rave in the middle of a cornfield, Jason finally decides that he is done playing around and makes his big entrance. Jason turns the rave into a bloodbath rather quickly, but there are some friends who escape the massacre. In the process Jason kills a victim who is unconscious and in the middle of a nightmare. Jason steals his victim and this is the last straw. Freddy decides it's time for Jason to go back to where he came from. Later on the group who escape finally figure out that Freddy is the main threat, so they decide to go break into Westin Hills and steal some Hypnocil for themselves. They eventually make it there and everything goes well until Jason shows up, it is assumed that he was guided here by Freddy for his own plans.

The Nightmare master is strong enough to kill once more, but instead he possesses one of the group members to inject Jason with very powerful tranquilizer and dispose of the much needed Hypnocil. Jason pursues the group and everything goes to plan, Freddy injects the chemicals but his host body is killed in the process.

Now, in the dream world where he is strongest,Freddy decides to finally kill Jason once and for all.First,he appears as Pamela again and scolds Jason,evening calling him a "big stupid dog who can't stopping eating(killing)".Until Jason turns his head to the sound of Freddy's maniacal laughter and looks back to where his mother was,only to see she's gone.Looking back at Freddy,who also calls him a dog like Pamela had said,Jason realizes he's been tricked and gets angry.He raises his machete at Freddy, although he humiliates Jason through sheer power alone, but it become apparent that no matter how much is thrown at him, Jason just refuses to die or even give up at all. It is unknown how long the battle goes for,but eventually on accident,it is discovered that Jason has a aversion to water,running water. This weakness is used and Freddy chips away to Jason's inner being, that of a child. This is something that Freddy has no problem dealing with and tormenting and he nearly does Jason in by drowning him in his dream world much like he did so long ago. Freddy did not expect Jason to have a rescuer. One of the group members went into the dream world while the others, bravely, decided that the only way to beat Freddy was to get him out of the dream world and let Jason have him.

Jason was saved from death in the dream world, and awoke. This caused massive panic in the van and it crashed, Jason was thrown out of the vehicle but the one who saved him did not awake. They went to the only place they knew of that if Jason won the battle, that he would have no reason to leave his area. They brought him to Crystal Lake. Just before the rescuer is killed, her hand gets burned in a fire, holding on to Freddy as she awakens, she pulls him out into the real world, face to face with a very angry Jason.

The battle ensued and almost none of the original group survived it. In the end, even though Jason managed to defeat Freddy, he became heavily damaged and falls into the lake. Freddy, seriously wounded and barely conscious, is decapitated by Lori Campbell, the daughter of a woman Freddy murdered four years ago and the one who saved Jason earlier. Both of the villains disappeared beneath the black waters of the lake just after it was set on fire with massive amounts of propane intended to kill them both.Jason apparently nods at Lori,who's looking down at him from the docks,before he sinks into the water.He might have been showing a once-in-a-lifetime gratiude to her since she saved him earlier.Since all of the murders began and suddenly stopped in the town of Springwood, they simply covered up the deaths as accidents, and suicides there was never any official mention of Freddy or Jason at all, the police and town happened to be experts at covering things up and this situation was handled no differently. Things soon returned to normal in Springwood, but at Crystal lake with the damage done and the bodies found immediately returned the whole area to the state of darkness it had so desperately tried to escape. The value of the area plummeted as people had finally had enough. It became so bad that eventually the Government offered to buy the whole lake and area at a cheap rate. Officially after this happened, Jason was never heard from again and the body of Freddy was never reported as being found. It was as if the meeting of the two characters never actually happened and anybody who knew anything, were keeping quiet. Since Jason is immortal,he eventually rose out out of the lake all healed (But still his fingers to grow back after Freddy severed them) holding Kruegers head, which he placed next to his mothers in her shrine. Jason was soon captured by the goverment owning the lake.

Snafu the Great
Despite his massive power, the monster was captured. And unlike the previous attempt to destroy his body the real objective in mind was to actually capture him. Justice would not come easily. Found guilty of countless murders. Inside the newly created Crystal Lake Research Facility the monster would be executed, but nothing worked. It seemed that no matter what they did to him the monster could not die. Not dying made somewhat of dilemma of just how to deal with something like this. Finally the choice was made to have him frozen and preserved for all time. Money, however, changes everything.

The powers that be decided that the incredible regeneration had military applications. At the very last minute the orders changed from Jason being frozen, to being transported to a medical research lab to learn his secrets of practical immortality. Fate is cruel when the guard watching, loses his nerve from the stare behind the mask and places a cover over Jason's face. In the process he inadvertently removes the IV that is keeping his body dormant. When the leaders and the escort team come to collect Jason, they come in for a nasty surprise. Jason has escaped his chains and immediately kills all seven of the collection team moments after they enter. The lead researcher is the only one left alive, for the entire facility had been sent away due to the imminent cryogenic process. She runs from Jason, and eventually leads him into the Cryogenic chamber. Jason is locked inside and the freezing process begins. But, one last strike tears a hole through the door and everything in the room is frozen, including the one who led him there.

The legend of Jason never truly dies. But the world around him does, humanity does to the world what Jason had been doing to them all along. Earth devolves into a wasteland, and Jason remains frozen under the ground for over four hundred years.

Of all things to come to the destroyed earth, is a field trip looking for things from the past and to learn about where they came from. Either by design or chance the kids find themselves at the remains of what used to be the facility at Crystal Lake. They find the frozen pair of Jason and his captor in stasis. Not really knowing anything about Jason, they take both of them aboard their ship.

The lead researcher is revived and Jason is left for dead. But not for very long. The monster returns to life and continues where he left off so long ago and begins to dispatch the people one at a time in completely new surroundings. This time the grunts off the ship were charged with bringing the monster down after the first bodies are discovered. Despite their best efforts, the grunts can not cause enough damage to counter his regenerative powers and are cut down one by one until there are none left.

Once the defenders are crushed, the plan shifts to survival and escape to space station Solaris. All is going well until Jason kills the driver of the ship and instead of docking at the station, their ship ends up crashing straight through it, killing everybody who lived there. Not giving up hope quite yet, the survivors try to use the shuttle to escape the ship that is now falling apart. Once again everything is going well until Jason attacks once more. One of the survivors cracks under the pressure and goes into the shuttle before the others, and launches it straight into the ship. Jason is about to finish the job when the Android K-M comes to the rescue. She battles Jason and with out much of a challenge, it seemingly destroys his body and kills him

The last plan to escape then continues on as planned. But again, either by chance or evil design the body of Jason is rebuilt by future technology. The chase continues and the new and improved killing machine will not stop. After a brief fight with the android and tearing off its head, the mad dash to the finish begins. One thing leads to another, and eventually escape is reached just before the ship destructs. The newly formed Uber-Jason is not content to stop his pursuit, and uses the force of the explosion to travel towards the escaping ship. He is stopped by self sacrifice, the last crew member of the former ship slams into Jason, having assisted to help the others escape, but could not make it himself. He and Jason make a flaming decent into the atmosphere of Earth 2 and both were burned up in Earth 2's atmosphere. Presumably Jason was completely destroyed except for his mask (though novelization versions depict his return), however his legacy will last forever in the stories of the ones who lived to tell about it. As for Jason.Well,for all we know,Jason's probably reunited with his mother in the afterlife and finally happy.

Rogue Jedi
Nah, his balls are roasting in hell.

Jason rules.

JV rocks


While Freddy throw one-liners, Jason kills.

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