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Respect thread for the first Archangel The Word. He cares only for serving The Voice and is one of the most powerful beings in the DC Universe, he is literally the living embodiment of The Voice of God. Lets begin. He also goes by the name, The Hooded Man.

History of The Word begins right at the very beginning of the DC Universe when The Voice spoke everything into existence.

Here El Senor Blake and Don Reborto talk about their plans and Blake is worried his plans will go up in smoke, The Word is leaving the Heavens for his plans to stop the Parliaments and the Swamp Thing.

Fifty years ago The Spectre warned Alecs mother what her child might do, even states an older power will be the agent of his doom.

The Hooded Man arrives at El Senor Blake's bar and they begin their 3 pokers games. The Word has not lost a card game in ten million years.

Here Blake says hes done this once before (when?) and everything turned out good, and lets it be known they have known each other for a loong time.

The Hooded Man wins the final poker game.

Hard to say what The Word exactly saw in Blakes mind but he makes certain he will not be stopped when he returns. This also (among a few other things) lead the reader to believe The Word and Destiny could be the same being, their mannerisms are a bit different though and they dress differently as well so hard to say.

A year later the Phantom Stranger on his mission to venture beyond the worlds to awaken The Word, on the Swamp God.

The Word begins his attack with The Parliaments of Trees, first though he asks them to deliver Alec to him and he will leave them in peace. However they rule to continue with their plans, and The Word then massacres them..

He then kills Lady Jane, who gives Tefe the advantage to leave.

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Afterwards he then meets with the Parliaments of Stones. He speeds time up for them to speak normally, he thought how they communicated was irritating.

With a wave of his hands billions of years go by as they fall apart into dust.

Tefe is with her mother trying to warn them of The Word and his plans to murder anyone in his way. She also explains how it could have only been her who could have a chance against The Word, if the Swamp God and The Word battled the entire world would be destroyed.

The Parliament of Waves are the next target, here the Phantom Stranger watches and waits to see the outcome, to his dismay more life is lost. He also calls the Phantom Stranger a 'fallen one' which would indicate he is a fallen angel.

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While talking about The Voice he looks up at the Parliaments of Vapors and though we can't see the Phantom Stranger does and he takes a few steps back, they are killed by The Word.

Finally right before The Word shows up Constantine turns the Swamp God into a normal human, the Heavenly Avenger shows up!

He tells Alec his magic is older even then the Parliament of Flames fragments in the wishing matches, which was the oldest magic known to man.

Just before he kills Alec, Tefe is released as John turns sides and she speaks the sound opposite to him and cancels him out.

He is not talked about until in the Spectre series v3. In a flashback we see who the angels rebelled against was The Word.

Later in the next few issues The Spectre talks about him with Duma and Remiel and asking them to keep a look out for him. Also talks with Gaea about mankind, and about Gods rule.

At last we get to see him again cool , although this is in the regular DC Universe and he looks completely different. The Word blocks Monsieur Stigmonus from nosing around where he does not belong.

Here a follower named Mistos fell from the realm called Nameless Land where The Word rules, she shows The Spectre Hal what it looks like.

Back in the Vertigo realm in 2000 Swamp Thing comics we see Tefe trying to find her role in the world. She goes to the Green and asks to go to the Parliaments of Trees, she is suprised by what she finds. She also seems to have the abitlity to age extemely fast.

In the Hellblazer comic 2004 John visits the Parliaments of Trees or where they used to be. And meets up with Swamp Thing God who has its own plans.

In Swamp Thing 2005, Tefe goes to Brazil and sees them for the last time. This and the Hellblazer encounter contradict each other, though she might be meeting whats left of them on a spiritual level.

All the scans and info for now, Respect The Word!

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The Risen send Materna Minxx to help guide Helen.

A few more scans that show the Beginning, from the Sandman and who The Word could be.

The Spectre, while looking for his God.

Here the Archangel Michael and Elaine visit the Tower of The Voice to help save Creation. This is where Gods Words live.

Here in Destiny's Garden, Lucifer states that The Word of God is fading because The Presence has left and without it Michael says creation is beginning to unravel.

Seems from this Destiny and The Word are indeed 2 different beings, since Destiny is still around.

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