Ush's summarised impression of the first season Clone Wars episodes.

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Shey Tapani
Good review.

Lair of Grevious was the best among these.

Dont forget to watch Hostahe Crisis.

It kicks ass.

Agree on all points. As ever, you offer greater insight into these things.

..not really. Especially on the account of Jedi Crash and Defenders of Peace. Fails flat as usual on those points.

Obviously i agree with a lot of the points though, per my own reviews.

Well, obviously we do not agree on many points. I am happy for this thread to act as a counterweight to some of your opinions, which I find very strange indeed. I won't be expressly picking things apart, though. I'll just be doing my own analyses which I am confident will stand up well in comparison and will be liked for that.

Thanks, Rex. If anyone has any specific points of any episodes that they want to ask me about, fire away.

Some of this actually made me feel a bit better about season one. Watching season two, I looked back on this one and felt it was below my standards... but obviously fresh insight can help change opinion. The 'pacifists caught in war' one in particular; Ordo may disagree, but constrasting the pacifists in India and the morality of the British against the brutality of the machines of the Confederacy puts it in a new light.

Opinion on their portrayal of Grievous, Ush? You mention that he fits the Snidely Whiplash villain category better than Dooku does ("Drat, foiled again!" and all) but sometimes they make it a bit... extreme. He almost becomes goofy when he is meant to be highly threatening.

I agree- but that is kinda how he was in ROTS. The problem was that he seemed more hardcore in his original Clone Wars cartoon appearance, and has never lived up to that since.

Difficult to live up to that display! Taking on five Jedi at once...

Originally posted by Ushgarak
I am happy for this thread to act as a counterweight to some of your opinions, which I find very strange indeed.

Shocker. lol.

I'd like to finish reading your reviews until I comment. I myself havent done a series wrap-up. Now that we're well into Season 2, I think it might be a good time to start thinking about it.

I woudl point out though, per everyone's Grievous conversation, that at least Lucas thought about Grievous killing Shaak Ti.

I've kind of always like Grievous as a pathetic, incompetant character though. He has 4 sabers...thats just ridiculous (insert fanboys here) I kind of like that hes a dangerous idiot vs a hardened killer. Lair of Grievous did a good job I think of giving him that inflated ego he desperately needed, but Clone Wars hasnt made him seem dangerous. (as we've dicussed, he seems to be just the opposite).

Thus, I don't really like him in the Gendy Clone Wars....hes too...successful.

Oh, one thing I forgot to add- the series has had a hyperspace jump happen in a gravity well. Now, this staple of the EU (that hyperspacing near high gravity was impossible) has never been explicity stated by the films, but it WAS always generally accepted as part of making sense of the films- why Han had to flee Tatooine and the Death Star, why Padme and co had to flee Naboo, why Dooku's ship was still moviing away from Coruscant with its prize... all of these things done in normal space before, in the cases of Han and Padme, entering hyperspace once they got far enough away. Else, why not just flick the switch ASAP? If you can enter hyperspace whilst still in atmosphere, why bother entering space at all?

Oh well.

Sadako of Girth
They were keeping up with the Joneses, (or "Galacticans"wink maybe...?

That battle of New Caprica scene in BSG was FTL-jump-in-a-gravity-well tastic.
And dropping into and jumping out of atmosphere was spectacular there.

And that was probably still the big thing in sci-fi around the time these episodes would have most likely been conceptualised.

I agree though that this has no place in SW.

Slightly later than planned, the rest of the first series reviews will be up this week, followed not long afterwards by series 2.

What plan stick out tongue ?

Quiet you!

(sends out Sith Assassins)


Better hurry then.

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