Rank the Espada

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...in intelligence.

We already know their power level so what about smartest to dumbest?

In intellect I would rank the espada as the following.

1. Szayel(overated I know)
2.Barragan( ex. god-king of hueco mundo must know something)
3. Ulquiorra( good analysist and make percise judgement)
4. Aaroniero( I'll be happy to make a semi-long explanation if needed)
5. Halibel( seems to be a causious person but lets emotion cloud logic)
6. Stark( The primera appeared to be like Kyouroku but not that much)
7. Nnoitra( A complete douce but taking out a weaken lion-Ichigo/Neliel-
is a pretty good hunting strategy)
8.Grimmjow(I might be undermining him but oh well
9.Zommari( Pretty darn stupid telling someone your whole power set)
10. Yammy( A total retard that was all bark and no bite)

That's about it.

I agree with you on the ranking, except for Grimmjow and Nnoitra. I think those two should be switched. Grimmjow has been shown to be quite the analyst when he correctly deduced that Ichigo could only fire about two or three more getsuga tenshos during their first fight. from what I remember of Nnoitra, he doesn't do anything like that. true, he had a pretty good hunting strategy, but it doesn't make him particularly stand out.

i think think their power level is actually one of the most contradictory and unestablished things in the manga. no expression

Only Ulqiorra is out of place. Everyone else fits.

i dont know. i never saw anything from halibel that made me think that she deserved to be 3rd espada over grimmjow and ulq. same for stark. yammys also suspect.

Stark's wolves can blow up with almost as much force as Ulquiorra's Black Cero.
And that was only a couple of them. No telling how strong all of them beoing off at once would be.

I know Stark's wolves are powerful but I really think that Barragan really should have been the primera. This might not be the question asked but here's how I would rank the espada.(including the second release)


I know there already ranked and set but based on feats and performance, here's how I see the espada. As for Grimmjow and Halibel, even though she wins sympathy points for being killed by fanservice she still didn't live up to the title of #3 like Grimmjow lived up to the title #6. That's it

Man that was a long post.

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