Boss of the Foot Clan, The Shredder

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Snafu the Great

I gotta give credit where credit is due. The Shredder is one of my favorite villains in the movies and his portrayal in the movies was done real well.

Similar to the comics, Oroku Saki and Hamato Yoshi would both be members of the Foot and be in the love with the same woman, Tang Shen. Yoshi and Tang escaped to live in New York, but Saki found them. He killed Shen and waited for Yoshi to get home. During the fight, Splinter, still just a pet rat, escaped from his cage and bit and clawed all over Saki's face. The same sword slice that would kill Yoshi would also cut off a piece of Splinter's ear. Years later in New York, Shredder, alongside his second of command, Tatsu, had formed the Foot, a gang of street kids and gangsters trained in the art of Ninjutsu and started what was called 'the Silent Crime wave' where no one so much as saw what was being stolen. When reporter April O'Neil started talking about the Foot on the news, Shredder sent the Foot to kill her. She was rescued by Raphael, but one of the Foot followed them back to their lair. Later, while the Turtles were hanging with April in her apartment, the Foot attacked and kidnapped Splinter. Then they'd find and attack Raphael to near death and send him crashing through the roof of April's Second Time Around store. After a big fight with the Foot, the Turtles, April and Casey escaped to April's farmhouse.

Sometime later, Shredder would find April's artwork of the Turtles from one of his fellow members, Danny Pennington, signaling that the Turtles were back. Shredder sent the Foot to the turtles lair and sent Tatsu to kill Splinter. The Turtles managed to defeat the Foot, and Casey Jones defeated Tatsu and rescued Splinter. Shredder finally appeared and had a dramatic battle against the Turtles. Upon hinting that Shredder had already killed Splinter, Leo lost control and went at the Shredder head on. Shredder tripped him up and aimed his spear at him, telling the turtles to toss their weapons or he'd kill him. Even after the Turtles threw their weapons, Shredder intended to kill Leonardo anyway, but Splinter finally arrived. Revealing himself to be the same rat that clawed Shredder's face so many years ago, Shredder removed his helmet and ran at him in a blind rage, hoping to spear him. Splinter however, whipped out a nunchaku, wrapped it around Shredder's spear and sent him over the side of the roof. Still hanging on to the spear, Shredder threw a knife at Splinter. Since Splinter caught the knife, he let go of the nunchaku that was holding his spear, and Shredder fell into a garbage truck. Casey Jones pulled a lever and the garbage truck apparently crushed Shredder to death.

In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze, Shredder somehow survived and returned to the Foot's fall back spot. He had a new helmet made and was now bent on revenge against the Turtles. He sent a member of the Foot to pose as April's cameraman as they were doing a report on T.G.R.I.. There, the Foot member found some mutated dandelions and sent one to the Shredder. Upon seeing this, Shredder sent Tatsu and the Foot to retrieve the last vial of Ooze at TGRI and kidnap Professor Jordan Perry. Having captured a wolf and a snapping turtle, Shredder had them turned into mutants. The new mutants Tokka and Rahzar had the minds of babies, due to Perry's secret tampering with the Ooze. Shredder ordered Tatsu to kill them, but Perry convinced him to keep them alive since their brute strength could be useful. The Foot captured Raphael and used him as bait to lure the other turtles, where Shredder had them caught in a net and was about to release them on a bed of spikes and other sharp objects. Splinter arrived to set them free, and the Turtles fought the Foot, Tokka and Rahzar and escaped with the Professor.

Shredder would release Tokka and Rahzar to do damage upon the city as a means to challenge the turtles to a final showdown. In the final battle, which would break out into a Vanilla Ice concert, the turtles would defeat the Foot and Tatsu and demutate Tokka and Rahzar. Shredder would arrive with the vile of Ooze at hand. Keno would arrive to spin kick the vial of Ooze out of Shredder's hands, which would be taken away by Professor Perry. Shredder would grab a random girl from the concert and threaten to pour Ooze on her from a tiny vial he still had. Ken would use the loudspeakers to blast him out of the building and into the docks outside. The turtles would go out to look for him and find that Shredder had drank the ooze and now transformed into Super Shredder. Taller, much more muscular, and blinded by rage, Shredder started breaking down the support beams to the docks, hoping to bring it all down on himself and the turtles. The turtles escaped by diving into the water, and Shredder finally met his end.

It is worth noting that Shredder's cape and armor also grew when he mutated, and his skin also turned a dark purple color. This is an uncommon feature to other victims of the ooze.

best thing about the TMNT live action movies...

super shredder was cool to

Sadako of Girth
Respect the shred-head.

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