Made-up Teen Titan characters

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Hey Teen Titan fans!

Here's my superhero.

Name: Ben Graylin
I.D. : Suspense
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Hair: Long, thick, light brown
Eyes: White, his outer area of his pupil is black. Like there inverted.
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 225lbs
Power: Extremely powerful mind control. He can control up to 1000 things at one time, Strength 5 x that of a Tamaranian, Running speed of up to 90 mph, Great reflexes matched by that of Slade or Robin, He can absorb an energy attack, and redirect them back at who shot them, Skin as tough as Steel, a sword that holds the energy of 10 lightning bolts, he can as well fly but prefers to stay on the ground.
Romance: Raven
Dislikes: Himself
Fear: Nothing
Story: Ben was born in Mexico, his Mexican mother and white father conceived him deep in a jungle, in a tree house where they lived, they feared Him when he was born for his form. His eyes had appeared to be inverted, white pupil with black surrounding it. Scared for his life they decided to leave him in a Tigers den(not very intelligent parents) they hoped the tigers would take better care of Ben then they could. The Tigers did indeed take him in. He lived his life among his new family for the next 5 years. Until he realized his extraordinary power. when he was five he could lift 5 trees, tear them out of the ground and lift them 100ft off the ground at one time. He did not know what he was doing, but he did know it was getting stronger, his power. day by day. Stronger, faster, smarter, quicker. Until he was 9 years old when his very power passed even the power of Trigon. He held his power in with everything that he could but he had been raised by tigers so he didn't really know how to do that. But he stayed strong and fought it for he knew just the slightest thought, he could destroy the entire forest destroying every tree withing a mile radius, with just one thought. He could not control it anymore he ran, ran, ran, ran( he could run up to 70mph at that time so he could get pretty good distance). Until he reached a city shocked by all the houses, shops, and no land, roads. He did the one thing he feared all his life,thought. In a manner of 20 seconds the town, the entire town. completely destroyed. He ran away in fear of himself. Knowing not where he was going but had to go. The city he destroyed sent an army after the younge boy an army of over 100,000 men. They rampaged to find the mysterious child. But when they did they realised doing so was a bad choice. 5 minutes, in a matter of 5 minutes 100,000 soldier...dead, wounded, crippled. Ben didn't know what to do he just kept running until he ran into the one man that would change his life. The man taught him how to control his powers, and how to control himself. Ben hasn't been seen since until now. Hes 17 now and he first appeared before ofcourse the teen titans. Introducing himself the titans stood back in fear. Suspense, he was a legend, a myth. He was real. The titans realising he would not hurt them(though he could easily if he wanted to). They took him in making him an honorary titan, seeing how Raven as well had to control her emotions and thoughts he created a quick bond with her, and soon a romantic relationship.

Suspense is the most powerful superhero of all time. taking out every bad guy with just the flick of his finger. Hes a danger to all. Even his own.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.