Random Music by Mairuzu

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Songs are mainly about KMC members.

7 hours spent asleep,
17 hours spent awake,
8 hours spent at work...
8 of which i hate.
15 minutes to go home,
10 minutes to shower,
30 minutes spent thinking
how to spend my remaining hours
10 minutes to make food,
1 minute to eat,
hours upon hours to poop
and only minutes to brush my teeth
0 hours worth it,
24 hours alone,
all these hours spent wishing
that you would come home

Roland and his double d boobs
not sure whats bigger but he likes those too
For him only the chubbies will do
they might as well go "moo moo moo moo"

He resides in ohio
feeds pies to the fat hoes
gets high off them regos
He's balder than an eagle

his xbox feeds his ego
Red rings get him po'd
hes got the brand new vizio
get on msn you busy hoe!

Look at mywi, shes hot of course
dont stand a chance if not hung like a horse
sure, she may be a better artist than me
but i have what she lacks, a huge peepee

she likes to be choked while shes getting poked
the thought of it alone gets my pants all soaked
she says no to condoms, and baby thats final
thats fine by me, we'll just do it anal

Its so not fun to masturbate
when you can hear foot steps of your roomate
but selphie does it anyway
she never has enough time to play

But hey, shes got a new boy each day
maybe he likes me, i cant think straight
we'll go out and have some cigs
hopefully my body isnt all he digssssssss

listen sol, you're black not white
stop watching those animes all night
go outside and cause drive-bys
eat some chicken and tell some lies

dont impress women by buying new clothes
instead you should be raping them hoes
you should rap about it
while you rape about it

im just trying to help a brother in need
i know how you homies dont know how to read
so ill sing this song to you my friend
its probably the only way you'll understand

Hate me, Replace me
Whatever the case be.
You're lovely but love leaves
and above me is where I'll be

Sparking trees for Thc.
Oh shit... where were we?
Oh that's right, I gotta face this.
Love so sweet, turned so tasteless

You're definitely not a 10 of 10
Should have known you'd leave again
We'll lookie here, there are plenty others
I'm sure they'd like to play under covers.

Nice =]


Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.