Respect Legion

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Nemesis X

Legion is a Geth outside the Neural Network. He has free will and is interested in Commander Shepard. Surprisingly, not all Geth follow the Old Machines (that's what Legion nicknames the Reapers) and Geth who do follow them are heretics.

Legion is first encountered onboard a derelict Reaper found in Brown Dwarf. He shoots two Husks behind Shepard with a sniper rifle and walks away. Legion is found again near the Reaper core and is attacked by a group of Husks after collecting data from a terminal and gets deactivated when clubbed by one of them. After destroying waves of Husks, Shepard and group destroy the core which causes the Reaper to self destruct. Fortunately, Shepard and group carry the deactivated Geth to the Normandy before the Reaper blew up. Later on, Shepard reactivates Legion and asks him questions.

Legion is in search of a heretic Geth ship and locates it out in the far rim in the Terminus. Shepard assists Legion and they fight their way through hordes of Geth on the ship. They reach a terminal that programs the Geth. Legion asks Shepard whether the Geth should be rewritten to follow Legion or destroy them.

Later on in the game, it is discovered that the piece of N7 Armor on Legion's left shoulder is Shepard's. The armor was found in the wreckage of the first Normandy. Legion explains that he was damaged and he needed some parts to help keep himself operating since he was damaged. Shepard then says that Legion could've taken parts of the ship and repair itself and after that was said, Legion says it doesn't have the memory log of why it actually took the piece of Shepard's armor.

Why Legion has a huge gaping hole in his chest is because he was attacked by heretic Geth and managed to survive.

Interestingly, Legion has been following Commander Shepard through the events of Mass Effect 1. He says he went to Eden Prime, Feros, Noveria, the Artemus Tau, and Ilos but Shepard wasn't there to be found (that Geth sure knows how to show up late).

On the Normandy, Joker tells Shepard that Legion and Tali are in a fight in the AI core. Shepard gets there and sees Tali pointing a pistol at Legion. Tali says that the Geth was scanning her omni-tool and was about to send information to his people about the new weapon the Flotilla has developed. With the Paragon option, Shepard is able to calm Tali down and Legion gets friendly by not sending the information to his Geth allies and Tali offers non-classified information about the Quarians as a thank you gift to Legion and he gladly appreciated it. This was the first ever scene of a Quarian and a Geth being friends.

Oh THAT legion

i was thinking of the other ones either from Castlevania or Shadow Man.

Zack Fair
Legion is BADASS.


Heck he is quite badass. During the IFF mission he hacks the computers while fighting back husks.

Imma find some videos about him in action. It just sucks how late in the game you get him.

I thought this was paying homage to the movie I see ads on everywhere, even on my toilet paper.

"Geth do not infiltrate."
"Sir, I would recommend leaving your personal synthetic assistant. We don't let them on the shuttles anymore."
"...Geth do not infiltrate intentionally."

Legion is penultimate awesome. The fact that you get him at the end of the game is ghey.

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