S04E19 - Brave New World

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Official Episode Preview

In the climactic season finale, everyone bands together in an effort to stop Samuel from taking the lives of thousands. Peter joins forces with his most unexpected ally to save Emma. Meanwhile, H.R.G.'s life hangs in the balance as he and Claire find themselves trapped underground with oxygen quickly running out. Elsewhere, Hiro starts to come to grips with the decisions he has made and is called into action to help stop a disaster.

"Brave New World" Preview




The Nuul
This fight sounds cool on paper but on screen it will be lame.

looks meh, but i will wait and see

Red Nemesis
Is this worth catching up for? I've gotten two episodes behind.


Just watch the finale.

The Nuul
Originally posted by Mindset

Just watch the finale.

Who let you outta the cage? get back over there where you belong.

Preview Clips:

Samuel's Speech


It's Time for Emma's Solo


Charlie writes to Hiro / Matt refuses to help the New Petrelli Bros


"Go inside my head"

"Things change, but People don't"

Samuel's Coming Out Party

Enough previews to put the whole show together. I'm not gonna watch. I hate spoiling myself.

The Nuul
I told y'all the fighting would be lame and suck. This EP sucks and ties for the worst finales ever. I kinda like the idea of Sylar being good, I hope he stays this way. At least this way he has a direction for the character instead of back and forth etc...The new season and how Claire made her power public might be a ok story but will probably suck again.

I liked this episode moderately. Needed a bigger/better fights at the end. Claire is really becoming an annoyance.

Samuel vs Peter = Total shit! Lets push dirt back and forth until someone else does all the work!

Really don't know if I'm going to tune in next season.

i will

Originally posted by Badabing
Claire is really becoming an annoyance.


Noah Bennett is like the Batman/Jack Bauer of Heroes - The man with a plan. You should listen to someone like this. Yet she acts like a brat, and every time she gets into trouble. She thinks she is "invulnerable", someone needs to decapitate this *****.

Ok, about the episode:

The fight between Samuel and Peter was pretty lame.

Sylar couldn't beat Puppet-Man by himself - What. The. Hell?
Last time Puppet Boy tried to take on Sylar, Sylar laughed at him and he almost got killed. PIS anyone?

Also, Puppet Boy making Emma play is also stupid. He shouldn't have been able to do that unless he knew how to play the violin (Or w/e instrument). And it would've been a tad too convenient if he did.

On a side note - what would happen if Peter took Sylar's powers?

I hope they make more use of Ando in the future, he could make things interesting. For example supercharged Matt Parkman would probably be ownage like Professor X.

The Nuul
I think Sylar couldnt beat Doyle is because he was holding back. Lame ass fighting and disappointing build ups for them are really getting tiresome.

I have always couldnt stand Claire but she adds balance to NRG.


The Nuul

To me the fight looked like a lame version of Gohan vs Cell kamehameha (without the kamehameha)

Still sick of seeing the shitty cgi for the multiply guy. His clones are always doing something stupid in the background and it just doesn't look right.

Enough talking for you, deaf girl. I'm sick of it.

Sylar's "I'm a hero" couldn't have sound more twisted.

I'll agree with this being one of the lamest endings of heroes. Even last seasons ending was better.

I think its stupid that claire is the one to "Come out of the super powered closet" when there are tons of people out there that could have done the same thing by now. Should have.

Thank god lost is on tuesdays to redeem my monday night.

Darth Vicious
What a crappy season. Even crappier finale. If theres a possibility that this was the last season then why not go out with a bang. Instead they have Peter and Samuel push some dirt back and forth!. As for Emma/Doyle that was bs unless he knew how play the right tunes which she just learned not too long ago and only used on 1 guy. All Clair is to me is eye candy because as a character she is incredibly stupid. I wonder why they didnt have Hiro stop time and prevent what she did at the end. Im glad the season is finally over.

i surprisingly liked the season finale a little

I'm... slightly disappointed for once. Nobody died.

I was also disappointed by the finale... they couldn't live up to the potential... but enjoyed most of it. smile

The Lost finale was pretty good.

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