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I tried to include bios in the Archives some years ago, but the character limit (which only applies to editing, for me... something unique to me on KMC) makes it impractical.

So, it is time for you guys to put your bios here! Being not fully under my control, I request that you respect the following rules, on pain of post deletion:

1. ONLY post here if you have a character approved of by me and currently playing in oine of my games

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3. Prequel Era characters only, for now.


This is also the thread that I will consult if I wish to do things directly relevant to your character's history. That being the case, include as much as you think is relevant- like events in Retrospection, fuller explanations of your Merits (e.g. Contacts, Ties, Allies etc), or even the ways in which you think you have changed through experiencing the plot.

Post away- within the rules!


Vlad Shafran was born on a Twi'lek slaver ship, and his birth was an arduous one.
His mother experienced a really rare case of pregnancy, a human - Twi'lek hybrid which was without doubt
the result of some of the services she was forced to perform to those who would pay her master.
His mother died upon birth, and he was born a slave on the ship that he should have spent his whole life on.
The slaver made the unwise decision of starting an illegal trade run to Chandrila. The rich population of Chandrila usually
consisted of well-mannered, democratic individuals. Yet, the few corrupted ones will always make up their numbers
with more credits to spend. The representative of Chandrila to the Republic, a human senator named Hennesy Renald, uncovered
the secret slaver trade going on in Chandrila. The slaver was put on trial in the democratic government of Chandrila,
and was punsihed as saw fit. Figuring out what to do with the slaves, however, was a harder task. Special houses
and organizations were made, paid by the government, in order to house the many slaves and provide them with shelter
until they can be taught to live in the galaxy and fend for themselves.

After analyzing Vlad's genetic and physical characteristics, however, he was quickly brought up to importance
in the veiw of Chandrillians. He had a neon - like aqua tint to his skin but unlike most regular Twi'lek males, he was much slimmer, he lacked the bulbous shaped organic tissue on the forehead region, and his 'lekku' or brain tails, were much more slender. Along with the muscular organic structure more similiar to humans than Twi'leks, he was a very rare, if not exotic,
specimen of a Twi'lek male. In fear of great harm coming to Vlad as a result of expirements or other ambitious
plans, the Senator himself took Vlad in for adoption. Hennesy Renald and his wife were never able to have
a child, and they were more than happy to accept him.

Vlad lived a fruitful childhood, having almost every luxury he could possibly have. Although he did face some
discrimination for being a Twi'lek, not even a full one, in a world which was composed of almost 96% humans,
nothing life changing or hurtful was ever done to him. Yet, one day, when he was at the age of seven, who he
learned to call father, Senator Hennesy Renald, did not return from one of his many forays to Coruscant in order to
speak on behalf of Chandrila. In a few days, Vlad and Hennesy's wife Jane Renald received a letter that he was found dead
in his room, assassinated. This was a hard time for both Vlad and his 'mother', yet they were treated
with respect and compassion by other members of Chandrila's government and high class.

As with almost any Jedi biography, there came a time when a representative of the Jedi council was on visit to Chandrila
in order to find more Jedi recruits to bring back for training. Vlad, to the pride of his mother, was chosen
as one of the children to go back to Coruscant for Jedi training.

While in his very early stages of training, at the age of twelve, Vlad used as much of the Jedi archives and resources
that he had access to in order to find out what exactly happened to Senator Hennesy Renald. This resulted in a
very turbulent and arduous period in his life. He uncovered that his father was assassinated when he was trying to
bring several other corrupt senators to the attention of the Republic, in order to bring justice and fairness to
democracy. These senators were still in power, and were still in charge of much corruption that was rooting form the

Thus came a time when Vlad edged dangerously close to the Dark Side. These senators, knowing how he was adopted by Renald,
mocked and jocked both him and his father in front of him. He wanted nothing more but to end their lives, and take
revenge for what was done to his father. Mostly because of this, was his training in the Jedi ways transferred to
Mace Windu. It was thought that the wisest and most experienced master was needed in order to put his thouhgts to rest
and move him away from the dark precipice he was about to fall headfirst into.

Master Windu showed the confidence and wisdom that Vlad needed the most during that time, and he became disciplined
and strong in the force. He uncovered the corrupt Senators years later, and that was the act which encouraged
the Jedi Council to crown him the promotion to a Jedi Knight.

Xavier Kolarn, Pariah

Xavier Kolarn was found by Master Ko Cabas on a distant rim planet as a child. He was a small child growing up in the Jedi temple. He also had another trait. He was very emotionally distant from everyone. To the point where he was looked at as a freak by the other younglings. He was ostracized from them and sometimes would even be given beatings.

Master Yoda seeing this offered young Kolarn to his founder Ko Cabas to began training early making him the youngest Padawan of his group. Master Cabas was a very straight forward and experienced member of the Jedi Order. He brought a grittiness and aura of respect. Although he had a more mentoring roll he soon became like a Father to Xavier.

They shared in many adventures and Cabas was the only person Xavier ever became attached to. When it became close time for Xavier to take the trials he and Cabas were given one last mission. A Senator's daughter had been taken prisoner by a group of pirates that continually raided that system for their slave trade.

Xavier allowed himself be taken in one of these raids as per Cabas' plan. While on the ship though he learned that one of the Pirate Lord's generals was none other then Friste Tem. A former Jedi that Xavier had a rivaled history with. Friste from here on out continues to try and get Xavier Kolarn to join in in the darkside. Xavier though organizes a slave revolt and manages to overthrow the pirates and save the Senator's daughter although with much bloodshed on both sides. Master Cabas loses an arm fighting Friste.

At the end Xavier faces Friste but the more he fights him the more a darker personality seemed to manifest itself. Friste beats Xavier than manages to flee. Xavier returns to the temple and disobeys the counsel and goes after Tem again on his own. Master Ko Cabas is sent to retrieve Xavier along with another Jedi.

Xavier manages to track Friste down to a planet where he is about to activate an ancient Sith army of the dead whose souls are transplanted into living beings.

During these events Xavier continues struggle with his ever emerging darkside. It is then revealed that Fristre has been using an anceint Sith Artifact to cause Xavier's darkside and violent emotions into separate personality essentially splitting Xavier's mind into two people. A glory hungry primal self and the normal logical Xavier.

Xavier taps into his darkside personality and kills Friste Tem destroying the ancient machine in the process. Although with the cost of his soul his Master Ko Cabas has no choice but to fight Xavier. Xavier manages to win stabbing his Master through Friste Tem's red blade.

Xavier just lost his only attachment the one person he cared for. He also loses his logical reason for life... to become a Jedi. With only his darkside, another dark Jedi named Xorn, and Trax a former slave Xavier set free, Xavier goes into hiding.

He works as a mercenary/bodyguard until he is approached by a group of darksiders. Xavier accepts their offer to join him. He at first finds the group a selfish bunch that has no hope of surviving for long. He now though sees great potential in this group and the abilities it brings. Perhaps a new logical reason for being.

Xavier is natural swordsman with a very cold logical view on life. He views anything and everything as a possible resource. He is also aided by his much more violent personality who takes control from time to time and his every sense of the word crazy. This makes very him unpredictable on how he will handle a situation. He may act cold and hard but then will do something off the wall to help the entire group as long as he gets the glory. He also enjoys taking on tough foes to prove his worth. He is very muscular and strong. He wears a necklace dectorated by various tid bits. Items he has taken from his battles as trophies.

Rianna Xi, Pariah


The youngest child of two miners on Cloud City, Rianna was discovered to be Force sensitive as an infant, and despite her parents' initial dislike of it, she was brought to the Temple shortly after turning two. There was nothing remarkable about Rianna when she began her training, other than intense shyness amongst others and an inability to focus on her lessons; she was never able to get along with others well and while she was far from stupid, she had a difficult time with her studies. It was only when she began to practice lightsaber combat that she was happy, as she learned quickly that she was quite talented at it. At the age of twelve, Rianna was assigned as the Padawan to a young Knight, Myraline Kiros. They were opposites in almost every way, but the Council hoped that Myraline would be able to have a calming and stabilizing influence on Rianna, as well as encourage her to practice something other than combat. This did not work out as intended, however; while Rianna had been close to her Master initially, as she grew older she became more and more independent and uninterested in anything other than duelling. The only interesting event in her time as a Padawan was a mission when she was 16 to Beseedra. While they were eventually successful, she had been forced to fight Myraline and lost. This did cause them to become closer for a time, but it also had the effect of causing Rianna to become very nervous about things.

When she was 19, Rianna underwent the Jedi Trials to become a Knight. She did not really think she was ready to do so, but by this time she and Myraline did not get along at all any longer and Myraline said that she would not be able to teach her Padawan anything more. Rianna was successfully promoted to Jedi Knight, though at the time she did not know that she nearly did not pass the Trials and there had been doubts over whether she should be promoted or not; even Myraline was unsure if Rianna should have been promoted. She had a short but relatively quiet career as a Jedi, attaining some renown for her skills with a lightsaber. Everything changed two years later, though, when she had been on a solo mission to Reecee, where she encountered Nume Rand, a former Jedi Master that fell to the Dark Side. He told her where he was going next - Ord Coridari - and after returning to Coruscant, Rianna was sent there with a Jedi Master, Vera-Kin, to try and stop Rand. The mission itself did not go well; when they finally caught up to Rand, they were forced to duel him and both lost rather badly, Rianna winding up being stabbed straight through. Rand shared his plan, which was to use an ancient Sith weapon to force the volcanos on Coruscant to erupt. Rianna attempted to stop him by shooting at the weapon with a stolen blaster, but instead of destroying it, this simply damaged it and caused it to go off. They managed to escape, but this caused a massive volcano to erupt, killing thousands of people on Ord Coridari.

When they returned to Coruscant, the Council eventually decided that it'd be best to put Rianna on an indefinite leave, and she would have to undergo counselling. Not surprisingly, she hated this idea and if anything felt it was making her even worse than she had been. She escaped and ran away from the Temple the first chance she got, and after spending some time on her own, she wound up on Bespin, determined to track down her family and find out why they had given her to the Jedi. She had been followed, though, and stopped before she could do this. Rianna gave into her anger and fought and killed both Myraline and Ciira Treen, Myraline's current Padawan, but she finally lost to the third Jedi that had come after her. She had barely managed to escape with her life, though her injuries were quite severe. When she awoke some time later, she discovered that she had been found by Rand, much to her dismay. She both despised and feared him, but had no choice but to deal with him for the time being. Things got slightly better when they banded with the remains of Kuylen's group of Dark Siders; they eventually established their own base where it was safe for them, Rand was overthrown as leader of the group, and Rianna 'befriended' - or at least was generally able to tolerate the presence of - Galder and Dak, who both shared her talents with and love of fighting.

Rianna is a tall and slender young woman, with rather striking looks. Her hair falls to the middle of her back in bright red curls, and normally is worn in a messy braid; she is very fair-skinned and has icy blue eyes that sometimes turn dark grey when she is angry. She is generally very soft-spoken - it is extremely rare that she raises her voice or shouts - and speaks with a proper Coruscanti accent, thanks to growing up amongst the Jedi. Her usual clothing is simple; black tops and boots, and black, brown, or grey pants, all form-fitting. She usually stays hidden under a hooded cloak that is a deep blood-red color. She carries with her two lightsabers - a purple one of her own making, that she's used since she was a Padawan, and an orange blade that had formerly belonged to Myraline; she refuses to use any other weapons, finding them to be inferior. Her fighting style leans towards very quick, graceful, and precise moves. She is an exceptionally angry person, but is also prone to worrying about things; she refuses to admit to anyone else - and even to herself most of the time - that much of her anger and hatred is simply a cover for fear, not wanting to give away anything that could be construed as weakness. She is beginning to realize that her talent for violence is simply not enough, and while she has no interest in leading anything, she wants to be seen as being useful for something other than killing and being more than just a tool. To that end, she has secretly picked up her old studies she always ignored before, and has been working to better her control with the Force on her own.

Con Gordo, Fallen

History and Background

Con Gordo was found on Coruscant when he was not even 1 year old. He never met his parents and he spend the formative years of his life in the Jedi Temple. As a child Con already lacked any sort of emotions, he didn't experience any jealousy, anger or joy which was valued by his instructors but should ultimately lead to his fall to the darkside as he was unequipped to deal with them when they finally surfaced.

When he was 13 years old he competed in a tournament in the Temple to impress a few visiting masters. He was chosen by Master Raskae, an adventurer often assigned to dangerous, hands-on missions throughout the Republic. Over the years he developed a bond with his master and learned much from the skilled Jedi. During this time his blind sense of duty evolved. Not understanding many of the Jedi teachings he clang to an idea of how he believed Jedis should behave which should guide most of his decisions for the next 8 years.

When he was 15 years old his Master was sent to a diplomatic mission on the planet Daku, arriving there he was trapped by local rebels and Con had to take it upon himself to find his and free Raskae. In a final showdown he first felt the dark side increase his power. It was a exciting feeling, the anger and hate, almost overwhelming for someone who hadn't felt anything before. His kinetic power seemed to have doubled and he defeated his enemy and saved his master with ease. However it started a deep longing to experience the same again, which would only grow over time.

The only other thing in that time that made him feel connected to his own emotions in the time was experiencing new worlds. During the time it was the only passion he indulged in, and thanks to the standing of his master it was a pleasure he could feel often. The constant travelling made him very well versed in the customs of the different worlds and peoples of the galaxy a skill which would prove incredibly useful in his later life.

Shortly after his 17's birthday they were assigned to protect the votive of light, a powerful Jedi Artifact at the Museum of Zehat. In a surprise attack his master was cripplingly wounded and Con was unable to protect the artifact. Enraged and believing himself to follow the will of the force Con made his way following the thieves to the planet Vono'k, going directly against the wishes of the Council.

At Vono'k he got entangled in a fierce civil war, and under the promise of information he chose to aid the rebel group, in the hope of restoring peace to the world. For three years he fought a war he had little interest in, acquiring many previously unfamiliar skills. 2 years into the war he lead a squad into the deep jungles of Vono'k where he encountered the powerful Dark Jedi Ker Orlogg. During the ensuing duel, Orlogg shook many of his believes to the core and forced him to unleash the dark side, which just further intoxicated him with the unknown emotions. From that moment on he longed to feel the dark side and through using it felt an addicting connection to his passions, that were otherwise unknowable to him.

After winning the war he was rewarded with the information he had come for so long ago. By that time he had little interest in pursuing his former goal and all that kept him going in that direction was the still faint sense of duty and connection to his old master. His investigation lead him to Luon where he had to join a criminal organization and in pursuit of the artifact had to cross lines he previously hadn't even considered. story in progress in retrospection]

A few years after his time on Luon, he worked random jobs throughout the Republic to support his travel-lust. One such mission lead him to Galaet, where he was assigned to assassinate the benevolent king of said world. He managed to sneak into the King's chambers at night when he was surprised by his ten year old son. On instinct he drove his lightsabre through the boy killing him instantly and awakening his parents. The situation threw him into a state of confusion, because of which he only barely escaped the king's guards, abandoning his mission in the process. The incident made him questioning his believes, and for over a year he did nothing but spend his time in a backwards bar on Tatooine, falling into a deep depression.

When he one day overheard of a bodyguard mission to Coruscant he seized the opportunity to once more return to the place of his birth and youth. However he had no intention to work there, his goal was to meet his master again after so many years, which put him in danger of being arrested by the Jedi. Against the odds he was able to briefly find his paralyzed master and have a discussion about his life, in the quest to understand more about himself. His master ultimately told him that there was no way back for him, which Con realized he had already known. When Raskae confronted him to a duel he easily disarmed his weakened master and took his lightsabre from him as a last souvenir of his old life, bidding the only person he ever cared for farewell forever.

2 years after his last trip to Coruscant he was involved in a smuggler ring on the twin planets Demean, when he was attacked by a mysterious Bounty Hunter, he closely escaped his attacker, but was found again in hiding on Demean II, this time the bounty hunter had brought a squad of Osokans, he was able to defeat the Bounty Hunter but was overpowered by the many Osokan attackers , as he passed out he was sure to have found his end. Which ensured his surprise when he awoke at one of the hideouts of the his smuggler friends. He had been rescued in a last second attack by the smugglers, who helped him flee republic space.

Since then he has worked together with a group of darksiders based on the savage planet Epireus. For almost 3 years he has been with the group now and through the years he has become more restless, dreading the situation he is in that so limits him from pursuing his passion for the worlds of the galaxy which just further pushes him into the darkside, fueling his anger, the emotion that comes most easily to him. In the last months he has even started considering leaving his beloved republic space into the unknown, only the hope that the situation will improve either through Kuylen or Adelmo keeps him hanging on.

Opinions on the Force

Rather than seeing the force or the darkside as a tool to more power, his reason for it is the immense passion he feels through channeling it. Ultimately all his decisions are based on the longing for feeling connected to himself, and the two only things enabling this were the search for the new situations, expressed through his desire to travel and the using the dark side. Traditionally anger has come to him easiest, but has always been the least exciting. Consequently he has been most interested in how different emotions and passions can fuel his force power. He understand that the dark side is a choice he made and he will have to live with as a constant addiction. He doesn't see it as superior just as the better way for him.

Andro Fenris, Swordsman

Andro Fenris was born right on Coruscant; the Jedi were a common sight to him as a very young boy, unlike other planets where Jedi was far-off wonders. Young Andro's first memories were of wanting his very own 'laser sword'. When it becase apparent he was Force-sensitive, a happier boy could not have been found in the Galaxy that day.

Of course, a lightsaber is not put into a Padawan's hands the moment they walk into the Temple for the first time. Eager to advance to the point where he would earn his saber, young Andro threw himself into his studies with more zeal then any of his peers. He therefore progressed at a the fastest rate and was indeed the first among his age to receive lightsaber instruction. Unfortunately, that was the point where Andro stopped excelling in all aspects of the Force, instead concentrating on his skills with the blade. Certainly, Andro was wise enough to study hard enough to remain an average student in other areas; he did not want to provide the older Jedi enough grounds to curb his lightsaber training. Even his Master, Council member Saesee Tiin, could not discourage him and bring his skills into balance. Nor could he find sifficient fault in him for the Council to allow Tiin to set Andro back in his training.

And so Andro did become a very deadly Jedi, though very one-sided were his skills in the Force. Where nearly every Jedi in all history put artistic or personal-aesthetic touches when constructing their blades, Andro chose a minimalist, purely functional design: featureless. His saber was simply a smooth cylinder of the strongest lightest metal he could obtain, with a simple blak grip. So obsessed was he, that he took cues from some of the Galaxy's famous gunslingers when designing his lightsaber. Instead of a clip and hook for his belt, Andro designed a holster, slong low on his hip so that his weapon would literally always be at hand. To add to the speed of his draw, Andro buried the activation controls inside the handle. Although his kinetic skill were minimal, he worked relentlesly in his spare time, training himself to be able to activate his blade at a thought, using the Force to call it to his hand, lit.

This obsession helped him in his early career. Though a young and newly-minted Jedi, Andro was continually selected for missions where combat was expected. He was the only survivor of three Jedi to be sent to stop the fallen Jedi Rianna, who killed her former Master and her Master's new Padawan, before Andro dueled her ran her though the stomach. Unfortunately, the wound was not fatal, and Andro received a nasty leg wound for his trouble. Rianna fled, and with Andro unable to pursue, escaped. Later, he was sent with a strike team to Droben to stop a warlord there. This was the first mission where his zeal for fighting nearly cost him his life. Perhaps after his failure trying to take Rianna, Andro began trying too hard to redeem himself. Lost to the red haze of battle in a Droben lobby, Andro took on a large group of new battledroids and other automated defences, while the stike force made their way to the warlord's chambers. Eager to cause all the damage he could, he missed the turbolift to the top and was seriously wounded before he could escape into another car, alhtough he was very proud of how well he accounted from himelf.

The Droben mission introduced him to the Jedi Gallagher, with whom he was sent on a mission that would result in Andro treading on the path to the Dark Side. While investigating a drug-smuggling ring at the resort spa the Tranquil Repose, they uncovered the powerful Dark Jedi Seinar, masquerading as the Synod of the Force-cult Ferradyne. Seinar adbucted Gallagher after defeating Andro with a guesture, bringing down an awning and burying him in the debris. Ando somehow successfully lobbied to be on the politically-charge mission to rescue Gallagher and stop Seinar, who was expected to be voted Archmandrite on the planet Mandragos, seat of the Ferradyne cult. Andro eventually confronted Seinar in his office, and was driven by the manipulative Dark Jedi to the point of trying to run him through with his blade. Andro came to what little senses he had left, desctivating the saber inches from Seinar's chest. The shock at what he had almost done, coupled with further failures and another near-fatal battle with a room full of battledroids shook Andro to his core. Finally able to see for himself what a long procession of Jedi Master and colleagues had been trying to show him since he was a Padawan, Andro withdrew into himself for a time. He meditated constantly, and trained with other aspects of the Force in an attempt to finally Balance himself. Eventually, he rebuilt his saber in a more conventional style, clipping it to his belt like nearly every other Jedi. Much counseling and introspection later, Andro is finally cleared for duty once more, and is eager to prove he is a new Jedi...

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