Hero High: Revamped

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The Big O
This is my version of Hero High. It doesn't start out the way some of you my know, but it does use some elements that some of you may be familiar with. Its a work in progress, so forgive me if I stop writing for a while. I may be coming up with new chapters. Enjoy...

The Big O
San Francisco, California...

"Lance! The spell is not going to hold! We do not have enough power between the two of us."

"I know that, Ben! It has to be because we were wasting it trying to protect everyone. I don't know what to do other than trying to keep this barrier up and buy the others some time!"

"That is all we can do."

An explosion rang out from above the two.

"Sounds like they are having fun up there."

"And what is this we're doing down here," Lance had chuckled.

"Yeah," Ben replied, with sarcastic humor. "Fun."

Another explosion.

"Do you think we can win this, Lance?"

"Look's like we have a shot. All you have to do is look up."

A big ball of coloful energy was being held in place by a barrier of magikal energy, conjured by Lance and Ben. Magik was cracking, popping, rippling and shooting all around them as Maku's dimension (the colorful energy) was desperately trying to fuse with Earth. The two Heroes' protective barrier was the only thing keeping the dimension from achieveing that goal.

"I guess you are right. As long as we can keep this barrier in place-..." Ben was cut off mid sentence by a terrific explosion that sent both he and Lance to the ground. Their barrier cracked and energy began to cascade to the earth, morphing some areas into alien deserts with various foreign creatures. A giant bird let out a loud ringing sound as it flew over Ben and Lance.

"We have to reassume our positions! We cannot allow any more of Maku's dimension into earth!"

"Ben, lookout!"

Ben looked up to see a large rock-like formation fall from out of the sky right over them and saw Lance jump towards him.

Ben awoke with a loud scream, inadvertantly releasing a large pulse of magik energy that rocked the entire school and belw out all of the windows. Various car alarms were sounding.

As he was panting, his wife, Kat, touched him on his shoulder. "It was only a nightmare baby. It's all over. You're safe now. We all are." She had tears in her eyes because she knew all to well what Ben had dreamt. She had nightmares about the very same thing herself.

But what made her more upset was the fact that she didn't believe what she had just told her terrified husband. Her animalistic instincts told her that something was coming. They told her that none of them were safe.

The Big O
Tokyo, Japan...

Jane was not pleased. She was in Japan, her sword was broke, and she was desperately outnumbered. The Shadow Monks proved to be a more formidable opponent than she would have liked to guess. They knew of her and her team's arrival, so the element of surprise was gone and they were better prepared than what Jane had thought. She knew this was going to be one of those 50-50 battles.

All of the Heroes from the Japanese contingent of Hero High were called to this battle. The element manipulator, Derek; Alice, one of the teachers from the original school who could negate powers; the clairvoyant Terrance; Terry, the empath; Xion, with the paralyzing touch; Ayami, the lycanthrope; and the twins Carl and Carly, who could respectively deprive one of their senses and induce pain with a single glare. All but Jane were downed and she wasn't so arrogant to admit that it was because of her speed.

This is just how I knew it was going to be, she thought to herself. Jane had went over the battle plan more than a few times with her teammates and they knew that this was one of those fights where some of them may not live through.

The Shadow Monks were a group of ancient, powerful warriors that let nothing stand in their way of whatever it was they wanted to achieve. This was one of those fights and they were winning. The ritual to resurrect their long dead master was almost complete and it called for all of the monks to be present. And that is where Jane's plan came into fruition.

Her team was beaten but they could handle themselves for a few moments. She raced to all 8 of her teammates and shot each of them with an experimental energy boost that Alice had created. They all regained their energy and got right back to fighting while Jane raced away to get the one thing that would put an end to the Shadow Monks and their nefarious plans once and for all.

The hiding place for Renji wasn't that far but it was secluded and the Shadow Monks had no idea that there was at least one person in the world could destroy them. When she came back with the 16 year old boy, the Heroes and the Monks were going at it something fierce. One by one, the Heroes bowed out of the fight- letting themselves suffer powerful hits that sent them sailing.

Once Ayami was out of the way, Jane awoke Renji from his unconscious state and placed him right in the middle of the alter where the Monks' master was to arise. As the boy was opening his eyes, Jane was getting all of her teammates a safe distance away. She was almost pulled into Renji's black hole as she was trying to get Derek out of the Monks' palace but he summoned a gale force wind behind the two of them that barely gave Jane enough speed to escape.

It took four minutes for Renji to fall unconscious again and the Heroes knew that was more that enough time for the Shadow Monks to be sucked into Renji's chest along with the rest of the palace.

The rest of the team was coming to when Jane raced to get the boy and everyone was awaiting her when she got back. Due to the fact that her whole team made it through the battle, there was nothing to say other than, "Let's go home." And that's what they did.

The Big O
Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom...

"With all of the powers we have, there certainly isn't anything to do with them," Dori said to the United Kingdom contingent of Hero High.

They hadn't seen any action for a while and they were on vacation because of it. They had no long standing enemies; they didn't have to stop a potential apocalypse like the other heroes around the world were constantly doing; and the most important factor of all were that they lacked experience.

Andy, 21, was the oldest; Aaron was 20 (because of time travel); Dori and Cassandra were both 18; and Absolom, the son of evil witch Harkin and the reptilian Skiv was 11 years old. But due to his knowledge of magik, his body was changed to that of a 25 year old.

With their youthfulness and lack of experience, they hadn't seen many battles. The ones they did were only minor. All with the exception of one:

Hades was a powerful adversary for the young Heroes. His control over death, darkness and fire was something that Aaron, Andy, Dori and Absolom didn't think they could overcome. They were constantly threatened with various forms of death; barely able to to protect themselves from Hades' fire based attacks; and with the man's control over darkness, they were fighting blind most of the time anyways.

When Cassandra joined the team, her power over light at least gave them the gift of sight and it was shown to be able to harm Hades' every once in a while, as well. However, Cassandra wasn't enough. With Absolom's magik, Cassandra's light, Andy's explosions, Aaron's massive TK, and Dori's generous protection, they weren't even putting a dent into Hades.

Hades had previously claimed to be the reincarnation of the ancient Greek god of the underworld and that it was going to take more than what the little ones had to defeat him. He also said his sole purpose was to cause chaos and bring about the destruction of the world so that hell may claim it. Andy and the others did what they could to save as many lives as possible but they were no match for Hades and his powers.

They were reduced to just trying to survive themselves. When the other teams offered to help, the U.K. Heroes turned them down, stating that they wanted to prove themselves. But, alas, nothing they did would quail the man.

It wasn't until a Hero from the Australia contingent, Zoua, came in with her probability powers that gave the five of them a fighting chance. She blocked Hades powers and that allowed the young ones to defeat the villain.

All of the teams of Heroes didn't kill unless absolutely necessary, and of course this was one of those times. They took their chance, and after a spell by Absolom increased all of their powers exponentially, they gave the final blow to Hades and the world was finally rid of his evil.

That was what caught the attention of the other teams.They didn't back down from the fight, they knew when they were beaten, and they knew to ask for help. Janet called them mature and Jordan said that was what true Heroes were made of. There would be no more overlooking now.

After turning for the night, Aaron, who was second in command of the team, got a distress call from a woman named Victoria. She said that she was from the Africa team. She could see the future, which was a rare and coveted ability in itself. She said that her team was already compromised and that soon, there's would be, too.

"Compromised from what," he asked her. But all he heard was a gurgling sound and a loud screeching sound that caused his phone to shatter and ear bleed.

Looks like they had something to do now.

Stay tuned for more...

keep going nice work

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Melbourne, Austrailia...

It was hot. It was muggy. And it was only 9:42 in the morning. This was going to be a long day. Janet looked over at her still sleeping husband, Lance, and had the urge to telekinetically toss him out of the bed. He was sleeping like a baby. Well, of course he is, she thought to herself. He's from Mexico. Don't they sit right on the equator? He's used to this kind of heat. She rolled back over.

Janet was more than a little irritated. She felt like she was trapped in a toned down version of Hell. She was 8 months pregenant and completely uncomfortable; she was now living in a foregin land who's idea of fun was chasing wild life around; her husband had no clue what she was going through, eventhough he was the one who did it to her in the first place; and she had to leave her friends to go work with complete strangers. Yup. This was hell for her.

She knew who was to blame for everything that was so very wrong to her, short of her pregenancy, that is. Maku. That evil man. That psychotic man. That powerful man. Lance and Ben together could barely hold their own against him. And that was saying a lot. It took the whole team of heroes, the complete senior and junior class, the government and a few of baddies to bring Maku to his knees. And the casualties were costly.

Andrew and Tech were forever immortalized in the main school's memorial garden back in the states. Both died in the blast that resulted in Maku's defeat and the heroes took it hard. Blayze, Tech's best friend, even retired for a while. When he came back, however, he changed his codename to Tech. Jordan, in poor taste, joked that that made sense considering Blayze was a Technopath.

There were a few other enemies that gave the heroes a run for their money. And that was what caused the split. It wasn't a welcomed idea, but it was a the best way to handle things. There was a newly graduated class of students and a lot of them showed real promise as future heroes.

Being split up into smaller teams and placed all over the world did what it was meant to do. Keep the earth safe. So what did it matter that Janet and Lance missed their extended family, eventhough the latter didn't want to admit it. They were Heroes. Heroes had to make sacrifices. It was a part of the job description.

And sooner rather than later, Janet was gonna have to make hers.

The Big O
Somewhere in Prague, Czech Republic.....

"What are we looking for, again?"

"Some kinda stone. Ben said it'll be glowy and hard to miss."

"Right. And why are we looking for a stone, again?"

"Because it's one of the objects that Seraphina needs to free Maku."

"Oh, yeah. That whole magic thing."

Over the com-link...

"Less talking and more searching. Ben said his curse takes 7 minutes to go into effect and this place is gone. Kit and Katt are currently engaged with some freaky statue-type things on the other side of the building, which means the stone on that said was a fake. The real one should be somewhere near you and Vash. Find it. Grab it. And get the hell outta there. You guys have 4 and half minutes left."

"I didn't know I could be so bossy," Kit said.

"Well then, welcome to the club," Vash replied.

Ignoring him, Kit stated, "Leave it to Katt to always find a fight."

"The woman has a gift."

"I mean, I'm not complaining or anything . We all know I don't like to fight. But how in the hell does a person manage to just walk into a building looking for a small little rock and wind up fighting statues? It's uncanny is what it is."

"I repeat; the woman has a gift."

As Vash and Kit turned a corner, they saw the brightly glowing blue stone atop an altar like table in a room at the end of the hall.

"Kit. We found the stone. It looks safe to grab. We'll get it and be on our way out in like two minutes."

"Good because you only have about three-point-fifteen to get out."

"Roger that."

Vash was behind Kit as they were approaching the stone. He was chuckling to himself.

"What's so funny?"

"It never fails to amuse me when yo talk to yourself."

"Oh, grow up, Vash," Kit said, a bit annoyed. However, she got a laugh out of it, as well. That was something that she would never admit to her team.

They always joked about how she was only person anyone of them knew who could talk to herself and not look like a crazy person. That was the beauty of being able to make copies of herself.

It wasn't the most glorious ability out there, but Kitrina and the team did find it more than useful. She was often sent on certain missions by herself due to the fact that she was a one woman army. And she was also good as the eyes and ears at the school for the away team. She always said she was more of a lookout than a fighter.

So when she grabbed the stone, she let out a sigh, relived that the mission was over. Or so she thought. When they turned to leave, three hulking creatures spilled out of the walls and surrounded them.

"Damn! Kit, we have company and they don't look to pleased to see the stone in my hand."

"You only have about 42 seconds to get outta there cause Ben's mojo is about to kick into gear. VASH! That means do not engage. I repeat, DO NOT ENGAGE!!!"

"Awww. Katt gets to fight but I have to run?"

"Actually, she and Kit are running like mad women to get the hell outta there. You wanna cease to exist?"

One of the creatures then swung at Vash and obliterated the wall behind him when he dodged it. "Okay. And we're gone," Vash exclaimed. "But someone is going to have to make it up to me, later."

"Whatever! Let's go," Kit yelled. With the stone securely in her pants pocket, she headed for the door, only to be stopped by another creature falling from the ceiling. She dived under it and Vash knocked it out of the way and they took off down the hall.

"24 seconds, guys."

"We are so not going to make it," Kit said. Vash quickly overtook Kit due to his super speed but stayed close enough that Kit wasn't that far behind.

An arm shot out of the wall and grabbed Kit by the throat.

"11 seconds."

Vash turned back and ripped the arm from the wall.

"8 seconds."

He scooped up the chocking Kit in his arms and ran straight towards the wall at the end of the hall.

"4 seconds."

He then crashed through the wall, shoulder first, and proceeded to fall two stories to the ground as the building began to shudder and groan before it folded in on itself and disappeared with a understated "boop" sound.

"I'm going to feel that in the morning," he said as he was getting up off of the ground.

"Good thing I'm just a copy,"Kit said as she, too, was getting up after rolling out of Vash's grip upon them hitting the ground. "I won't feel a thing when I'm whole again."

"Yeah, yeah. Rub it in, why don't you."

Ben landed next to the two as Katt and the other Kit copy raced to them. "Are you two okay," he asked.

"More than a little tender after jumping from two stories up, but I'm good," Vash replied.

"And I'll be fine in two-point-two seconds," Kit said as she handed Ben the glowing, blue stone.

When Katt and the other Kit copy got to them, the two Kits were sucked together in to one body.

"Okay. You got the stone, Ben. Can we go home, now," she demanded, rather than asking.

"Of course. Kit," he spoke into his com-link, "We are ready for extraction."

"On my way."

Once they were all inside the jet and Kit combined with herself again, said to Ben, "So I get why you need that stone and everything. And I also get why you had to destroy that place. But what I don't get is why we had to race against time. Couldn't you just have waited until we found the stone before you cursed the place?"

"Magic isn't an exact thing," he replied. "That was a magical place and it was only accessible and vurnerable to attack at a certain time for a certain amount of time."

"Of course," she stated exasperatly.

"What's the matter, Kit," Katt asked.

"Nothing. I'm just not a fan of magic or the like. I don't understand it is all."

"Well luckily for you, you don't have to. I don't get it myself most of the time, but Ben does and he's more than good at it. He and Lance-..."

"I know. I know. They saved the world with magic. That doesn't mean I have to like it, though."

"Of course not," Ben agreed. "But you are a hero. And as a hero, you often have to deal with things you normally would not. Also, sinc when do we do things the easy way?"

"Right," was all she said. She then went to sleep for the remainder of the flight back to the school.

The Big O
Im currently writing a new chapter. Stay tuned....

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wow this is pretty awesome

The Big O
Location, unknown...

"Bored now."

"Well, let's see if we can change that, baby."

Jonah grabbed a pair of garden sheers off a wall that was amassed with a variety of sharp tools and handed them to Seraphina.

"Oooh, you spoil me," she sighed in pleasure.

"Anything for my baby," Jonah replied.

She grabbed the sheers from him and he stepped back.

"You don't wanna join me?" She started to pout.

"No. I think I'll just watch, this time," Jonah responded with a aroused look on his face. He was caressing the bars on the cage in a more than inappropriate manner.

She smiled and turned back to man she was straddeling. "Now you're gonna be a good puppy and bark this time, won't you," Sera asked rather seductively as she ripped open his shirt.

The man was sweating and he had burn marks, cuts, and open wounds all over his exposed chest and torso.

"I think I was a little too rough last time."

"There's no such thing as 'too rough.'"

"What do you think, puppy? Did you like it the last time?" She slid the sheers over the man's chest and he let out a painful groan.

"Bad puppy. That's not a bark."

Jonah stiffeled a laugh in the background.

Sera bent over and licked the man's face and then asked him, "Now where's Maku's prison? You've been sucha tease, Simon. And as I said before, I'm bored now."

Simon looked at her with vengeful eyes and then spit in the woman's face.

"Well that wasn't very nice," was all she said. She opened Simon's mouth and grabbed his tounge. She winked at him and then cut it clean off.

As Simon was yelling in pain, Jonah grabbed Seraphina. "You know just how to turn a guy on." He kissed her passionately and they proceeded to make love right next to the suffering, tortured man.

The Big O
End of Hero High: Revamped Issue #1.

Stay tuned for Hero High: Revamped Issue #2.

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