Nightlife In Prague: [IC]

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Camille stood in the darken shadow's with her eyes on the watch for any given pray.She broke free from Mark's sight and slipped off to go hunt, for he doesn't approve of her hunting for he find's is sick and sad.But when you are forced to eat something you got to it's life or death.And she was higher than humans on the food chain.She ears pointed and up listening to the smallest sounds just waiting for something to come her way.Her eyes shined off the flicker of the light coming from a almost dead street lamp. Tonight seems dull she needed to switch her hunting grounds, for two reason. More humans catch on and Mark is starting to find her more often .Having a angel of a friend is all what it's cracked up to be. They are one of the most pickiest things around here.But pondering in her thoughts she thought back of her and and Mark's deep friend ship.Remembering back on the one night she fell for him and knew that he really did care for her.

The wind blew soft and quietly, the night was still and a cold chill ran through the town.Camille's stumich growled out of hunger, And soon Mark would come get her.But hunger always got the best of a Vampire, Sneaking off Camille jumped from her window onto the tree, perched so quietly her cat ear's picking up every noise around.Looking down she soon spotted her pray.Her lips dry and her tong pressing agents them.With one leap she bounced on the human.Looking in there eyes inhaling the fear, so much they're scream was silent . As her fangs dug in and started to drain the blood from the human she felt a pain in her back.Leting go of the flesh she looked up she was strucken , Her eyes grew wide as the blood poorer out of her mouth.Before she could tell what type of person it was she fell to the ground, the numbness over filled her,and losing all control she fell off the human that was shaking and has so much warmth.Her eyes covered with dark she felt as though death was coming near.But she had awoken the next night in bed . Mark starring at her with anger upon his eyes and his arms crossed.He didn't speak and when he did he told her it was a hunter,he found her before she had the chance to finish me off.He did not harm the Vampire hunter though it wasn't in him,he took me off and helped me heal.But with that he told me when you feed off humans it gives more anger to the hunters, they start to get on your trail, feed off animals. But the thing is that blood is blood but humans is much more richer thicker and warmer.But giving her word she knew she would half to hide this from him.He could of let her died that night but without her he would be lost.

Camille sighed for a moment out of that, and moved on walking the lines of the shadow.She couldn't find anyone right now and Mark would soon catch up with her ,And she didn't want to anger him any more than she had.She looked to the night sky taking in slowly the night life, it always made her feel warm,when she was so cold.She had no heart beat,no pulse no life , she was dead,feeding off the living. She always wondered if she could ever feel warm agen.She didnt know many Vampires she felt alone she knew there where many more out there,but where?

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