Your Genetic Destiny, the Reapers

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"We impose order on the chaos of galactic evolution. You exist because we allow it, and you will end because we demand it."


The Reapers are a highly advanced biosynthetic race from the Mass Effect series. They physically resemble huge Dreadnoughts, Sovereign, the Reaper seen in Mass Effect, was 2 kilometers long, compared to the standard 800-1,000 meters of a typical Dreadnought. They reside in the unexplored region of dark space, the empty starless space between galaxies. They hibernate there, for thousands of years, until they are given a signal to return. Their origins are as of now completely unknown, even the name "Reaper" was one bestowed upon them by the Protheans.

They are the original creators of the Citadel and of the Mass Relays found throughout the galaxy, so that when eventually an intelligent species would gain the means for FTL space travel, they would inevitably find them and use them. This is part of an elaborate scheme to harvest and eradicate all of the sentient life in the galaxy.

While the Reapers hibernate, a single Reaper is left behind. This Reaper lies dormant for thousands of years, awakening periodically to observe the advancement of sentient galactic civilization. When this Reaper decides the time is right, a massive Reaper invasion is staged, and is known to be utterly devastating.

For reasons yet to be confirmed, the Reapers harvest the galactic civilizations, taking their resources, technology, and people with them. No evidence is left of their attack, or even of their existence, leaving only ruins of the previous civilization they destroyed. In Mass Effect 2 however, it is implied by the descriptions of a "Human Reaper" that the civilization's are harvested to perform the Reaper equivelant or reproduction; organic races are melted down and used to create new Reapers.

To ensure their conquest, they devised a simple trap for any sufficiently advanced race. A race would develop FTL drive, but they would still be limited in their exploration, since, you know, the galaxy is kind of big. The Reapers would leave an adundant amount of Mass Relays around the galaxy allowing instantaneous transportation to any other Relay, and to the impressive Citadel, ensuring that the Citadel would become the center for galactic life. Sovereign implies that discovery of the Mass Relays would lead them down a predetermined path in regards to tech and weapons based on element zero. It can be assumed this would prevent life from developing alternative, possibly more advanced technology. Cause "We impose order on the chaos of galactic evolution" and sheeit.

Once the sentient races have made the Citadel their home through the aid of the Keepers (A race purposed by the Reapers to mantain the Citadel), the single Reaper left in the galaxy sends a signal compelling the Keepers to open a path between the Citadel and dark space, allowing the Reaper horde to come through and kill the leaders of galactic civilization, before spreading out and eradicating all life in the galaxy. Because they ensured the Citadel would be the center of Galactic civilization, they are essentially able to cripple any resistance before the galaxy even knows it has been attacked. The Citadel also gives them dominance over the relay network, cutting off star systems and communications.

The Reapers are then able to commence with the final stage of their attack, they track down every settled planet in the galaxy and attack them, stripping them for resources or enslaving the population via indoctrination. Current evidence supports they use organic life to create new Reapers, melting species down into shells based on the harvested species physical form. After harvesting the galaxy, they wipe out every trace of their existence and return to dark space.

Okily dokily, that is the explanation of their ttly awesome extinction process, next post will consist of featz.

Now, feats and shit.


Probably the first thing you will notice about Sovereign, the Reaper in this video, is that it is ****ing huge. Reapers as I pointed out are about two kilometers in length.

Then, at 3:40, a few Turian Cruisers fire on Sovereign. Sovereign pays them no notice, and rams through them.


Notice at about 53 seconds in, Sovereign is able to assume control of Saren's dead body, likely through his cybernetic implants.

At 2:25, it shows the entire Citadel fleet in battle with Sovereign. Their combined assault is unable to even harm the Reaper, and a single shot from Sovereign destroys every ship it hits. Sovereign's weapons are mounted on the end of each tentacle, which fires a stream of molten metals at relativistic speed with enough force to sear through a Dreadnought.

At 3:50, thanks to Commander Shepard, Sovereign's shields are taken down, this gives Seth Green the opening needed to destroy Sovereign. It took an entire fleet, Seth Green, and Shepard's deactivation of its shields to destroy a single Reaper, showcasing their immense power.

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N-nice thread, Nemebro-Sama...

Nemesis X
I respected the Reapers mostly for being a huge mystery. Eversince Mass Effect 3, that respect quickly depleted when I found out they're controlled by a malfunctioned AI that believes the only way to protect organics from synthetics is to destroy/harvest all advanced civilized races in the galaxy to make way for the new ones instead of just, you know, wiping out the rogue synthetics and calling it a day but no. They want to attack the galaxy, harvest everybody they can, melt them down into a pile of goo and pour them into a giant, metallic cuttlefish of doom every fifty thousand years with no end with the only purpose of doing this is to prevent a conflict you can easily prevent by blowing up those pesky synthetics and telling organics to knock it off or else you'll eat their faces.
Worst. Galactic. Guardians. Ever.

But this is the Respect Forum and so I must say something positive at least. My only excuse for still liking them is how badass Harbinger sounds when he talks.

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